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Just won my first Main Event Qualifier  0   
I know it's not that big a deal but it's the first time i've taken first place in any tournament. I know they give you round 2 tickets for free but this is far more exciting then making a deposit and getting it.

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Congrats brother! Thumbs Up

congrats dude Thumbs Up

I've never got a round 2 ticket for free, had to sift through thousands to get it.
Nice win there, congrats. Keep up the good play.....

w00t Thumbs Up congrats Worship

hmm, I dont put any afford in it as in my eyes it is quite unrealistic anyway. But still: good job!


Congratz and good luck in round 2.

Nice going killumnated, I'm with BMW, didn't know you could get round 2 tickets without going through thousnads and making top 250 or 100. If there is a different way could you let me know? Anyway nice win and Good Luck to All!

Nice Job Killu,

There is 2 tourneys to win ME round 2 tickets as I posted previously. I will bump that post, its the Onyx cup and ME post if you wanna check it out. They run constantly and are easy pickens.

Killu qualified under the .com one, the 225 player SnG 2 players advance
The other one ( .net) 1 player advances out of 450 so a lil bit tougher, However

If you qualify for your Main Event seat at Full Tilt and go on to win, you’ll earn a $10,000,000 bonus in addition to your first-place prize money with $10 Million Main Event Mania.

In addition to winning the biggest bonus in poker, if you finish in the money at this year's Main Event, we'll give you a free seat at the 2012 Main Event.

Either is a nice accomplishment and how cool would it be to get to the main event for free.

Also in the previous post, round 1 is either 225 or 450 people and 1 or 2 advance
round 2 is around 150 to 300 people and 2 people advance
the final is around 1200 people and 3 people get the 10k buy in ticket

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Congrats on your first place, must have waited really patiently for that round 2 ticket, hope you go on to win it!

Hey thanks all for all your support. As theratcatsaid i went through a 220 man player pool that was just a major donk fest all the way to the last table. My strategy was to sit out until the blinds hit 100/200 (bit crazy i know) after identifying the donks i'd cleaned em out and entered the final table chip leader. I had to shove alot at the final table and leave it to coin tosses but at the end of the day i'm happy. i'm a little nervous about going on to the next round. I don't wanna blow it. So i'm gonna lay back for a bit ...maybe even take a shower lol and try it in a couple days. I'm a bit on tilt as of late so i'm not gonna ruin my chances.

Good job, I've never been 1st in a money tournament. Hope you go on to win it all.

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