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Will they?

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Will the online poker sites give in??????????  0   
Interesting question. This thing going on is gonna take a long time in the courts. Could be years in fact. I do see a quick solution to the problem. We all know that it's all about the money. Until this multi billion dollar online gaming industry puts up cash to operate, it will stay in the courts. Either that, or the (american) courts will rule in favour of the governments complaints. They really have no choice. Because of the current gambling laws in the United States, there has to be a % paid to the Fed Gov to operate. Just the way it is.
So do you think the Online Poker sites will give in, and pay this tax??????????

i dont see how they cannot?..ive read somewere on here that usa is 50% of the ppl playing on these pay the government a % of the take or to lose 50% of there players is a pretty easy choice

They can either change names, being forbidden of being available in certain countries but they can never be extinguished. That would be like Al Capones time law which forbiddens selling alcohol. And that can never return. Now, having people using it unproperly, those are the one who should be acused, and online poker rooms should start having better security systems to prevents this things to happen again. Its not just about the money they do, its about money users can pass from one hand into another without declaring it, that is the problem.

Hard to tell.
My opinion is that if their purpose is to get taxes at the end, they will ask from each site,
not from individuals (players).
why getting a cut only from US players that play online when they could get a cut for everyone.
So why the sites should accept a taxation in their whole income?
Probably they will find another way to run business.
And the question of course is, how they will have more income, with tax, or staying in business without americans

Arent they asking to seize 3bil dollars from offshore banks?

they have to. poker site will lose a huge number of players (and money) the usa has a huge % of players in online poker. if they do pay the taxes they will have that % of players back and will still get alot of % after tax. after all tge gov and the online poker industry are all about money.
they have no choice they have to pay

I voted yes they will have to. Something to think about. Everyone who goes to the U.S. pays their tax on winnings. Just the way it is, it is taken out of before you even get it. We here in Canada have a service that gets those taxes back, for a fee of course. So when we go south and gamble, we pay the tax on all winnings. But get it back once we come back home, must apply though....

I expect to see some form of regulation for the poker market in the US. Just to much money to be made for the goverment to shut everything down.


Yes for me, they will be forced too if they want to keep their billiondollar
pokerindustry. It will be a very long time before this gets settled, but
in the end it will work out for the US-players, and the pokersites will
make a little less money. The government will be smiling from ear to ear.

I most say they have to..In all words they better do something cause i miss my site very much...Man its making me crazy...I really hate happening to go to these new sites even if i have played on them one or two times you know..With fulltilt and stars no problem with anything but bad beats and suck out hands..Its really making me upset..Just a thought... Aww crap! Disagree Confused

The pokersites will simply blow the dicks of the american government ... those are the biggest dogs you can find and cant be touched, THEY WRITE THE LAWS ffs.

Luckily i live in EU Big Smile

It's about the only sensible thing to do. The story is told when you can go into FT or PS and see that it's actually more then 50% of their business lost at this point. When the $150 freerolls are not full in an hour and used to be 2 to 4 minutes you know there's something wrong. Also, when you initially signin and you see 20 to 30 thousand people on line right now when there usually are 90+ thousand. I'm just wondering how long it's going to take to address this issue. Guess we'll know quite a bit after tomorrow since it's a weekday. I'm sure FT and PS want to resolve it fast based on the numbers. Good Luck to All!

Its gonna be hard for the government and poker sites to come to terms because since there will always be small poker sites that still accept players, why would any company pay the government when others get around it

I believe if this issue is not sorted now the status quo will remain. That obviously is not good for anyone. If the Gov wants to dictate instead of negociate...this may turn out to be a long battle indeed!

So as it turns out, we will have Americans back very soon.
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Hopefully soon everybody gets their heads together and figures out a way to make this work out. The ability for people from all over the globe to be playing at a virtual poker table it simply amazing. When I play MarioKart with my son against racers from all over the globe, I am still amazed at the technology which exists to make this possible. Stopping online poker IMO would be to go backwards. The world is getting smaller all the time…

I believe that the big online poker players will come true in a positive manner and online poker will be regulated by the US government in the future.

Posted by GIOMi6:
I believe that the big online poker players will come true in a positive manner and online poker will be regulated by the US government in the future.

That´s exactly what I´m worried about.
If FT and PS give in, does that mean that they will have regulatory control over the FT and PS accounts???
No F*** way I want any of that!
Otherwise, they will have to make a "closed circuit", like in Italy and France.
It´s just a big regulatory mess IMO, and doesn´t do any of us any good.

I´ve always been against taxes on gambling.
We already pay huge taxes on every $ we earn.
Why can´t we even play a "home game" with friends for some $??
(in Belgium this is illegal as well)

Because.... they want to scrape the bottom of the barrel and pump us for everything we have.

Why can´t you do with your "hard-earned" (and already heavily taxed) money what we want??
Sickening really....

I'm not sure if many of you know but this happend to many companies that didn't pay taxes to US goverment but not from the online gambling industry. The majority give in because even legally, after years of proces they shouldn't be forced to pay any money to US, they usually give in because they couldn't afford to not have us players for so many time on their sites, considering these players represent almost 50% of their traffic, so of their income source. My guess would be that they'll offer them to pay a couple of billions of dollars in taxes and they'll be allowed to have us players on their platforms again. I'm sure this interdiction affected many players that live out of poker, here i'm not talking about top pro players though.

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