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Been looking around the web ... seems like some UK players are having issues to .... as far a being a Washington player ....

Written by Stefan | Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

" Surfacing on the popular online poker forum, 2Plus2, known for outing scandals and breaking poker news pertaining to the online poker industry, are new reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, otherwise known as the FBI, has been investigating Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt Poker is one of the largest online poker rooms, second only to PokerStars. According to 2Plus2 posts, FBI agents have been suspected of poking around in the affairs of Full Tilt Poker.

It has been noted that investigations have been conducted on players residing in Washington state, and while agents have actually contacted these Full Tilt Poker users, there is no reason for them to believe that any charges have been brought against them, though there is no guarantee that there won’t be. Washington is the only state in the US in which severe anti-online gambling laws target the individual players directly, which may be why the Feds have chosen to interrogate this location.

However, some suggest that the investigations may not even mark the players at all, but rather the government could possibly be laying the groundwork for executing and enforcing the policies of the UIGEA, which are currently scheduled to go into effect on June 1 of this year after being delayed six months. Speculation suggests that the inquiries set forth by the FBI are more likely linked to cracking down on the payment transactions that go between Full Tilt and third party financial systems.

The questioning that came out of the unexpected visits to the players by the FBI agents was also along the line of querying about the transactions, as well. The players say that the agents were mainly concerned with exactly how the transfer of money took place and the details of real money account funding. For now, the impression seems to be that they were seeking information with the intention of building a case to derail the money line between player and online gambling operator after the UIGEA becomes reality. Only time will tell. "

... so in 2010 they, those that live in the 'last great American frontier' were helping ... wonder what they got paid?

also on the web ... online casinos may have to return deposits made by Americans ... how can they find out? Did they seize software / hardware ... or are they waiting for people (yes, the losers) to start calling and bitching to get their money back ....

As far as using another out of country address ... you need to be a 'geek' or your ip address will rat you out Sad

and did anyone notice they did this on April 15th ... maybe it's just a bad tax day joke.

Edited by LaurenB (16 April 2011 @ 01:32 GMT)

Don´t need to be a geek.
Just google for "hide my ip"
Lots of stuff out there. Just install some free software that goes through proxy servers.

Not illegal, it´s called anonymous surfing.

The problem will be when the USA citizen will try to withdraw some money...

Posted by 76RedDog:
The problem will be when the USA citizen will try to withdraw some money...

dont know about sites in question but i know bodog send checks to US players

This is a black day for all of us poker players around the world, I hope these problems will be resolved soon in the coming months.

Posted by IslandJack:
Not illegal, it's called anonymous surfing.

nothing's illegal till u get caught Blink

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