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Wed. night me and my family had a new member to add, a new born baby boy.He was 7lbs 3oz. His name is Jamari.He came home today and my children just loves him..Just thought i would share the good news with my BRM family too.. Smile Blink

Congratulations mayea4 and may the Lord bless you and your family with health and prosperity.

My daughter who is 27, is due to have my second Grandchild (1st Granddaughter) any day now. Even through all, a new born baby always enlightens the spirits and minds of my wife and I. We love children and have always contributed to needy children and charities that are beneficial to their future. Good Luck to All!

Now this is definitely awesome news...may the newborne be strong and healthy!!!

Kids always bring good luck, fortune and lots of joy+love to any family....God bless , m8!

Congratulations Mayea4, nice to hear. Sounds like you have a nice big warm
family. Enjoy familie live and good luck on getting some sleep the next exiting
months Smile Your a blessed man.

Green also much luck and joy the coming exiting period Smile Good to hear that you
and your wife are so dedicated to helping with children's needs.
My ex and i were also very active in charities, especially when it came to children.

Good luck and joy to you both Cool

Hey congrats fellow mob buddy. Hope all is well with your newborn and family. How you holding up with a new baby around i know its stressful sometimes..

Congrats!!! theres nothing better then having a large family around you and to see your offspring grow. best wishes!

Congratulations!! know the feeling. have newborn home too.. Smile

Congratulations mayea4! Best wishes for health and happiness for your new baby and your family!

Green, wow! Already a Granddad? I am five years younger and NOWHERE near that point! Best wishes for you and your family too when your granddaughter is born!
Thumbs Up

congrats on the next generation of poker players and BRM members ,this is a start of somthing beautiful. you will have lots of time to play poker now because sleep is not going to come easy lol (joking) congrats and god bless Thumbs Up

Congratulatiosn to you, your family and especially your daughter Smile
Its always nice to have a newborn baby in a house.
Fills the house with joy and energy.
i wish you all the best

I want to thank you all!!!!!!YES we are all jumping around for joy..House been full since we came home....Thanks You all.. Big Smile

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