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Bad Beat SCOOP 2011 Event 2   0   
Small blind: 250
Big Blind: 500
Ante: 60

UTG+1 goes All-in pre-flop with AcKd (His stack:9700)
Everyone else folds.
I was on the button: QdQs (My stack: 8612), thus I go All-in pre-flop

The Flop: Qc6h5h
The Turn: 10s
The River: Jd

My opponent got a straight Ten-Ace

Question: did I play my pair of Queens wrong pre-flop by going all-in? Sad Sad

I am not that much of a poker player, so my opinion is not the best one but i will still share it.You had the button.You rulled the flop.You were if i am correct almost 90% winner after the flop, and than the 10 and jack...
if it helps in any way i would have pushed all-in with the queens also because i a a fan of Queen the band Big Smile

Most people will probably tell you that it was ok to go all-in.
I have my doubts in a Tournament.

I got busted that way as well today, even though I never go all-in pre-flop with QQ.
With me the A hit and I was out.

In long tourneys I always want to see a flop and the betting before I put my chips in the middle with QQ.

AA and KK are all-in for sure. QQ is tricky, and often gets beat on the board. And there goes your tournament! I´m careful with those usually.
Today I wasnt and it was fatal for me as well.

Curious what the others will say now.

I would say it depeneds on a few questions that you didn't mention was it close to the bubble(pay out)how was buddy paying all game (before i go all in preflop i look at last hand and see what his been playing last 20 30 hands) if every hand his called or played had an ace face id probley fold pending on the bubble chip stack lots of factors but preflop you were both pretty much even sucks that you got turn rivered he just hit that 5 % suck out. I would have told him how lucky he really was did you make money?

Im calling here all day long .. u played the hand fine... folding here is extremely bad imo.. nh, ul gg etc Cool

Too bad Gio. Regarding if you played correctly, well like timborep said, depends on
the situation you were in at that moment and the info you had on your oponent.
With the info on him you could have put him on a certain hand. If you put him
on AA or KK the choice is obvious, if you put him on a small pair again obvious.
If you had him for AQ, AJ pretty obvious. If you put him on the AK he had, it
was your decision: coinflip for your tourney or not? And ofcourse: was it near the
bubble and how much was minimum prize, was it big enough for you to want to
make sure of it? What i'm saying is you shoud put him on a hand, and with that
and the given situation, you make your decision.
Next time(s) gl luck and maybe we"ll meet in the SCOOPs. Gl Cool

Edited by JazzyJeff (09 May 2011 @ 02:37 GMT)

ul man, about Qs i agree with above it depends on the situation. if you think your way ahead then im snap calling against a player you know dont have that much. I had a similar situation when i went out tonight, the guy was a lunatic raising reraising with all sorts of s**t. I lost a 1/4 of my stack to him then i starting seeing the cards he was turning up with other people. I was in the small blind with 10s the blinds were 300. 1st to act raised 900 then the crazy guy reraised 2700, i was thinking there is no way im folding here against this guy anyone else easy fold but this guy i know i was way ahead. I thought feck it i shoved 13k he snap calls with 8s for all his chips apart from 3k.This may seem a bit crazy for me to shove there after a re raise but if i think im a mile ahead well im calling or reraising he had 2 outs ( apart from st8s and stuff) and hit his 8 and i went out so be it. I only did this because i didnt even expect him to have a hand as strong as a pair of 8s. I expected him to fold and i would take the pot but he called and got lucky. Tomorrow is a new day new scoop GL

Flipped I agree with ur assessment, but do you wonder if this idiot was trying to display a nutter table image so he could get paid off later on? Or was he just lucky? I have read a few of your threads and believe that you are a strong player, this is just a thought.........

GL for tomorrows SCOOP................and GL to all mobsters wherever you play.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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