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Well as I have essentially quit playing online, and am now primarily playing live again, I decided to start this thread to post my results. So I played a live tournament today at a local casino.....I'm not fan of the structure, but I had heard Sunday's were a good day to go check it out so I did. The tournament is a 16$+5$casino fee, with unlimited 5$ re-buy's for the first 20 minutes, and a 10$ add-on. You start with 1500 in chips and can re-buy before the start of the tourney to start with 3000 in chips, the blinds start at 100 and 100 so I always do this. There were 91 runner's today, I made it through the re-buy,donkey period, with about 12,000 in chips. The blinds raise quickly after the re-buy period it goes 100-200,200-400,400-800 color up 500-1000,ect. I went out shortly after the color up break, in 30th or 31st place. I was fairly short stacked after the re-buy period ended, having had to fold a few rounds of blinds. I was stacked down to 8000, got my money in bad A6 vs AQ and flopped my 6. This put me up to 18k. I made a mis-step shortly after. A fairly loose player limped from middle position, I was fairly certain he was weak, and with a tight player in the blinds I went for the steal with 89, he called me with K9s, we both flopped nada. This put me down to just 2500 in chips with 1000-2000 blinds, I looked down at the Ac of spades in the cut off, didn't look at the other card, an over shove ahead of me and I knew I had to get the money in and hope for a double up, so I call, a larger stack behind me also calls...Original over-shover show's AJ off, guy behind me show's two kings I flip over the other card I hadn't looked at...It was the Ace of clubs!!! I had two black aces! Unfortunately a king hit the turn and someone had already folded A10 and my only remaining ace, so I busted just short of the money. Oh well there's alway's next time. I placed tenth in this tourney with 56 runners a week or so ago. Hope you enjoy my live thread, I'll be heading to a home cash game later this evening to try and re-coop some loses. until next time Mobster's GL @ the tables Cool


Nice report Hoodi, sounds like a pretty nice tourney. Too bad you diden't finish
in the cash but it sounds like you had an eventfull evening with a lot of up and
down swings. Crazy last hand! Discovering you have AA and than seeing the
guy hit his trips! Crazy, Gl with your (live-poker) life Cool

Thanks to you that you share your live experinece with us.
Unfortunately you didn`make it in the money.
Wish you better luck next time !
And you will never play online again ???

Hi hoodi

Nice to see you are having some fun in your local casino. Making the money in these mad-rebuy games is good and you was unnlucky not to this time. It looks like you are not missing the on-line game and I llok forward to reading about your next tourney. Building up I hope that it ends up with you and me on the final table at the WSOP main event and both saying "oh well I really miss the on-line game"

Take care and GL to all you mobsters out there wherever you play.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Played the tourney again, busted out just after the re-buy cut off, my AQo couldn't win a race against tens. Played in my regular Monday night cash game, and made a small profit, though. Migo14, not sure if I will be able to play online again.....Hopefully someday sooner, as oppossed to later. Until then, guess I'll just be hitting the real felt, instead of the virtual one. Cool Sorry about skipping most of the details, it was a fairly uneventfull game, not too many super big pots, I made most of my money off of pocket kings, & flopping two pair from the bb with 75. UNtil next time Mobster's GL @ the tables. Cool

Well I hade 3 losing sessions in my home game's after, the robbery last week. I finally broke the streak today. Went to the local casino tourney today 92 entrants, made it to the final table where all 10 player's chopped! My total buy in was 36$, my payout was 280 with the casino running a special if you play in the live game's for an hour you earn an extra 25$. I played in the 1-2 no limit game a must move game that started with 8 players & got as low as 4 handed and I still managed to sqeak out a 12$ profit. So when it was all said and done I mad a total profit of 287$, & on top of that I won a free dinner from the local radio station on a break! I was caller 15!!!! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile I think I may need to go buy a lotterey ticket while I'm at it! Just an update for all you Mobster's so you know I'm still alive. GL @ the table's Mobster's! Cool

Trying to get our live game going tonight.....Live game's can sometimes be difficult to get together. Missing the convienence of online poker right about now..... Cool


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