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I can't seem to win a race on full jilt for some reason. I get smoked and its when I have a monster. Its as if they give it to the donks everytime! Whats up with that? Does anyone else feel this way? Aww crap! I don't care if u have AK AA AQ KK they get smoked! Angry Good luck with those hands on FULL JILT fellow mobsters!

I had a pretty tough day on the tilt as well ... and I am a conservative player. Years ago I tracked the days I played on a spread sheet ... IF I remember correctly there was a pattern of specific 'losing days' ... had hoped to blame it on online scam ... but it clearly showed Monday (after a long weekend of live playing) and Saturday (if I wasn't live playing) that my attitude and lack of sleep were clearly the issue. 4pm to 7 pm weren't good for me either .. that's when everyone wan't my attention ..

.. all that said today I was in a pissy mood and busy paying bills while playing Blink

Relax ladies, give it a little patience and your good pokerdays will come.
U'll always have some of those streaks were it just seems u get smoked all
the time.
What live-play were u in? And how did u do? Cool

I agree it seems like when you think it smooth sailing BOOM Aww crap! [email protected]#[email protected] hits the fan you AA u raise x4 to 400 or 600 based on levels and u get 1 or 2 phil helmuth s pushing all in with 67 and A4 and as sure as helmuth will never win another WSOP braclet the flop land 235 now im a old timer and started on party poker 1st edition and it is not the player so DONT Aww crap! its this thing call ODDS now if your hosting pocket A Spade A Diamond and charlie hustle pops ur stack with 7 Heart 9 Heart its sad Sad to say but in all honesty your ODDS were far lower yes AA is great starting hand but 5 cards laterand so many OUTS against pocket AA 11 hearts to start 40 DIFFERANT combinations for a STRAIGHT as tihers still all the 5s 6s 8s 10s so AA im lamens term is a DEATH TRAP

Yep I agree. My best hand has been losing for months now. Doesn't matter how much I raise, someone calls with 23, or 24 and hit every time. Doesn't even matter if I play careful, I still get screwed. Time to quit online poker. I know I've had enough of the bullchit........................

BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » I can't seem to win a race!

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