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My time playing poker these days is very little. My health just won't let me play much anymore. Spend more time laying down these days than anything else, and not getting any better.
So I decided to play in my 1st tourney at bodog. Have sent a lot of time checking the site out, and they really don't offer much for tournaments. When you only have $10 from BRM's NDB, the tourneys to play are limited. So I decided to put up $2 and play in 1 of their regulars. Unfortunately it wasn't a guaranteed tourney. The field started with 53 players and only final table gets paid. So after a long 2 hours I made final table. It was another hour of cautious play, simply because I didn't really feel there was any donks in this. Was sitting 9th for a bit, then got KK in early position and went allin. 3 callers lost to my KKK and I tripled up. Didn't win, but managed a 4th placer.
So I must say thanks again to BRM for this NDB. Just wish Bodog had more to offer for tourneys. Good luck in all your games today Mobsters. I am thinking that my $11 ticket for the $5K guarantee this Sunday may have another entry. Any others that have this NDB on Bodog or just play there, look for the $5K this Sunday.....
Almost forgot, I won $10 and some change.............

congrates to u and hope next tournament u ll be on the 1-st place and again share for us your screeans
good luck and have fun playing poker Tongue

Congrats BMWman....Your right, Bodog has a very slim selection of tournaments....but hey atleast you made a small cash.... hope you get better so you can start playing more poker ;-0

Get well soon

Congrats BMWman, nice run especially for the first tournament on the Bodog platform. I heard a lot about this site and i'm actually considering making an account although my country is not eligible for the 10 dollars no deposit offer, but i think i can get a good rakeback offer.
Some friends have accounts there ans said low and micro stakes cash games are very profitable for them, thats why they continue to play at bodog plus the site gets more and more traffic each week which is great.
If i remember correctly also players from united states are allowed to play on bodog poker, i really started to miss them from full tilt poker and pokerstars tables. I really hope US players will be able to play again on full tilt and pokerstars pretty soon.

Congratulations with your big win and be well soon, good luck at the tables. We all need some big finishes in the money sometimes.

Congratz BMWman, always nice to start at a site and finish in the cash right away.
I checked Bodog's tourney-schedule also and your right, not that many tournements,
maybe this will change when the US-players start signing-up. If there's more traffic
i might check Bodog out also. Gl Cool

Good job BMW, i do not play on BODOG so i cannot comment on their site but I am pretty sure you gonna grind out a roll there pretty soon!

I am also enjoying a lot my NDB from BRM at Bodog. I have been playing in some $2 SnG for beginners, and i was only able to win one. Here you will find donkey fish for sell, if you know what i mean. I still havent spent my $11 ticket, but i still have to wait 2 more weeks to use it, my next sundays will be full filled of football. For now i am as i started, which means that i havent one anything special, but it was good to get in touch with tables and players, winning sometimes and loosing others without loosing the chance of continue playing without having to deposit. Keep up the good work.

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