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Hello Mobsters,

I was just thinking about poker in the movies I personally can only think of 2 of the top of my head which would be Rounders excellent film I really liked the movie long before i ever started playing poker and may have contributed to be starting in the first place but not directly. But defo a class movie and i cannot wait for them to make a decision on whether or not they will be making a sequel fingers crossed they will one day.

The only other one i can think off now would be lucky you which is ok as a movie i guess nowhere near as good as Rounders, and personally the part where Bana's character folds the best hand against his father i really think i would have called lol.

So what do you think of the poker films and is there any others that are worth having a watch.

The three main ones I can think of I will list in order of which I think is the best:

1. The Grand - comedy with Woody Harrelson and a cast other other great actors.. Not exactly a serious poker film but I think the best of whats out there.
2. High Roller - Story of Stu Ungar - OK - a lot of Stu Ungar biography fans aren't going to be satisfied with this, as theres very little poke and very little drugs actually in the film - but still a step above rounders.
3. Rounders - OK film - but very standard hollywood and you're not going to get any surprises here. But if you're a massive poker buff, worth watching.. but whilst the other two films I'd say could be worth watching for people other than poker fans - Rounders I'd have to say is not a good enough movie to recommend to anyone who isn't into poker.

Well wait no longer rounders 2 is in the making...some I have seen....
The Cincinnati Kid -- best poker related movie IMO
Croupier -- A must see
House of Games -- Great film, one for the rigtards cause live poker is rigged.
Rounders -- Didnt like it, over rated, s**t poker.
The Sting -- Fucking A.
Maverick -- OK
One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar -- A must
Smoking aces -- I turned it off, but some say its good.
The Gambler -- Not seen it yet but have it.
card player -- Got it at the weekend, but not seen it.

Maverick is that Mel Gibson - Jodie Foster film thats quite funny. will have to look aty the others if smoking aces is the one with ryan reynolds would not call that a poker film .

nice list b1gfoot, I'm downloading a few now I'll post my own thoughts afterwards..

I have high hopes for One of a kind - I tried downloading it ages ago but the seed failed at like 94% or something... got from a different tracker this time, so see how it goes..

i recently see The high roller a film on the life of the great Stu Ungar...i like it, but the best poker film is the Cincinnati kid Smile


Yeah nice list B1gfoot. I"ll download some as well. Ofcourse i've seen Rounders
and the Cincinnati Kid( by far the best pokermovie i've seen) but i haven't seen
some on your list. I will now , thx.

I watched few of them (Including Cincinati kid and Stu Ungar) but I like rounders the most! Not because of story but because of great lines in that movie...
Just look at my description Blink That is first sentence in Rounders Blink

i think ive only watched 3 on b1gfoot's list.ill try to watch the others


Casino royale james bond Blink

Casino Royale booo proper holloywoodised. Big Smile Big Smile


many bad beats

ROUNDERS, hands down the best poker movie.

Other caisno movies:

Owning Mahowney (excellent)
Yonkers Joe
Loaded Pistols
The Gambler

Out of b1's list i would have to say Rounders, Cinn.Kid, and Maverick. They are the best to me. I like Casino Royale thats just a good james bond movie period to me..High Roller thats just a poker player that made it lost it well blow it then hitted big again..

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