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how to play rockets when your UTG?  0   
dont know how to play em.

RAISE is a must, if raised reraise.

If action reach the flop then play strong initially but don't overvalue AA: always remember it is just a pair (even if the better one)

Just make a normal raise. Of cause we will reraise, if someone down the line will raise our first raise. Don't play to big a pot after the flop if your hand does not improve.

The answer is simple: raise! If your are in the first position make a bigger raise than usual, lets say that you usually bet preflop 3 big blinds, when you have AA do a 4 big blinds raise. If you are not the first and before you there was a limper add a big blind to the bet for each limper.
If there was a raise before you reraise the bet 3 times, i actually saw isisldur1 does this thing a lot.
Now if before you there was a raise and then a reraise, shave it all in, usually the reraised first also has a monster hand AA or KK, the other will usually fold.
Of course at lower limits you can find some fish palyers that would pay you with A9 outsuited or so lol
Good luck!

From what I've learned position is important, how many players are playing the hand and when is it wise to go allin with the bullets.
1. If only one or two callers after your initial raise (pre-flop) You may consider allin at this point.
Generally I always wait to see the flop.
2. Always watch and evaluate possible hands after flop, straights, flush, etc. Then based on this
you may want to make a decision as to whether or not you can slow play the AA or attempt to
stop any other cards (turn/river) by making a big bet.
AA is a great starting hand, but don't be thinking your a fool to fold them if things are looking down after the flop, or if it goes to the turn and river.

My advice is probably not the best, but it's what I've learned from watching, playing and gettinng advice from the same place you are right now. Here in the forum from the Mobsters. I've learned a lot from BRM and the Mobsters so always ask, there's great advisors here. Good Luck to All!

i just do a normal raise not more not less you dont want to tell people you got As Blink

If I am at a very aggressive table I will limp, wait for the inevitable raise, and then reraise stiffly. Hopefully somebody with KK or QQ will then shove and I am a big favourite. If nobody raises, play with some caution especially if you don't hit the board, but it is still a massive overpair - just don't get caught up in any huge pots unless you have hit.

If the table is not so aggressive I will raise 5bb, see who calls and how the board plays out. Naturally a reraise preflop from someone else demands swift punishment! Big Smile

Gotta go big ... Donkeys will call no matter what, but the blind size is also another factor.. Then theres how many chips have you got in front of you ?? But no matter what i go big wtih them been beat to many times ..


I like to slow play them in all positions, unless it looks grim. Nothing better then hitting trips aces and shutting down the pair of aces on a check raise.

i like that answer,it works best when your in a tournament where the blinds are going up fast. You want any advantage on getting the big stack early and "sandbagging" pairs whatever ones you have is good way to do it.. Let them raise into you..


what if they dont raise lol and you hit the A on the flop and you let the guy in with 35 off and makes a str8 or a flush with K2 this is when you will want to kick yourself for not raising. Or you dont hit the A its a raggy flop and hes calling your bets then reraising you have to fold and he shows you 73 off 2 pair all because you let him in and when that happens to people and they say ffs you have 74 off i laugh and think well you deserve that for limping with a monster, no offence Smile

Usually raising is of course the thing to do. I do not argue that.

But, what do you people think of the strategy of limping and then reraising? I lost a BI with KK against this play, although, I probably would have ended up losing it anyway.

I have practised it a few times, on agressive tables where I'm almost certain I will get raised, and it has helped me to take down a decent pot preflop without any risk. Although, It has also helped me lose a decent pot against among others, a set of tens. But since I had almost half of his (full) stack in preflop, I consider that particular situatioin EV+.

Posted by Pjot:
But, what do you people think of the strategy of limping and then reraising? I lost a BI with KK against this play, although, I probably would have ended up losing it anyway.

You can do it if,

1. you are quite sure someone will raise

2. you are able to lay down the aces in a multiway pot

But AA vs KK is disaster anyway.

My advice is don't play them slowly. I have done this twice recently and been caught out. I would raise or re-raised if raised to. After the flop UTG - go all-in, it is better to win a small pot than to try and clear up and lose out.

GL to you all.

Big Smile

sometimes just shoving them works, just open shove for like 100bb - it confuses people and you'll often get weak calls AJo etc - it makes u look like a complete donk and people dont give you any credit for a hand... Doesn't really work on the higher buyin ($30+) games though.. Although, I almost always play QQ like this; either fold UTG or open shove - makes flop play a lot easier. AA/KK depends on table a lot. Ultimately UTG is a shitty position to get these monsters - it's pretty hard to disguise regardless of how u play it.

Raise, always. But when you see a dangerous flop then sometimes you have to fold'em. The biggest mistake is that people think they just can't fold AA... because it's AA. Of course you can fold it, and this will happen plenty of times if you'll be just called pre flop and see drawing flop or something like 77x. Also many people (on lower stakes ofc) call raises with low pairs, so you must be careful. Just watch your opponenst, watch the flop and when you think that you're leading in this hand play like you'd with strong hand made from lower pair or QJ - just play normal, don't try to do some stupid things, because the longer you play like this the better reads your opponents will get.

It depends on the table,and if someone raised,on the stats of the raiser.
There are also situation you CAN (it's not a must,usually raise/reraise is the standard play) just limp/flat call.
I myself like to flat AA to a raise in situations when I have position to the raiser and stacks are 15-20BB. In these situations almost all your opponents will (or at least should) either push to the raise or fold anyways,so you'll be in a 2-way pot very often.
The original raiser will then put in a continuation bet and you should just push any flop,unless the board is really dry like K82 rainbow,then you can continue calling and hope he'll bluff-push the turn.

As for the topic,playing it from UTG in the middle stage,I usually do a 2.25-2.5 raise.
If the pot is reraised and only 2-way,I like to flat AA and check to the reraiser.
Most of the time he will push any flop there,even if he didn't hit.

As for the early/late stages,just do the standard play.
However,if you're in a 4 or 5 way pot and the board looks really dangerous,you should fold AA.
The early stage isn't where you'll make most of your stack,it'll be the later stages,so don't ruin your stack in such situations.

If the table is full of TAGs,you can also limp AA in the late stage,because they will either push preflop,or will fold to your push anyways.
This way you can probably get more action with your Aces since their pushing range is wider than their calling range.

If you're playing cashgame,don't get too tricky and just do the standard play.


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