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Okey, I'm back after short break from poker. I've got decent money to play NL2 on Full Tilt now, that was my goal (I haven't posted it here, but I've always wanted to play cash games, unfotunately with bankroll of $25 I couldn't). In my first session (259 hands) I've lost a little bit over 2BI (about 230bb I think) and I've got a lesson with AKo, because my three worst hands were all with AKo in hand, twice it was -100bb and once -59bb, the 4th biggest loss ("just" 23bb) was with 99 on 762 flop after a min raise from EP1. The opponent's bets were weird (excluding standard c-bet on flop) so I've decided just to call him down (after the 8 on turn I've had OESD), there was a flush draw but his bet was weak so I've called again, then on turn another small bet and my call. I'll post this hand from HEM below and I'll let you guess what he had Smile

Seat 1: visionweb ($2)
Seat 2: Vladimir762 ($2.86)
Seat 3: PhoenixRion ($2.44)
Seat 4: PrincepsNedo ($1.97)
Seat 5: LooseKiddie ($3.61)
Seat 6: Svorceta001 ($2)
Seat 7: MMFloors ($2.01)
Seat 8: agentzoya ($1.94)
Seat 9: sxduecento ($1.60)
visionweb posts the small blind of $0.01
Vladimir762 posts the big blind of $0.02
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to LooseKiddie [9 Diamond 9 Heart]
PhoenixRion raises to $0.04
PrincepsNedo folds
LooseKiddie calls $0.04
MMFloors folds
agentzoya folds
sxduecento folds
visionweb folds
visionweb adds $0.01
Vladimir762 calls $0.02
*** FLOP *** [7 Club 6 Spade 2 Club]
Vladimir762 checks
PhoenixRion bets $0.10
LooseKiddie calls $0.10
Vladimir762 folds
*** TURN *** [7 Club 6 Spade 2 Club] [8 Club]
PhoenixRion bets $0.15
LooseKiddie calls $0.15
*** RIVER *** [7 Club 6 Spade 2 Club] 8 Club] [6 Heart]
PhoenixRion bets $0.17
LooseKiddie calls $0.17
*** SHOW DOWN ***
PhoenixRion shows [? ?]

There won't be any prize or reward, I'm just wondering what hand/range would you put him on Smile

And also another hand. It was 2nd hand of my opponent on this table. In the first one he bluffed on the river with completely nothing, the next one was my raise, his instant all in and my instant call with AKo. He had 2% after the flop, check out what happened Smile

Seat 1: buffbridges ($1.55)
Seat 2: Vladimir762 ($1.97)
Seat 3: imd54 ($1.75)
Seat 4: molodoy KK ($4.56)
Seat 5: LooseKiddie ($2)
Seat 6: Klaudynka05 ($2.16)
Seat 7: Pilz1989 ($1.35)
Seat 8: TAPAH555 ($1.18)
Seat 9: Paradistt ($3.60)
Pilz1989 posts the small blind of $0.01
TAPAH555 posts the big blind of $0.02
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to LooseKiddie [A Heart K Spade]
Paradistt folds
buffbridges folds
Vladimir762 folds
imd54 folds
molodoy KK folds
LooseKiddie raises to $0.08
Klaudynka05 folds
Pilz1989 folds
TAPAH555 raises to $1.18, and is all in
LooseKiddie calls $1.10
TAPAH555 shows [6 Diamond Q Heart]
LooseKiddie shows [A Heart K Spade]
*** FLOP *** [3 Heart 9 Heart K Heart]
*** TURN *** [3 Heart 9 Heart K Heart] [6 Club]
*** RIVER *** [3 Heart 9 Heart K Heart 6 Club] [Q Spade]
TAPAH555 shows two pair, Queens and Sixes
LooseKiddie shows a pair of Kings
TAPAH555 wins the pot ($2.22) with two pair, Queens and Sixes

I wish there would be more such a hands, because it's a hell of +EV for me Tongue

Not many people are following blogs here from what I've seen Smile But it's another NL2 session, this time I decided to give a try to PokerStars with my small bankroll. I've played two, sometimes three tables (it takes a while to adjust, it's still isn't perfect because sometimes I get a little bit bored, perhaps I'll give a try to a mix of 2 PokerStars and 2 FTP NL2 tables).

I'm like 160bb+ this time. I think my EV is right now like -150bb, but it's because of the hand when my QQ > AA Blink Earlier on my EV was just little bit under winnings, but it's very small sample so it will change, that's for sure.

well looks like you are adjusting well to the rings, just keep grinding Blink
regarding ur HH
theres too much bad play at these levels to put someone on a range on basis of 1 hand but i'll try Tongue
from his betting either he has hit a monster and is trying to milk you, in which case i think he has Ax clubs/ 22/77/88/67s/68s/45
or he has missed the board entirely and is trying to control the pot but still want to show his hand strength by weak bets. in which case i think he shud have AK/ pocket pair 10+
im more in favor of second case
but since u lost the hand and there was a min raise i think (in tht order) - 10/22/ 67/68/45/77/jj
anyway wat did he have and gl for future sessions Blink

Posted by LooseKiddie:
Not many people are following blogs here from what I've seen Smile

I always read the blogs, but sometimes I just don't have any additional comments. Mine is the same, some of the regs initially posted some words of encouragement, but after that they read it and unless there is something REALLY noteworthy that is where it ends. One of the benefits of having a blog is it makes you reflect on your play and be honest as you post entries. Keep it up! Thumbs Up

I know it's hard, but I've virtually had the same amount of information about him as you did, he didn't show any strength besides flop c-bet, which was pretty standard, but I thought he missed the flop with something like KQ/AK and I've decided to call him down (which isn't great way to end the hand, but sometimes pays off and he was to passive for any strong draw, so it was kinda hard to fold an overpair on such a board).

He had KK. Now this hand post flop looks well played, standard c-bet on very "drawable" (is there such a word or I've just made new one? Tongue nevermind, everyone should know what I mean Tongue) flop, then he wasn't sure if he is ahead or behind, because the turn could complete flush or straight draw and the river could give me trips or full house so it's quite logical that he made small bets, but pre flop it was horrible! Min raise from EP with KK? IMO KK is the hand which wins just blinds or whole stacks. Someone said "big hands are for big pots, small hands for small pots" and what the hell is KK if not big hand? Smile

@mahdorf - hmmm, you're right, you can also add mob points to that Big Smile I just thought that "mystery hand" would bring a little bit more feedback that just one post Tongue Today I'll probably have a session of FTP & PS cash, I think 2 FTP tables and 1 PS, perhaps 3 FTP and 1 PS if I'll feel bored (I've decent bankroll for NL2 on FTP and a little bit too small for multitabling so that's why I would like to play more tables on FTP in someone was wondering Tongue).

wow KK and a min raise, no wonder you were surprised, like i said too much bad play at these limits to put someone on a range.
if i were you i would chase him down at all the tables, such a play needs to be punished sooner or later Tongue

Okey, I haven't enought time to play yesterday, but today I've had my session with 1 PS & 2 FTP tables.

FTP: I'm happy with my results on FTP today. I'm +125bb and also my EV was finally close to the winnings. I'm very happy because I haven't lost any big hand, the biggest loss was just (?) -32bb with JTo on SB, the flop came 38J rainbow, then T on the turn (and it was 4th suit, so no flush draw), I've made standard bets. The pot was limped so probably no one had a big hand, so I've made c-bet on the flop with top pair, then another 3/4 pot bet on the turn. I was called twice (my opponent on BB was quite loose and stupid Tongue), he had $0.62 pre flop. On the river (Q) he raised my bet (actually min raised, $0.25 to $0.48), he had T9 for straight, but he was drawing aginst odds for the whole hand and I would play this hand the same way if I could see his hand, so I think it was played well, but to be sure I'll ask in hand history on BRM for your opinion Blink

PS: on PS my profit was smaller, but is obvious as I've played just one table and I've had to change it twice or once, because the VPIP was about 14 and my goal isn't to play against regular TAGs Tongue Also PS is in that case IMO better t han FTP, because on FTP it's hard to find VPIP 35+ table on NL2. Here my biggest loss was just 12bb after I've re-raised standard 4bb bet with AsKs (I thought I've learnd my lesson last time when I've lost AK three times), the flop came 456 rainbow so I've decided to play c/f and I've folded on the flop. But my AsKs was also the biggest win, +91bb Smile

Overall" I'm happy with my game, I think that in a few days I'll be able to play 4 tables, two at PS and two at FTP. My roll on PS isn't big enough, but it's growing nicely. I havend analysed my session 100%, only few hands, I'll make it tomorrow, but I don't remember any weird hands so there shouldn't be a lot of mistakes.

Good luck on the tables!

Okey, another update after another session. This time I've played two tables on P* and two on Full Tilt Poker.

PS: actually it was pretty boring session on PS. I've to change tables twice, because playing at some 13/3 table isn't my goal... Three biggest winning hands were 22bbs with KK, 10bbs and 6 bbs, but I've lost just three times (excluding folded blinds of course), twice 4bbs and once 3,5bbs. The session was +28,5bbs, almost nothing happened, I've had some low and medium pairs without any action. Nothin to talk about at all.

FTP: here I've had pretty bad session. I've lost two big hands (101,5bbs and 65,5bbs) and haven't won any big one. The session was -164bb Sad The biggest loss was a disaster, I've played it good only pre flop, then I've decided to c-bet on 752 missed flop with AK, but the pot was quite big (~4 limpers, so my standard raise was 8bbs), I think 3 (!!!) players called it, then after my c-bet two folded (I knew they had nothing, who limps and then calls 8bbs raise + their stats were quite bad), unfortunately the third opponent had 22 for three of a kind. I just threw money in this hand :/ Here is the other big losing hand from FTP and here I think my pre flop play was a little bit too loose and I should fold it, but after the flop I've had quite good hand, called ATW with crap and I were beaten on the lucky river by ATM (stats like 70/8 and I think 4-5 BI at the table).

Seat 1: Palmqvist ($0.96)
Seat 2: LooseKiddie ($2.57)
Seat 3: mbady ($2)
Seat 4: sahium ($1.96)
Seat 5: ThxCenterlink ($1.65)
Seat 6: konnuntie ($9.59)
Seat 7: rarresh ($0.25)
Seat 8: orjoave ($2.14)
Seat 9: londemer ($2)
ThxCenterlink posts the small blind of $0.01
konnuntie posts the big blind of $0.02
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to LooseKiddie Ace of diamonds Jack of diamonds
rarresh calls $0.02
londemer folds
Palmqvist folds
LooseKiddie has 15 seconds left to act
LooseKiddie calls $0.02
sahium folds
ThxCenterlink raises to $0.06
konnuntie calls $0.04
rarresh calls $0.04
LooseKiddie calls $0.04
*** FLOP *** 8 of hearts 9 of clubs Ace of spades
ThxCenterlink checks
konnuntie bets $0.02
rarresh folds
LooseKiddie raises to $0.10
ThxCenterlink folds
konnuntie calls $0.08
*** TURN *** 8 of hearts 9 of clubs Ace of spades 5 of spades
konnuntie checks
LooseKiddie bets $0.33
konnuntie calls $0.33
*** RIVER *** 8 of hearts 9 of clubs Ace of spades 5 of spades 6 of spades
konnuntie checks
LooseKiddie bets $0.82
konnuntie calls $0.82
*** SHOW DOWN ***
LooseKiddie shows Ace of diamonds Jack of diamonds a pair of Aces
konnuntie shows Ace of clubs 6 of diamonds two pair, Aces and Sixes
konnuntie wins the pot ($2.56) with two pair, Aces and Sixes

Edited by LooseKiddie (26 May 2011 @ 17:10 GMT)

Okey, this update will be short as I think I'll have another short break from poker Smile Today I've had horrible session. I've made some mistakes, but also in three hands I've got aces twice (on the same table), and I lost twice... First one was vs. AKs and flush on the river, second one vs... 45s with some idiot. He called my raise pf, then on like 56Q rainbow board he called my c-bet, the turn was a blank of some kind, perhaps T and the river was 5... I'm litle bit pissed off, so I've stopped my session earlier than I planned.

On PS I'm -115,5bbs, with the biggest hand lost -109bb (TT in hand), but it was my fault, I've been a little bit tilted after those aces.

On FullTilt (when I lost those aces twice, which is almost -2BI) I've lost 280,5bbs. I've also made some mistakes here, but if it wasn't for those two hands I would lose twice less.

Very bad day. Aww crap!

why dont you post the hands you made mistakes at ,
and we will review your play to inprove it if you want and get every1 advise on to better your play

Posted by dozn01:
why dont you post the hands you made mistakes at ,
and we will review your play to inprove it if you want and get every1 advise on to better your play

I'll analyse my session a bit later, when I'll find something worth posting I'll do it Smile But well... I lost just a few hands, 4 or 5, but I lost big. With aces it's obvious I was all in sooner or later, in both hands with AA the board was pretty safe and I was 99% sure I've the best hand (and I had), so on FTP: those two hands are combined about -180bbs, then there is -90bb hand with A9 on 922 board - I shouldn't even be in this hand as long as there was 4bb raise pf and one call + a hand with TT which I've raised and got one call, flop came 4J8 and I made a c-bet and got raised, but instead of folding 2nd pair I've called it all the way to showdown so it's kinda obvious where I made mistake. So it leaves a few small pots which I lost, nothing worth talking about.

On PS I've lost 115bbs. 109bbs in one hand, I've open raised TT from BTN and SB re-raised me 4.4 times my bet and it's the moment where I should fold, but I didn't. The flop came 884, so you can imagine what happened - he bet's, I'm stupid and I'm all in, he shows aces. I just wasn't focused at this moment and he was also new to the table. Most of the time I give new players some credit when their bet says "I'm strong", then I believe in it. But this time it was just the beginning of the tilt Smile But quoting my "song of the week", The Scientist by Coldplay - "nobody said it was easy" Smile

Thanks for feedback anyway Smile

Edited by LooseKiddie (28 May 2011 @ 15:15 GMT)

Today I've already had one very good session and I want to have another one soon, but I'd like to post my blog first Smile I've played for the first time 6 tables, trying to find good layout. I've end up with two cascades, one i top left corner (PS tables) and one in the bottom right (FTP tables) and it was quite good. I don't like tile layout, because there is no place at all to put HUD on the table and I think I like this layout.

On FTP I've won 90bbs, so almost 1 BI, which is quite good. It's my 3rd session with profit on FTP (I've had 7) and 2nd in a row, so things starting to get better and I'm on good way back to my starting bakroll. 271 hands without any special at all. I haven't won big, I haven't lost big. Best hands by winnings: 66, 39, 23 bbs. Worst hands: -12.5, -12, -10bbs. I think there's nothing to talk about here at all, but the session on PS was quite interesting and very funny I think Smile

So, now PokerStars session. I've won 233.5bbs, so over 2BI so with my quite small bankroll on PS it's a good boost Smile I don't want to write too much, but I've played against so many donks that I'm now a little bit angry that I've won just 2BI Smile But when it comes to donks you might win a lot of hands, but you'll also lose some well played when you'll get called down with some weak hands, so my biggest hands by winnings were: 167.5, 73.5 and 65bbs. The biggest hands I've lost today were 57.5, 46 and 29bbs.

There were moments when I've been playing 4 or 5 tables at PS, because I've been chasing down one fish (stats like 80/40) until he had joined fixed limit table Tongue Here you have my hand of the day Smile

Seat 1: wwants ($0.80 in chips)
Seat 2: Ad4mK ($2.59 in chips)
Seat 3: Teenage punk ($1.82 in chips)
Seat 4: UA3AA ($1.62 in chips)
Seat 5: Djoker99 ($1.05 in chips)
Seat 6: chris_kay79 ($1.99 in chips)
Seat 7: Thomoniev ($2.12 in chips)
Seat 8: colaTTT ($5.36 in chips)
Seat 9: LooseKiddie ($2.73 in chips)
Ad4mK: posts small blind $0.01
Teenage punk: posts big blind $0.02
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to LooseKiddie Ace of spades Ace of diamonds
UA3AA: folds
Djoker99: calls $0.02
chris_kay79: folds
Thomoniev: folds
colaTTT: folds
LooseKiddie: raises $0.08 to $0.10
wwants: folds
Ad4mK: calls $0.09
Teenage punk: folds
Djoker99: calls $0.08
*** FLOP *** 6 of spades 9 of spades Jack of hearts
Ad4mK: checks
Djoker99: checks
LooseKiddie: bets $0.26
Ad4mK: raises $0.46 to $0.72
Djoker99: raises $0.23 to $0.95 and is all-in
LooseKiddie: raises $1.68 to $2.63 and is all-in
Ad4mK: calls $1.77 and is all-in
Uncalled bet ($0.14) returned to LooseKiddie
*** TURN *** 6 of spades 9 of spades Jack of hearts Ace of clubs
*** RIVER *** 6 of spades 9 of spades Jack of hearts Ace of clubs Ace of hearts
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Ad4mK: shows 9 of diamonds 9 of hearts (a full house, Nines full of Aces)
LooseKiddie: shows Ace of spades Ace of diamonds (four of a kind, Aces)
LooseKiddie collected $2.92 from side pot
Djoker99: shows 8 of spades 7 of spades (a pair of Aces)
LooseKiddie collected $3.02 from main pot

Good luck at the tables Smile

Okey, I've played my session few hours ago, then I went to play soccer with my friends and now I'm back, tired, but happy when I look at my bankrolls, espescially on PokerStars Smile

I've had amazing session. Just a little bit over 90mins (which is my minimum length of normal session without any big loses) on 4 tables (+3 at FTP, so overall 7) and guess what: I've made 522.5bbs profit, so over 5BI Smile I love fishes, I really do Smile 428 hands and over 10$ profit at 4 tables of NL2 in one and half hour - I wish I'll have more sessions like this. I'll post some hands at the end of this post. On FTP like always - tough field, not so much fishes, not so much good tables as on PokerStars. I hope I will make 1k points and still have some decent bankroll, because I'll cash out as soon as it's possible (I can do it only if I'll get my 1k points Aww crap! ). I just don't really like the field on FTP.

I'll have to watch few videos & read some articles about playing vs. strong TAGs, but also I didn't had a session with some good hands. Almost always when I have monster starting hand I don't get any action. I think that I'm just unlucky - on PS I have profit in almost every session, it's just 2.2k hands, but I've 49.87bb/100. I know it will be almost impossible to keep so good bb/100 after like 10-20k of hands (I think I'll go to the next level when I'll play some decent amout of hands and also I think after 20k hands or more I'll be able to multitable a few more tables than now so I'll need a little bit higher bankroll). On FTP I was like -25bbs, so not that bad, but still I've lost money. Okey, now some hands:

Seat 1: jimmyrsolis ($7.78 in chips)
Seat 2: tommer007 ($2.01 in chips)
Seat 3: PLAY.WITH.Y ($5 in chips)
Seat 4: brummie16 ($6.79 in chips)
Seat 5: Vl.El.An. ($2.12 in chips)
Seat 6: GPPAP ($1.94 in chips)
Seat 7: LooseKiddie ($3.84 in chips)
Seat 9: jacenuu ($0.91 in chips)
jimmyrsolis: posts small blind $0.01
tommer007: posts big blind $0.02
lllFenixIII: sits out
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to LooseKiddie King of diamonds King of hearts
PLAY.WITH.Y: folds
brummie16: calls $0.02
Vl.El.An.: folds
GPPAP: folds
LooseKiddie: raises $0.08 to $0.10
jacenuu: folds
jimmyrsolis: folds
tommer007: folds
brummie16: calls $0.08
*** FLOP *** 4 of diamonds 4 of hearts Jack of hearts
brummie16: bets $0.10
LooseKiddie: raises $0.20 to $0.30
brummie16: calls $0.20
*** TURN *** 4 of diamonds 4 of hearts Jack of hearts King of clubs
brummie16: checks
LooseKiddie: bets $0.59
brummie16: calls $0.59
*** RIVER *** 4 of diamonds 4 of hearts Jack of hearts King of clubs 9 of clubs
brummie16: checks
LooseKiddie: bets $2.85 and is all-in
brummie16: calls $2.85
*** SHOW DOWN ***
LooseKiddie: shows King of diamonds King of hearts (a full house, Kings full of Fours)
brummie16: shows 7 of clubs 7 of hearts (two pair, Sevens and Fours)
LooseKiddie collected $7.33 from pot

My opponents stats were like 60/15, my bet on the river may seem to look weird, weak and perhaps some of you will say I don't get value from overbet like this, but well... I knew that I've won and I was almost sure that I didn't had any fold equity at all, I was 99% sure he will call it - and he did (or maybe she did Tongue).

Seat 1: Ollo75 ($0.83 in chips)
Seat 2: mamifero666 ($1.16 in chips)
Seat 3: Zorka5 ($1.20 in chips)
Seat 4: Diogolon ($1.21 in chips)
Seat 7: Dyekon ($2 in chips)
Seat 8: LooseKiddie ($2.32 in chips)
Seat 9: X350 ($2.26 in chips)
Ollo75: posts small blind $0.01
mamifero666: posts big blind $0.02
smirek1: sits out
fdv-m99: sits out
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to LooseKiddie Queen of spades 9 of spades
Zorka5: folds
Diogolon: folds
Dyekon: folds
LooseKiddie: raises $0.06 to $0.08
X350: calls $0.08
Ollo75: folds
mamifero666: folds
*** FLOP *** 4 of diamonds 8 of hearts 9 of hearts
LooseKiddie: bets $0.14
X350: raises $2.04 to $2.18 and is all-in
LooseKiddie: calls $2.04
*** TURN *** 4 of diamonds 8 of hearts 9 of hearts 10 of spades
*** RIVER *** 4 of diamonds 8 of hearts 9 of hearts 10 of spades 3 of hearts
*** SHOW DOWN ***
LooseKiddie: shows Queen of spades 9 of spades (a pair of Nines)
X350: shows Jack of spades Ace of clubs (high card Ace)
LooseKiddie collected $4.33 from pot

Good read isn't bad Smile My pre flop raise can look weird and way to loose, but I've had two 4/4 & 10/4 players on the blind and 40/15 on BTN, you shouldn't steal a lot on NL2, but I've decided to do so and I've flopped TP with good kicker on dangerous board, I've made c-bet and after his donk bet I was sure he had nothing. And the last one:

Seat 1: smis2010 ($1.60 in chips)
Seat 2: dusinda60 ($1.38 in chips)
Seat 3: marosimo82 ($2.38 in chips)
Seat 4: LooseKiddie ($2 in chips)
Seat 5: Franky_247 ($5.10 in chips)
Seat 6: drunking ($1.40 in chips)
Seat 7: laiaaba ($0.80 in chips)
Seat 8: ciganada69 ($0.96 in chips)
marosimo82: posts small blind $0.01
LooseKiddie: posts big blind $0.02
smis2010: posts big blind $0.02
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to LooseKiddie Queen of clubs 5 of spades
Franky_247: folds
drunking: folds
laiaaba: folds
ciganada69: calls $0.02
smis2010: checks
dusinda60: calls $0.02
marosimo82: calls $0.01
LooseKiddie: checks
*** FLOP *** 3 of spades 5 of clubs 5 of diamonds
marosimo82: checks
LooseKiddie: bets $0.07
ciganada69: folds
smis2010: folds
dusinda60: folds
marosimo82: raises $0.13 to $0.20
LooseKiddie: raises $0.45 to $0.65
marosimo82: calls $0.45
*** TURN *** 3 of spades 5 of clubs 5 of diamonds 4 of spades
marosimo82: bets $1.71 and is all-in
LooseKiddie: calls $1.33 and is all-in
Uncalled bet ($0.38) returned to marosimo82
*** RIVER *** 3 of spades 5 of clubs 5 of diamonds 4 of spades 10 of diamonds
*** SHOW DOWN ***
marosimo82: shows 3 of clubs 7 of hearts (two pair, Fives and Threes)
LooseKiddie: shows Queen of clubs 5 of spades (three of a kind, Fives)
LooseKiddie collected $3.87 from pot

Free flops can be very profitable Smile Also donks can - and are - profitable as hell Smile

Good luck at the tables Mobsters Smile

wow pretty strong reads and very bad play by the donks in these hands, looks like you have ended in a fiish pool lol. these hands makeup for some of the bad suckouts you encountered earlier. keep the updates coming and gl Thumbs Up

Well, I don't think I want to write something today Smile Yesterday I had 5BI profit with EV just few bbs lower, today during 2 sessions I've lost like 5.5BI with EV almost +4 BI and the big loses were all on PokerStars - on FTP (like almost always) I've had no action at all and ended up with -20bbs or so.

At least I've managed to get back to over 50$ on FTP, thanks to super turbo HU SNGs and very weak field in those tournaments. The opponents seem to don't give a crap abut anything at all, they are playing just with their hands Blink I might consider playing cash at PS and HU SNG on FTP, because FTP ofers super turbo tourneys and I really like them, also the field is quite weak and swings won't be as scary as on PS, because I have 50BI right now for those tournaments. On PS I've dropped down to like 10BI for NL2 which sucks, because it will be very risky to play having like 40% of your bankroll in game. I'll think about this tomorrow. Good luck at the tables Blink

In the short time that you have been posting on this forum, LooseKiddie, you have certainly made your presence felt! Lots of interesting posts and anecdotes, all while trying to battle the microstakes donks. Best of luck and keep posting. Thumbs Up

Well, it's a win-win situation Smile It's good for me, it's good for forum & users, so why don't post? Everyone should do it! Okey, now let's get to blog part of this post.

I'm 99% sure that I won't play on PS for some time. After amazing Friday I've taken a hell of a beating today and yesterday going down to just a few BI for NL2. Well, that what happens when you start with 10BI, isn't it? Tongue Sometimes I've had over 20BI, but variance is a b**h Smile I've also played a few sats to sunday majors, but faild to win ticket (twice busted on bubble [once in sat to Storm, once to Million], once just before bubble [Storm sat]). It would be great to win SM sat, probably I would unregister to have T$ (as it wasn't "special" sat just to todays events), I would probably also do so if I'd won Storm sat, but I would consider playing Storm too Smile

On FTP I've had two veeeeeery good sessions Big Smile Good bless variance (lol, didn't I said something bad about variance earlier? :o). After booooooring sessions without no action today I've won like 7BI Smile I've played once 4 tables (morning, along with 3 PS tables) and just finished 7 tables session just on FTP (70 mins, 5.5BI profit Tongue). Nothing to talk about, just AWESOME session. I hope to have more sessions like that Smile

Good luck at the tables!

Oh, I've almost forgotten that I've played one BRM freeroll. Damn those freeroll players Big Smile But even with their brainless style I've managed to finish like ~280 (busted 77 vs. AJ). I think I'll consider playing more of them along with cash tables, because I've almost haven't paid attention to that little table in lower right hand side (I'm playing cascade at cash).

Another 7 tables session on FTP, this time I've lost a little bit over 1BI (137.5bbs I think), with the biggest losing hand just a few hands before I've finished my session: -115bbs, my set of queens lost vs. opponents set of kings. Pretty standard session, few mistakes, again action when I've been dealt monsters was very poor ;s

Also I've played another BRM freeroll (perhaps I'm still "playing", because I've had to sit out and close Full Tilt clinet), I've had pretty good stack when I was leaveing (25th or something like this with over 300 players left, about ~17k in chips).

Edited by LooseKiddie (06 June 2011 @ 18:26 GMT)

Okey, I don't have much updates, but I've finished 35th in BRM freeroll that I mentioned in previous post (also there is a new update, so check it out). I'll play less poker for about a week, but I'll try to play few sessions over the weekend.

I've had short break from poker due to lack of time, today I've played one session, 899 hands and small profit of 0.5BI, EV says I should win just a little bit more, but when I take a look at few hands I'm sure I should be like -2 or -3 BI Tongue The biggest win was very lucky. I've overplayed my AK vs. two tight opponents & I was all in with air on turn, but the river came A and they had QQ & JJ so I've took down two stacks. Second win was again my "reading" power, lol.

I've raised PF with TT, got 1 call. Flop came J63 and I've decided to check, opponent checks behind. Turn is 6 and I check, another check behind. River comes J, I check, opponent put's whole stack ($1.5) into the pot of... $0.36. Instant call and he mucks Q9o. I love donks, I love donks! Smile

God bless donks! Good luck at the tables!

Posted by mahdrof:
Hey LooseKiddie! You have become an active member of the forum since you joined, so I will definitely follow your blog. I find having a blog is good because it forces you to reflect on what you have been doing, and nobody wants to go busto! Don't worry about your English, it is actually quite good, and I have noticed a few forum members whose level of English has improved noticeably since they started posting.

Determining what to play is up to you, if you are better at cash table stick to that, or SNG if that is your thing. Just use good bankroll management. GL!

^^ he said it all in that post for me Smile but i think if you really want to get points cheaply/quickly then a cash table would be the best while you can not occur to much rake, unfortunately for me though, im a horrible cash game player, so i just play MTT's but good luck on your poker and may your draws always be live!! =D

I've had my longest session on FTP so far - 131.2 minutes. This time I've started with 8 tables, no 7, and somewhere in the middle of my session I've added 9th and didn't had any problems so I think I'll play 9 tables from now on. Yesterday playing 107 minutes I've been dealt 899 hands, today it was 1403 hands which is also the biggest amount of hands in one day.

But let's cut to the chase - results. Pretty good I'd say. 3BI profit with EV just ~30bbs lower. It would be better if I wouldn't make one or two stupid all ins (and what is even worse - I was completely awere that it was stupid) it would be almost 5BI I think. I think I'll post some graph after 30k hands or even more, 7k is a little bit low sample, now with 9 tables I could make 7k during about 5 sessions, so 2 or 3 days.

I don't think I'll play tomorrow, because on Tuesday I have my driving licence exam, so I need to focus on that. But when I'll pass it (wish me luck Tongue) then I think I'll have a session or two on Tuesday Smile I'll need to earn money for a car, lol Big Smile

Good luck at the tables!

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