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After Black Friday and the consequences for online poker players the U.S., many were those who were left wondering what the next step. In an interview with Barney Frank, Congressman responsible for several bills in favor of online gambling said that while he agreed that it was not easy to know what came next, had some advice for poker players.

For Frank, the events of Black Friday will go to benefit the efforts to legalize online poker since it shows that the UIGEA is being effectively implemented, contrary to some opponents of legalization have argued that the UIGEA would not be fulfilled.

Moreover, the extensive research behind the Black Friday show that the regulation of UIGEA is to "break even" legal remedies, especially in the Southern District of New York, where one would expect that white-collar crime were the focus.

Frank also complained that banks have to bear the extra weight of their regular customers, in light of the UIGEA, and their associated cost. One thing that makes the Congressman is surprised that so many of his colleagues show so enthusiastically in favor of limiting government involvement in the economy and at the same time, allow so easily that the freedom of people online is controlled, to strictly prohibit the online poker. Frank still doubt the constitutionality of the prohibition of online gambling, since the United States allow some forms of gambling and prohibit others. You can bet on horse races, just go to Nevada or New Jersey, but you can not play in their own homes by foreign companies.

For online poker players who feel wronged, Frank advised to write to Senators and Representatives, expressing their opinions about the game online and mentioning that it is a decisive factor that will influence their votes in upcoming elections. Frank stresses that people underestimate the power they have with their representatives and how the cards can influence decisions. Believes that the battle in favor of legallização game can still be won, but it is necessary that all stakeholders show their opinion.

Good old Barney, if it was not for him the US would have lost poker a long time ago, I guess all you US people should do as he says, get writting.

In most cases I consider Barney frank a POS but this one gains him some favor with me.

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