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Okey, so it´s SonFelix here ! long time no see Big Smile I have been struggling with this 5K points bankroll i got from BRM now about one month. My points went low as my games got killed by unlucky turn/river cards at the beginning. After my roll got down to 1K points i broke the nut and finished 3rd. in a 5$ rebuy tournament and got my 100bucks to start rolling Thumbs Up

I consider myself as a action loving fellow so I love playing PLO hi (or even PlayersOnly`s special NL omaha). So I hit the tables and started playing my game and after couple of days & many sessions I marked that I have been profitable and killing these jenk´s (tables full of americans Cool ).

Now after one month of brutal Omaha dashing my bankroll has grown and I have reached the first VIP level : Green .
Your current VIP level : Green
VIP points earned : 3,048.31
Redeemable VIP points: 2,329.91
Current Balance (USD): 1 258,60 $
Available for Withdrawal (USD): 1 258,60 $

So I´m really pleased about the results and would thank BRM for this opportunity with this bankroll. Hopefully you guys make some profit as an affiliate as well
Why are my stats showing that s**t Big Smilehahah

Edited by SonFelix (05 May 2011 @ 21:08 GMT)

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very nice working your way from 100$ to 1250$ Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
you had a bad start but after you got ur first cash in the tournament, u did very good.
regarding the stats merge sites have problems getting tracked on sharkscope , some no of rebuys or something like that.

Welcome back SonFelix, and good job on building your playersonly bankroll Thumbs Up
Some of BRM's affiliate offers have been kind to me as well, thx BRM again Smile
And don't worry about your sharkscope's records, i have many usernames and
the ones i checked out were not correct either. Gl with winning even more Cool

woow. This truely is an example of how Poker can work out for you. And how BRM can too!

You start with nothing and get some points from BRM and you turn it into 100$ and later on in 1200$. Very nice story, keep it up!

Hey man, grats to you !
Very good job indeed.
Hope that I will maybe one day be able to make it in a similar way.
(But I don´t believe this Big Smile )

Very good! Smile Continue playing that good and you will have a very nice bankroll at the end of 2011! Smile Always nice to hear stories from mobsters who win big from a small starting capital.

Nice weekend everyone!

Mob admin

Big thanks to you all Heart I´ll keep it up and hopefully I get an Platinium account there and can play those 2-man platinium 2000$ freerolls Big Smile

Nice play so far SonFelix. It is really good to see someone do well with there free points from BRM. I look forward to seeing how you progress.

Very GL to you and to all BRM mobsters.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Congrats sir! Awesome run there. Man, i can not observe you are located in Finland so i had to assume that your A game is pot limit omaha. It seems in Finland pot limit omaha is a lot more popular than no limit holdem. I actually wanted to do the same with the no deposit offer i got from bankrollmob on partypoker but it seems they hate pot limit omaha and the lowest stakes are 10/25 cents which mean only a buy in for aplo table which is unaccptable to do.
I'm also very surprised to find out that actually playersonly poker sites has no limit omaha real money cash table. From what i know no other poker roon has no limit omaha cash tables. I think you all agree that on omaha is nuts to go all in pre flop, you can lose even with AAKK double souited.
SonFelix, on what limits you started playing PLO and on what limit are you playing now? Please respond, i'm really curious to find out Smile

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