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Big thanks to BRM, just recieved my 50$ in full tilt poker Smile I`m going to make coffe and start to earn money at sng`s Smile thnx
oh and big + is that i registered only before 24h Smile and money is recieved faster then it says Smile

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Posted by launch3r:
i registered only before 24h Smile and money is recieved faster then it says Smile

Congratulations on receiving your bonus. Worship Normally, the bonus from Full Tilt comes much faster than others like Ultimate Bet, for example.

Please let us know how you do in your poker carreer. Keep us updated and don´t forget to post some hand-histories once in a blue moon! Best of luck to you. Thumbs Up

Thnx, i will Smile

yea man congrats lol hopefully it can grow pretty fast and you dont loose it all due to some bad beats or poor calls lol but the free $50 is a start to well earned millions lol we can all hope

i will do my best Smile
HEHE just double up in heads up 0.25$/0.50$ NL Smile AA vs KK i was all in 45$ and he called Smile hehe nice start today

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lucky on getting your cash ive been waiting now 2 weeks and every time i ask im told the man who sorts it is away for some reason or another im beggining to think ill not get it i know we get the free poker room bonuses but mthe cash im waiting on is from cracking the safe it says will be sorted with 2/3 days not weeks oh well noooooot alot i can do im normally the one telling everyone else to be patient lol mine is running out i was told id get it at the begging of last week then next time i asked i was told the begining of this week and when i ask live i get no info just told to wait im beggining to tihnk i will get my free bus pass of the state befor i get this cash lol and im only 28 nnow oh well im off ive had my moan i needed to get this off my chest

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