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Ive rarely been on since BF but was wondering if any US players have tried CARBON POKER or BLACK CHIP POKER.

I am looking for there input on these sites or any other that are us friendly such as:
amount of players

ease and quickness on SnG's filling up


Speed and ease of cashouts

any other things you like or dislike about em

I was primarily a FTP player but played also on PS and very much liked them both.
I tried party poker and UB several years ago but simply couldnt get past there layout (Then) and forever waiting for SnGs to fill up and lack of tourneys.

Any input would be much appreciated.

dont play at merge network but traffic will be a problem surely for anyone used to fulltilt and pokerstars especially if you like to multitable.
but slowly they may see increase in traffic, merge has more players online than cake but most of them are freeroll players.

Why do you advise against playing at Merge? Is it simply lack of traffic or is there something fishy about them? I was intending to do some offers over there at some point so it'd be nice to know.

Also for US players it's one of the better choices, isn't it? If not what would you recommend instead? I don't follow which sites take US players, so I'm not in the know.

Glad to be Canadian.

DOH, I seem to have left out the most important question. I have seen these poker rooms, or poker sites listed as US Friendly. What exactly does US Friendly mean besides there willing to take cash deposits from US players.

After searching over the sites looking for info and failing to find any relevant information in regards to the recent crackdown.

One is left to wonder: Are these sites Legal ? Aww crap! Aww crap!

I Agree with this 100%! Specifics would be nice but even google can't help me out with this one. Ive been looking around and one site that commonly came up on some searches was "Betshark Poker". They state that their is a $50 no deposit bonus and i might give it a chance to check out the action. I would like to see bankrollmob accomodate the US players to a larger extent. The fulltilt freeroll point based dailys were fun and actually got me using the site for real money play. It would be great to see some US friendly sites and bankrollmob help each other out and promote eachother. If anyone has any info on US friendly sites or the bershark site Please let us know.

I play at a good bit.

I don't personally have an account on the merge poker network but a very good friend of mine does and i can give you some first hand impression over those poker platforms. First of all you need to realize that the traffic is way less than the traffic you were used to have on poker platforms like pokerstars and full tilt poker. Now you are mainly a cash games player it's not that really bad, i mean you can easily find tables to play at the majority of stakes but if we talk about sit and go's or tournament there is a complete other story.
If on site like pokerstars or full tilt you need to wait couple of seconds to fill a single table sit and go the wait is a lot longer on the merge network, it's even worse on tournaments. Still as a good part there is the fact that if you make an account on them you can get a 35% rakeback offer for ever, so the rakeback offer is pretty good. I do not have information on the cash out methods available or their support. Good luck!

I've got several accounts on the merge network. Since black friday the player traffic has increased tremendously. I've only cashed out at feltstars (where i do most of my playing) and that took nearly 4 weeks. Americans can only deposit with EWALLET at feltstars, but at players only you can use a credit card. THe mtt's are easy if you play TAG, and the player fields arent that big. There are alot of suckouts, and donks so be ready to be rivered by some idiot chasing his straight or flush to 5th street. Haven't had to many bad beats so there it's ok. If you have a pocket pair preflop on that network be assured that at least two others do too. If you have kings an ace will flop 70% of the time. Overall i like merge more then any of the networks i've played on.

the bigger sng's take forever to fill up, while the smaller DON's fill up instantly

The interface overall is alright, but the filters i find lacking. Some of the merge sites have limited tournaments so your gonna wanna scope em all out see which ones have the biggest selection.

OVerall i give Feltstars (my poker room of choice) 8 of 10. Live chat support, easy to navigate, and profitable overall.

as an after thought, if you do join, ADD ME killuminated1

Merge is nr1 atm for american players, rapidly they speedup to a network with a very healthy traffic, good shedule, good traffic. For americans I wud say keep the roll as low as possible as you never know if there is coming a new black Friday.

I haven't been active lately here in BRM due to working 7 days a week and being a bit upset that FT or PS still hasn't got anything resolved with the U.S. Government. I'm not placing blame on the sites themselves for the delay, but wish there'd be a weekly news update published at FT/PS or somewhere that we could follow up on the status of this scenario.

Anyway, nice to see a post that received relatively good feedback to some other options or should say sites. Wish you all the best and hope we can play at FT/PS again!

Maybe I'll check out felt stars but current;y I like carbon poker the best (although this is coming from just reading the rewards offers and what not. I don't have any accounts on the Merge network currently).

Carbon is the biggest I'm pretty sure and gives you free money on your birthday if you're a VIP, which is always welcome. And at the higher VIP levels they give me more than my grandmother does.

I had signed up at Black Chip Poker, but forgot the username I used. Sent several emails, and all I get is... We have received your email, and someone will respond as soon as possible. Been 2 weeks now.. LOL

Posted by Arithmajik:
Why do you advise against playing at Merge?

just noticed this now Tongue
i meant i dont play at merge, wasnt advising against playing at merge. my bad, chatting online has spoiled my english Sad

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