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I was trying to make this offer, but when i registred in VC and tryid typing the promo code the system sayd "invalid code".
I contacted VC support and i was surprised to see this :
3:20:08 PM : Thomas - Victor Chandler: Hello Preslav, you're speaking to Thomas - how may I help?
3:20:13 PM : Preslav: Hi Thomas
3:20:22 PM : Preslav: im having hard time entering my promo code
3:21:06 PM : Thomas - Victor Chandler: What seems to be the problem
3:21:15 PM : Preslav: the system says invalid code, when i contacted the supplier i was told to contact you for help
3:22:14 PM : Thomas - Victor Chandler: No problem, one moment please
3:26:10 PM : Thomas - Victor Chandler: I am sorry to keep you waiting
3:26:19 PM : Preslav: no problem
3:26:20 PM : Preslav: Smile
3:28:40 PM : Thomas - Victor Chandler: I am afraid this bonus is no longer available
3:29:08 PM : Preslav: the "BRMGIFT" code ?
3:29:50 PM : Thomas - Victor Chandler: Could you please provide me with a link for this bonus?
3:29:57 PM : Preslav: of course
3:29:59 PM : Preslav: just a second
3:30:25 PM : Thomas - Victor Chandler: Thank you
3:30:41 PM : Preslav:
3:33:15 PM : Thomas - Victor Chandler: I am afraid this promotion expired quite some ago

This happend to me as well, BRM should be updating their GIFT OFFERS....

We asked VC Poker about this the last time somebody said the code was invalid, and we were told it's valid till December 2011... so we have to ask again and see what happens.

Hey guys, I know it's annoying but the Victor Chandler support does seem to be mis informed on this matter (I too was led astray by them).

You can trust the admin, plenty of members have already successfully claimed this offer even though accord to the support staff it expired last year.

but its impossible to enter the promo code "BRMGIFT" ....

Hi Preslavcho - I suggest you wait, I am sure that our administrator will sort this oput and post a "what to do on this page" when they have it.

Gl to all of you wherever you play.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Or they may e-mail you direct

Posted by Preslavcho:
but its impossible to enter the promo code "BRMGIFT" ....

so you better wait until admin tells us it is working again Blink
What I can tell you is that in my case it worked all very fine but this now is more than 2 month ago Smile Blink

You can't enter the code until you're processing your depost. It's a gift offer after all.

i`ll just wait im in no hurry Smile after all thanks everyone for the tips (:

Anytime, and welcome to the forum by the way. Be sure to browse around, theirs lots of poker related educational material (and otherwise). Also don't hesitate to ask when you're unsure of things, everyone's pretty friendly on here.

Let us know if you get it all sorted out.

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