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Well, I think I won't write too much. Today I've passed my driving licence exam, so I sat down to the tables in quite good mood Smile I've started with 10 tables, then for the last 30-40mins I've added 11th. I've earned $3.25, but if I wouldn't play some weird hands it would be like 3BI profit Tongue

Also I didn't really had any action or good card for like 70% of my session. For like over 800 hands I wasn't over 0 mark even for a while. I was losing, sometimes over 2BI. But then few hands helped me to show some profit Blink Also I've been involved in my biggest pot so far - stunning $10.61 Tongue in heads up ($0.7 rake Big Smile) and I won it Blink

Maybe tomorrow or later I'll post some hands. Good luck at the tables.

congrats on passing driving license, now you have to buy a car Tongue
and nice to know you are doing good, lookin forward to some interesting hands including the 10$ one

I haven't posted for a few days, but now I'll do an update Blink

Yesterday I've had pretty bad session, lost 3.5 BI, so about $7 in 1216 hands. The session once again was pretty bad, I made some mistakes & once again stupid shoves/calls. After about 1.1k hands I was losing just a little bit over $1, but then after few hands I was down $7. Now I'll post $10 pot hand, which was my biggest pot so far.

Seat 1: Sonovi ($0.85)
Seat 2: mcasper72 ($2.81)
Seat 3: fulltiltforeve1 ($2.64)
Seat 4: Guzel1974 ($3.80)
Seat 5: LooseKiddie ($5.28)
Seat 6: Striped H ($6.07)
Seat 7: XinnIvan ($4.55)
Seat 8: strangerok ($0), is sitting out
Seat 9: Hindelooper ($2.07)
XinnIvan posts the small blind of $0.01
Hindelooper posts the big blind of $0.02
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to LooseKiddie 7 of spades 7 of clubs
Sonovi folds
mcasper72 folds
fulltiltforeve1 calls $0.02
Guzel1974 folds
LooseKiddie calls $0.02
Striped H raises to $0.10
XinnIvan folds
Hindelooper folds
fulltiltforeve1 folds
LooseKiddie calls $0.08
*** FLOP *** 9 of clubs Jack of hearts 7 of diamonds
LooseKiddie checks
Striped H bets $0.15
LooseKiddie calls $0.15
*** TURN *** 9 of clubs Jack of hearts 7 of diamonds 6 of clubs
LooseKiddie checks
Striped H bets $0.40
LooseKiddie raises to $1.20
Striped H raises to $5.82, and is all in
LooseKiddie calls $3.83, and is all in
Striped H shows Jack of clubs Ace of hearts
LooseKiddie shows 7 of spades 7 of clubs
Uncalled bet of $0.79 returned to Striped H
*** RIVER *** 9 of clubs Jack of hearts 7 of diamonds 6 of clubs 4 of spades
Striped H shows a pair of Jacks
LooseKiddie shows three of a kind, Sevens
LooseKiddie wins the pot ($9.91) with three of a kind, Sevens
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $10.61 | Rake $0.70

I've just check/called flop, because I was almost sure he will fold to a raise and also the flop wasn't in his range at all, only higher set, perhaps top pair and overpair, so I think it wasn't played bad Blink Also now I noticed this was the only high pot that I won in that session, because 2nd highest was... $0.13 (I won $0.13, so the pot was about $0.28-$0.30) and I've had over $3 profit after the session Smile

I've had another session today, once again 10 tables. In 90 minutes I've played 1097 hands and had a porfit of $5.42, so it was quite good session. I've had a lot of monsters (I think 7x aces and 5x kings) so it helped me a lot, but well... I've earned it after such a bad session when I've lost about $7 Tongue

Anyway I don't have any interesting hands to post right now, perhaps tomorrow after another session or two I'll post something Blink

Liverpool???have a word,,UNITED all the way Blink MAN.UTD that tick the boxes and then say Liverpool!!!!OK bud your English is good and your doing the right thing....keep at it and stop supporting LFC... Big Smile Big Smile good luck bud and stay cool...

My last session was a total disaster, I've lost almost 4BI... I'll analyse it later to see if I played it that bad or it was just my "luck". Now I'm lil' bit pissed off and back to the point where I started this whole sh*t and later I'll play another session and tomorrow I'll tell you what I've learned from my previous session and this todays one.

Wish me luck Smile

Full Tilt is down and so am I Sad I've had 100% of my roll there. Well, it was just a little bit over $50, but still... Now I'm trying to build a roll on PokerStars. I've 119FPP left now, I've had 149 but I've played $0.5k and $1k tournaments for 10 and 20 FPP trying to win something.

And I won. 96th place in $0.5k and 30th place in $1k for a total, STUNNING $2.95 Cool Not bad start, I hope I'll win more in the future. I'll also play standard freerolls, for example facebook and others. I've promised myself that I won't play at NL2 until I'll have at least 10 BI.

So wish me luck building a new roll - and if you win big then send me something xD. Well, that's a joke Big Smile Just wish me luck!

Okey, this post won't be about my game, but about my plans after Full Tilt is down. Earlier on I've played something that is called big stack strategy (or BSS). Now I've got my bankroll on Everest Poker but the micros there are only from NL10 and I think I'll start playing NL10 with SSS (small stack strategy). I hope that I'll make an update on my game tomorrow, but only if I'll find time for poker, because for past few days it was very hard Blink

GL all!

Btw, check out some SrslySirius' videos on youtube (his nickname on YT is MrSrslySirius) if you haven't Smile

Thought you had begun to build a roll on Pokerstars - what about that ?
Why are you now playing at Everest ?
Is there any soecial reason for this ?
Just curious, because Iam also looking for a new site besites PartyPoker.

Well, I have $3 on Stars and now I've got an e-mail from site that I can't mention here by name, that they can help me after recent FTP failure with $50 no deposit bonus on Everest and that's why Blink

So I've started to learn how to play NL SH and that's what I'm gonna play on Everest. First session was break even (actually -$.05), I've played like ~85mins on two tables to see how the software works etc, so most of the time I wasn't 100% focused on game, but also tried to change some options and see what happens - boring stuff Tongue

Second sessions proved me, that NL2 SH on Everest is FUUUUULLLLLLLLLL of donks - and I love it! I've played 4 tables and during like 390 hands (about 1.5 hour of playing once again) I've won over $5 Smile I don't know how good/bad players are on mid stakes at Everest, but if theye are THAT bad on micros then I guess it would be very profitable to play there Smile I think I won't play more than 4 tables because their software is sooooo bad Aww crap! In few hands I've didn't even noticed that it's my turn to act, but it happened only with some trash hands, so that's not that bad, but if it will happen with aces or kings some time... well, I hope it won't! Today I'll play like 2 or 3 session if I'll have time.


I'd like to play at least on NL10 before the end of the month - I think it's very possible if I'll keep on learning and playing against so bad players Smile I think I'll move up to the NL5 with 20BI (so with $100) and to NL10 with 25BI (so $250). Wish me luck in reaching my goal and GL to all of you! Big Smile

Well if you can make it to NL 10 by end of this month, I guess that would be nearly perfect.
Starting with $ 50 and reaching $250 within one month would be great in my opinion.
I started at PartyPoker at the end of Februar this year (in addition this was my start with online Poker) with a free $50.
Yesterday evening my account status was somewhat around $249, so it took me around 4 month.
But I am pretty satisfied with that.
GL to you.

I'm after very odd session. I've played over 600 hands on 4 tables and I was very fast like +$2/3, but then I was losing for a long time, sometimes even up to $5. Every fish was catching something. EVERY. Theye were limping or coldcalling aces pre flop... I was alomost praying for monster hands and then I've had quite good run and finished session with profit over $2 Tongue

I've made some mistakes when I was almost on tilt, but overally I haven't played different than yesterday, just math screwed me and my 80-20 hands were 50-50 today Big Smile

Think im starting on everest in the next two days... might see you around Blink

Well, you should do so, but I'll be honest with you - if you want to start playing SH NL2 on Everest then you might have some problems in seeing me around in two days, lol.

I'm after my first session today and after playing 456 hands in 90 minutes I've won $10.75. I LOVE DONKS ON EVEREST Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile After small sample of 2.1k hands I'm running on 53.08 bb/100 Cool

I'll play my 2nd in like ~20 mins, I've had 1 hour break and I'm back to winning money from donkeys Big Smile

you are doing really well mate. i would like to learn alot from you cause you are really talented. so much interesting has happened to you. i wish good luck to you at the tables and keep on going mate. cheers

Posted by tormulainen:
you are doing really well mate. i would like to learn alot from you cause you are really talented. so much interesting has happened to you. i wish good luck to you at the tables and keep on going mate. cheers

Thanks Big Smile

Another update, from yesteday's 2nd session - I finally lost a little bit over $4, but thanks to the 1st session the day was +$6 Blink I think I've played well, just ran into some weird spots (e.g. guy with 35s on a board of 246 vs. my pocket sixes) with +EV. The good thing is that my mindset is doing quite well Smile Today I've planned to play at least one session in the morning, but I'll name this day as a "errors day", because I've had to fix a few errors on my parents notebook (which took me ~2 hours to do) & had also some problems with my PC.

I'm not sure if I'll play today (I've planned to play at least 2 sessions Aww crap!). I'm in good mood after all, but I'm lil' bit tired, so I'll consider NOT playing today, maybe I'll just analyse my whole hand history from Everest, that sounds like an good idea Smile If I'll find some interesting hands I'll post 'em Smile

GL to all Mobsters who actually will play today Big Smile

Well, it seems that Mr. Downswing is in the house Big Smile I've had another losing session, this time about $3.08. I lost one or even a little bit over one buy in with KK vs. AA vs. 88 so that was just bad luck that I ran into aces with kings, but still it leaves -$1. I've played pretty much same as earlier. I need to c-bet less vs. few donks, I've made notes on those who don't respect my bets. Example:

I've had JJ and the board came 5 of clubs 8 of clubs Ace of clubs. My jacks were both red so I've had no flush draw, but against fish playing 80/30 I was pretty sure he will call me with any flush draw or a lot of trash hands. So I bet flop, I bet turn, and I bet river. The cards on the turn and river were 4 of spades and 7 of diamonds and what he showed? 47s (no clubs obv, he had two pair) Aww crap! So I've had some weird hands, but my mindset wasn't doing that well. Yesterday I was just laughing when I played AK vs. QT on the board xxA and the turn and river were Q and T. Today I was pretty much on tilt at the end of session.

Oh, and as for my Everest hand history analyse... well, I was to lazy to do it Tongue Maybe next time Big Smile

Today after 544 I've won $3.18, I'm quite happy Blink But it's interesting how I lost 3 biggest pots today... (every single one was more than -98.5bb...)

KK vs. 27s (flop 627) - what an idiot calls pf with 27? Aww crap!
KTo vs. 53s (A-high straight vs. flush on the river - pretty obvious Big Smile)
QQ vs. 8h6h (JsJh9h 8d and.... 3h!!! Of course it was heart!)

So I should be like +$6-7, not $3. But it's still a profit Big Smile

Here comes the update: 2 sessions in 1 post Cool


Sooo... I'll post my graph from this session, but once again - as in previous session - I lost in some SICK hands. I won't post them, just write what it was like:

1) I hold ATo, openraise and get called. The flop is T52 rainbow, so vs. fish I c-bet here for value 100% of time. The turn is some low card with possible flushdraw on river. I bet - for value and for protection. He calls, then I bet again and the river is 9 completing the flush draw. After few second I bet about 1/2 of the pot. He calls me and shows 86s with a 9-high flush Smile
2) J8 from the big blind, one limper from the BTN so I check. The flop is amazing J86. So I bet, get raised and I 3-bet shove. He calls and shows QQ, I'm happy that I've won another big pot. Turn is 7. River is... 7 for his better two pairs Big Smile
3) Next pot against fish - we go all in pre flop, he was so weak that I did it with KT and it was good shove, as he had QJo. I was ahead with my K-high until the river, which was... queen! Of course it was queen Big Smile

Those were few of pots that I should've win. But let's talk about results... or perhaps I won't talk about results Tongue Okey, I will. That's why I'm bloggin' here, isn't it? Big Smile

I've plated 869 hands (way too much, but the graph will show you why... Big Smile) and lost $2.33. Now you should look at the f'n graph Big Smile


84.5 minutes - standard session time. 463 hands and SWEET profit of $11.17 Big Smile You can't write too much about that kind of session - it was just my A-game Smile I haven't won more than 87bbs, but I've won seven 50bb+ pots (well, pots were 100bb+, but I've won 50bb, you know what I mean) plus few smaller ones. My biggest loss was 52.5bb with KK - my opponent went all in with J9 on the board Jxx and the turn was 9. Just perfect session - well, not perfect, but at least VERY GOOD one Big Smile

Attached ImagesSICK GRAPH.bmp

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