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Hey sup guys anyone would like to trade 1,49$ paypal for 1$ at FTP ? my username is kiwilx1 send me an menssage thank you Smile i also will go first

Edited by kiwilx1 (03 April 2011 @ 18:59 GMT)

See this is the problem @Greenmohave, now I know D44ve paid you back, and lets face it even if he did not $1 is nothing to get upset about, but as soon as some people think its OK to ask we get flooded with threads like this, as has happend in the past...forcing bankrollmob to bring out ...

Rule #7 No begging for money in the forum. We do not want any threads asking/begging for money, not even if you intend on paying it back or even double the pay back. If you need money on a pokersite, request a no deposit bonus or deposit with your own funds.
Found here
How about we ignor all rules and spam posts or show explcit pics etc...Rules are rules.
BTW not having a go at you Greenmohave or D44ve, just saying.

Edit...Que the slagging..

What will you do with 1$ on fulltilt? Not a lot I think.

Here's the difference between what D44ve did and this guy. D44ve asked for 1$ to play a specific BRM tourney. I believe it started as an innocent conversation, not in a begging thread. There's a good reason why begging is not allowed here. But if it's an exchange between friendly BRM members, part of a side bet or a challenge then I don't see a problem.

But this forum should not be used to make deals or for begging. There are plenty of sites out there which specialise in that sort of thing. They have trusted members who do this sort of mutual transfer thing all the time. Can't name them but google is your friend. then come back here for strategies, advice and friendly poker talk.

i see where your comming from b1gfoot but d44ve wasnt really begging. also this isnt a begging thread either just some1 simply asking for a swap/transfer which iv seen here b4 and all was fine with that.

@awood88 i personally dont mind this sort of thing with trusted/regular BRM members id help a regular if they needed it.

@kiwilx1 not the ideal thing for a first post try getting to know a few ppl here first an use the forums try and give input to advise ppl or ask for some poker help.

Hey i have an island in the middle of the atlantic ill swap for $2.25 on pay-pal any1 interested ,ill go first.ha-ha-ha i agree with foot this is not the place to set up a charity campaign Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down . No offense to any1 but Mob is giving away free bankrolls Big Smile

Posted by huffinator:
Hey i have an island in the middle of the atlantic ill swap for $2.25 on pay-pal any1 interested


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