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NBC’s Poker After Dark will host for two weeks two games of $300/$600 pot-limit Omaha cash game with a minimum buy-in of $100,000.
This week game is featuring Brandon Adams, Patrik Antonius, Brian Hastings, Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, Phil Ivey and Tom “durrrr” Dwan. Next week high stakes online cash game player Jared “Harrington25” Bleznick will join the action.
In the first day the action was really intense and we've already seen huge pots. At the end of the day the chip leader is Phil Ivey with a $67.000 profit, followed by Phil Galfond with a $37.000 profit.
Patrik Antonius on the other hand lost the most in the first day, mainly to a huge $186.400 pot played against Phil Ivey.
You can watch the first episode on NBC Sports's website at

awesome post i love to watch live action especially when its high stakes.So much money floating around it makes me sick lol. Hope you continue this post with others of the same kind Big Smile

Sure thing, i'll update this thread after each episode with results and also links to the videos of the next episodes.
You are right, there are a lot of money on the table but even higher pots are played almost every week on Full Tilt Poker, of course starring mostly the same names that are this week on poker after dark.
Still, it's interesting to see how they act live which is very different than playing online. In general the pots are a bit higher than online but also the number of hands played are a lot less than online.
PS. I think i saw a player on full tilt a month or so ago that had the same username as your Mob nickname, it was you?

No sir i play same username at all sites EVILWAYS 2

Excellent post. Thanks for posting this, gonna watch it. Not offen you get to see these guys play PLO...................

really nice to see plo ring games being shown on poker after dark. and with pros ike durrrr, ivey and antonius theres bound to be big pots and lots of crazy action. thks for putting the link Smile


This will be very entertaining to watch

Thanks for your pozitive comments guys. Episode 2 should be uploaded in couple of hours so stay tuned.
It seems there will be a lot bigger pot this time than the $240.000 pot from the first episode.
On the other hand i didn't liked the fact that Brian Hastings started to almost congratulate himself about the matches he had with Isildur1. For those that don't know he won over $4 mil from Isildur1 after he cheated by using other players hand histories to study Viktor's game, he even got a week or two ban on Full Tilt, a small price to pay for what he won...

It's always so crazy to me that these guys are of the caliber to bet more on a single hand of poker than I make in a year working.

It's really fun to watch!

Ok guys, the second episode of Poker After Dark Pot Limit Omaha edition is here. You can fin the video here:
The action was pretty good, a bit less than yesterday. At the end of the day the big winner still remains Phil Ivey, he booked a profit of almost $100.000.
On the second place is Phil Galfond with a profit of $40.000, closely followed by Tom durrrr Dwan with a profit of $22.000
The other three players are on minus, on the last place being Patrik Antonius, who couldn't recover from the massive 120k pot lost against Phil Ivey.

Our country does not show NBC. Have to search all the Internet. If you know where to find this video, then please give a link. Worship

I don't understand... You don't get NBC sports on tv or you can't acces the links i posted above?
The links i posted above will give you acces to the full episodes of the pot limit omaha poker after dark...
As a side note is seems the side bet betwwen phil ivey and tom dwan durrrr interested a lot of people.
As for the results so far the biggest winner is phil ivey, he currently has a stack of almost $ 500.000, 447.000 to be more exact.
The biggest loser so far is Patrik Antonius who now is on minus $ 150.000, so it seems Patrik doesn't have luck on online games and neither on live games...

macubaas, love your posts. The action with players like this is exciting and gets my blood flowing. No kidding sometimes I think I'm sitting right there when the intensity of some of the hands grow. Great crowd pleaser! Good Luck to All!

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