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Hey everybody i was just wondering if anybody else was having trouble downloading i am a canadain but every time i download the program it say it files missing or site has moved and other times when i try it says could not download what the hell is up,would greatly aperacite some help. Angry Angry Angry Angry

i got the same problem as you do. everytime i tried to download the new version of full a message will appear.(can not download try again later) may us players know what really is the problem with fulltilt.because players like me wants to know what will happen with our remaining bankrolls with full tilt Question Question Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

OMG ppl. You can't download the client from another country. It has to be from the server that you have always used. Ours is in Montreal, always has been. No idea why you are having problems, I have had no probs with FTP at all the last 4 days. But the UK client has files our client doesn't have. So you cannot use it. Same goes for Americans, they can't play from another IP address because FTP has locked all accounts. Only thing I can suggest is send support an email and find out. You don't need to be logged in to do this...........

Posted by BMWman:
OMG ppl. You can't download the client from another country. It has to be from the server that you have always used. But the UK client has files our client doesn't have.

I don't think you are right. The FT client is one for all. You just download it from a UK mirror.

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I downloaded it y' problems..started playin right away. THis morning I got a message when I signed in telling me not to worry my account is still intact, and, it is still intact. I think the only problems one may incur maybe with an IP address. Other than that there shud really b no problems.

BTW I'm still seeing US players at the tablles,just,not as many.

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lol dozn Big Smile

Well I didn´t had any problems when I tested out to change my version of Fulltilt with the one of the UK. I could easily open the site, download the software, installation went good and I could see all information about my account.
So everything went quite good here.

I havent even tryed to download it again. I had it installed and tryed all day yesterday and it didnt worked. I wasnt registered to any tourney so i didnt care much. Today i will try to open it again and, if it continues down, i will erase it and try to install it again. Lets see if it will work...

I live in Switzerland and I cant start FTP. Everytime it appeares a message that I have to update the programm and than a new message appeares that this isn't posible an I should try later. Knows somebody how I can solve this?
thanks Worship

i'm from belgium and i have the same problem. What did i do? I downloaded ftp from again and now is everything ok Blink

Blink Big Smile Cool

i had to unistall and download, at first i had trouble with it installing so i turned off my antivirus program and then it installed just fine ,then i turned my virus program back on and done a virus scan and all was good.Still have all my bankroll and everything is work good. Good luck to all

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