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Merge Gaming ending rakeback for new players on June 1st

All sites on the US-friendly poker network Merge Gaming (software supports PC and Mac) will stop offering rakeback for new customers on June 1st. So if you don't have an account on the Merge Gaming network already, it's high time to sign up now and make a deposit if you want to secure a rakeback deal for the future. We,, offer 35% rakeback at Carbon Poker, Overbet and Poker Nordica[...]   Read more » Merge Gaming ending rakeback for new players on June 1st

Merge Gaming ending rakeback for new players on June 1st   0   
All Unites States mobsters should take advantage of this great offer considering they are allowed to play first of all. I know from independent sources that the merge gaming network increased his traffic a lot after the black friday.
From all of their sites i know Carbon Poker has more traffic than the others so i guess players should choose it from the network. Also it's knowed that smaller poker platforms are very profitable at lower stakes(low and micro) if you know to play good poker. The rakeback offer is very good considering that other major sites offer less than that, which really matters for cash players that generate a lot of rake.

This is also bad news for all players, what does this tell us? Will the Merge Network be also accused or indicted in the nearby future? Well let us be safe with our money.

with american market up for grabs, i think its just a strategy to panic US players join their sites.
similar thing with playersonly/sportsbook poker, apparently no US players for them from may 1st but they still taking them.
im not believing any of this rumors till they make an official announcement. anyway if this is true rakeback will be converted into high vip level laters, which im sure affiliates will be providing laters too.

You'd they they would make a public statement before making such a drastic change. Where did you hear about this Macubas?

Also, If you sign before June 1st and get the rakeback offer will they then take it away after the 1st? Or do you get to keep it for life once you've got it?

Very strange this statement, Merge has be the big Nr1 since black Friday and can become so big imo. Why they do this? Maybe they suspect also a future black Friday???

I'd say if they are going to do it that you've probably guessed their motives right there doomdy. Maybe they are truly expecting to be shutdown next and reckon they may as well grab up as much as they can.

All I can say is, I hope they don't.

Maybe they just see such an increaes in traffic in the future that they figure with their sites growing, why not make extra profits? they know players dont really have many options anymore so why not take advantage of it

That may be true, and welcome to the forum Brett.

I think if you're right that it would be a choice choice on their part. Now is the
time to offer great promotions and corner a larger share of the market while
they still can. Annoying people now is a waste of a good opportunity.

Just my two cents.

I actually think Brett is right. They had a boom on poker traffic growth after the black friday, so i think they want know to increase their profit rate so thats the reason they will stop offering rakeback for their members. I'm not 100% sure but i know rake is also about the affiliates but in this very case it has bothing to do with bankrollmob since i know other affiliates that official said the same news about the merge network and his rakeback.
Still i also agree with the post above mine, i mean why you would stop a rakeback offer which is highly wanted by cash games player that generate tons of rake when all other poker plaqtforms out there offer all kinds of offers to get more members on their sites. But again we also should consider they have some internal problems so maybe thats why the stopped offering rakeback.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Merge Gaming ending rakeback for new players on June 1st

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