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I tried to download Fulltilt with new website address using so I was told and this is what I got. I am from USA so I thought I try to see what would happen so now you can see. CH

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So, I know there's not a lot of information that I can find pertaining to a potential resolution to all this, but on a personal note, I think it could go a couple weeks before we see any type of results. What's your thoughts on a resolution? Good Luck to All!

I'm in Europe, on our side of the pond there were two updates this weekend, in both everything worked fine. Today US players only could play on play money table, none of them were at the cash games tables, sngs or mtts.
I don't know what they did in order to manage to connect to the full tilt poker website but none of them weren't able to play on real money. I understand for many this is a complete disaster, many americans lived out of online poker and to be unable even to withdraw their bankroll is really a disaster.
I really hope you us guys will be able to withdraw your bankrolls eventually.

If you want to contine playing on-line poker then there still are lots of sites who will welcome you, and as those who do take on the US they will all be fighting for your costum, im sure some great deals will come out of this..every cloud.
As for waiting, dont bother it will be a long time untill PS or FT take on US players again, however this will one day blow over.

Couple weeks? I'm going for 6-months to a year at best with our government. Aww crap!

But, to get back on topic, I did have a problem with an error while trying to download one of the patches for FT, I just kept on trying and after the 3rd try it went through with no that i can get on, I don't think there is any reason to anymore, seeing as i can't do any free-rolls or anything. Sad


Yeah i guess other sites will compete for a share of the US pokerplayers-
market. Could be something positive for the US-players Cool

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