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well i dont know. But i guess, it really feels good to here that some dudes support you. So even if i never thought i will do that i will open a thread now about a tournemant.

It´s a 100$ Freeroll of BRM Smile 21 Players are still in, so we are going the direction of the final two tables. But, to be honest, i am only interested in one Place anyway. You may take a guess which one i mean Blink.
Right now i am 8th place. It is still a long way to go, but i really hope i can manage to ship it, would mean a lot to me. Even though beeing 21 out of 2177 Players is of course really nice work aswell.

So i am not sure about it, but maybe here are some dudes that know me somehow and liked me a little. Would be an honour just to here that you wish me luck and hope it works than Smile

while writing someone was kicked out. 19 players to go.
wow, next second next player. so still 19 players in. Top 18 is very soon.

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Good Luck Hajinnho, never heard any complaints about you and never see negative threads so don't know what you mean by liking you. Your okay to me. Also, got to remember, we all post some things that others don't necessarily like or think the same on, but that's what makes the world. We all have opinions, we agree at times and at times we disagree, but I never take to many things personal. So your cool in my book, hope you take 1st since I'm not in it. Also, will get you on the leaderboard if you make more then change. So hang tuff!

yeah thanks, that was really motivating so far. So i allow myself to give a little update.

We are only 6 players now and I am 5. Too bad i just got a really lucky flop with flopping trips and and an ace onit so i thought i might get some pay out after getting a free flop, but both players folded. That was a little sad.

But it´s getting really hard if i really wanna take it down. 370.000 stacks and BB is 16.000 so that is okay, but the chipleader has just around one and a half million chips. But i really want to win that thing and make a huge step at the leaderboard because the last times (online and offline) were really hard. So maybe i will be a little lucky at least this time.

Still, 6th out of 2177 is a good job. But i want more!

Edit: right now someone busted. 5 Players in me beeing 4 th for the moment.

ohh noooo... why is luck ending in an 900k pot? i loose KK agaionst A7 Sad this is so horrible....

lucky i won a flip right after that and one player got busted. than i got Kings again wininng a pot of one million chips. Yeah, cool.Only 4 players, one has just 100k, so Top 3 must be possible now. And lets see how it goes on

i almost busted.... i have a flush on turn moving all in and the guy who won that A7 catches a full house at the river Sad Would have been the chipleader Sad why is it always so close to the victory Sad
I am out.

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take it man hope ya win let us know

That is awesome my friend, keep up the good work and good luck in the weekend on the Felt. I don't play the freerolls anymore, I am busy with my work and family.

hard luck 4th aint to bad out of 2000 peeps thou good job had a couple low places so far this month no real luck it'll change soon thou odds are with me


Congratz on finishing in 4th position Cool

Congrats on 4th place ! I know the prize isn't great - but still an incredible result Thumbs Up Worship

Massively unlucky with the KK vs A7 hand Sad Gotta hate the beats when you're at FT.

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