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Well, so I've got a simple question - how it's possible, that to claim my NO deposit bonus on PartyPoker I have to... deposit 25$?

Edited by LooseKiddie (27 April 2011 @ 14:13 GMT)

Greetings LooseKiddie,

First, congratulations, you've gotten further than most. Now that you have a bankroll that you've earned you can start partaking in the much more profitable gift offers BRM has to offer.

Depositing is something that is almost always done to prevent fraud and money laundering. It forces people to be honest about their identity and helps the site identify people who are trying to do the bonus multiple times.

I know it may seem annoying but they're aren't trying to trick you into playing more or anything like that. You can safely deposit that $25 and then immediately withdraw everything if you like.

Let us know how it goes.

Hi LooseKiddie,

In order to claim our no-deposit bonus, you DO NOT have to deposit. You simply have to follow the instructions (i.e. signup a new account through our links, and request the bonus). We will then verify your info with PartyPoker and transfer $25 to your account once approved. No deposit required.

If however you wish to take part in the Gift offer - you should choose this option, and deposit $25 accordingly like Arithmajik states above.

@MobManager - well... If I wouldn't do this I wouldn't also ask about it. I did everything like I should and my MobAccount says, that this bonus has been approved. Indeed it is, but in PP software it says, that I have to deposit, so here is my problem - I did everything what was in the instructions, bonus is approved. Also @Arithmajik - it's not like "oh, they're trying to screw me!". I just have a problem with this bonus and as I said earlier - I'm almost sure, that I did everything the right way.

If there wouldn't be any other option I'll deposit, but right now I'm unable to do that for a while and I would like to start playing for my bonus, because it's approved and cthe lock is ticking, if you know what I mean.

Oh sorry, I thought you were at the stage where you had cleared your no deposit bonus and were wanting to withdraw your winnings.

Sorry for any confusion I may have created there. How long ago was it approved, it takes a little bit to get the funds into your account?

Let us know, if everything gets resolved.

It was approved April 26th, but it's not about that. I have this bonus when I go to "Bonuses" on my PartyPoker account and I'll attach to this post a screen. As you see there is "Min. deposit: $25" and when I click on "Claim now" button it takes my to deposit screen.

Attached ImagesPartyPoker bonus.PNG

I have exactly the same issue like LoosKiddie! yesterday I spent 10 minutes on the phone with the PartyPoker support guy. And he told me that either I have to deposit or the affiliate website I was referred from. I didnt really like the support service there, it took him a while to understand what was going on. He also told me that he is not sure if I can claim this bonus, cause I already had a "play money" account there.

Guys, can you please clarify if I can get this bonus without depositing. I applied for it on Monday 25th of April. The next day on 26th of April I received and email from BankRollMob that bonus is approved.

Não tive problema algum, deu tudo certo!

You asked me to keep you up to date, so that's what I'm doing.

After a couple of e-mails BRM support told me, that they need to contact PartyPoker to reslove this one. I hope that they'll do it as quick as possible and I'll finally get my bonus Smile

They do have this thing with deposit in party poker
you cant play any freerolls for example if you havent first deposited.
also if you havent played for a period of 6 months if i remember correctly and your account has no money in, you need to deposit again to activate it.
as for the ndb mob manager had you covered Smile

Well, but if they agree for NO deposit bonus with affiliate they should do something to actually make this no deposit bonus, don't you think? Smile

yes thats the definition for a ndb at least poker speaking.
cause if we are talking about casino ndb then its a whole different story there since there are sites that they do require deposit in order to get the bonus

Hi Kiddie, and welcome to he forum kition and Tricolor.

Sounds like Mober is right, Party's system probably automatically put on that restriction and now BRM just has to contact party, explain, and ask them to remove that restriction. (I think).

Have any of you heard back yet? Kiddie I'm certain the manager is working on it and it'll probably take 3 -4 because he'll have to wait for Party to respond.

kition and Tricolor if you haven't already, send BRM an email about this and they'll help you out to I'm sure.

Let us know if anything changes or you get things resolved.

Good News Everyone!

My Bonus was approved yesterday! I sent an email to BRM couple of days ago about the issue, and now I'm already playing at PartyPoker. SO guys, you just have to be patient, till BRM contacts Party Poker and resolves everything.

Thanks a lot BRM

Awesome, that's great news kition.

Kiddie, Tri color, how are you making out? Is there any news?

I hope you got them but if not, send and email and be patient, you'll get there.

Good luck

I sent an email right after I figured it out, and after few emails BRM support told me they need to contact PartyPoker support with this one, but it was on Friday, so I think in 1-2 days it will be finally resolved Blink

Good stuff, good luck.

with a little patience and communication everything gets resolved here.
good luck with your new beginning in PP and start hitting the tables for a chance in monthly millions like IslandJack did Smile

@Mober, I think you should lend me some patience lol, because mine has been pushed to the limits Smile Bonus was approved 26th of April, now PP support is working on it for about 4th day (excluding weekend, that would be 6th day) and I'm starting to be a little bit pissed off Tongue

After contacting PartyPoker by myself and then BRM support again I was told, that it'll be probably solved in the beginning of the next week.

Okey, it's the last update. Today finally my problem was resolved! Smile What a good start of the week - first I win 25$ from arsenej, now my bonus is finally approved and I can play on PartyPoker Smile So for all people with similar problem - you just have to mail BRM support and wait. They'll fix it, but it takes some time.

Thanks BRM Smile

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