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They are going to make me f...... rich!  0   
Besides of black friday there are a few more changes going on at Fulltilt. Really wondering about. After several month of being beaten, thrown out and whatsoever, suddenly they let me win again... I know, I did not want to contribute anymore to the discussion if FTP is rigged or not (yes I deserve to lose, I know - still playing like an idiot and burriing cracks with T5 os) but I wonder if there aren´t any more non-us players around, facing similar miracles? Would be fun to hear about.

Can´t believe it, two days ago I went 5th in the Horse FR, although I was smallstack most of the tourney and already down to some spare blinds! Yesterday I went 8th on final table in the Razz FR. Also went several times in the money at the German FR the last days. At least I made the 60ct rebuy satelite to the Double Deuce this night, without doing any rebuys or addons... The strange thing is "I know I am not the best around" and these were freerools and low limits, but...

So I didn´t expect to say that again: thank you Fulltilt for the freerolls and at least the pricemoney, as I never deposited so far. Worship

For sure I´m down again tomorrow, for getting kicked in the a... again - lol


Who knows if its rigged or not Blink ... but one thing is for sure if its the slightest thing even looking a little bit as a rigg the FBI will exploit it in their favour and give the pokersites a bad repuation.

I must say they are the two sites you can go on and actiully learn and sometimes get lucky and make some money..Even if the next day you go bust..Rigged i cant say but it is two of the best place to play.. Worship Angry Aww crap!

BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » They are going to make me f...... rich!

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