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i am wondering what poker player you guys like the most.
one for online, one for live.
Big Smile

ill start of with mine online isildur1 well the old isildur the new one is les fun too watch. and live i think daniel negreanu always makes fun jokes and imitations of other people Big Smile

Edited by slashcare (17 April 2011 @ 17:19 GMT)

Very good thread idea sir! In my case both my answers may coincide since my favourite live player is also one of the greatest online poker players. You must admit that not many live poker palyers can handle the online really good. The best example for that is actually your favourite live player, Daniel Negreanu, he is a top live player but it can't handle very good the online poker.
My favourite live player and also my favourite online player is Phil Ivey, he simply rocks both in live poker and also on online poker. Plus it doesn't count what game he's playing, he will always have the biggest stack.
As online i also like Isildur1.

thx i was looking around and didn't see any thread about it Blink so i figgerd why not make it.
and nice choises, i like phill ivey too he always makes those epic faces when he thinks some one played the hand completely wrong. you prob saw the video of jennifer tilly vs patrick he mad a face that was priceless Blink

Can't say I have a favorite, I normally go for the underdog, the amateur, the low stack player. I guess because they reflect myself Smile But then again those who are the better poker player could be those things, weirder things have happened. Agree

my favorite online player is a tourny player Young Supremacy and my favorite live player will always be mike matusow only because he is so dangerously aggressive

yes but im the best player or man Big Smile

There were allready threads about this topic with a vote-poll about 3 weeks ago,
but your new, so welcome to the forum Slashcare Smile
My favourite players are Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu for live play(i know not original)
My favourite online player has to be me Smile , not that i'm the best but who
do you like more watching play online than: yourself Cool
Watching yourself play live is impossible, only recorded, but online, if you look
at the screen you see yourself playing Smile

Edited by JazzyJeff (17 April 2011 @ 23:21 GMT)

haha thx.
maybe your right i realy like playing my self i got the 5 euro bonus on 24h poker run it up too 15euros in one sessions way more fun than watching people play i have to admit Smile


Gl, i hope you can build a nice bankroll at 24H Cool

thx playing on partypoker too got my 25 to 35 i think now;P

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