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gunna stake if allowed admin??????  +1   
hi guys, not 1 for posting alot but do pop on and read posts and evrynow and then play a freeroll
hope staking is allowed on here if not i do apologise admin and remove ty....anyway im gunna stake 2 players for $5-00 each to play sngoes on doing this as like i say i come on here peridically read the post s, play a freebie evrynow and then ...and enjoy the forum, enjoy the read and enjoy the freerolls....this is just my way ov giving a little back to them who may need it most...plaease leave ya fulltilt username and why i shud stake dont have to be the best player in the world ...just leave ya reason ...ill pick 2 when i get back from shopping with the the way the all i want back is my stake money....if you treble up then plzz send back to me my stake......not doing this to make a NOT CALLED budgie111 on fulltilt called denzil41 ( which i must rectify with admin down as denzil_41...cocked up dint i)...well shopping i must go prob be back in 2 hours from this post being posted ...sorry if you read it later and miss the all on the table Blink

Hi budgie..............

My full tilt poker name is spurs4everagain. Obvious reasons. I play mostly freerolls because when I first played on FTP I thought I knew whaat I was doing.................wrong. I did a lot of money in two weeks, but now have realised my error and am trying to increase my experience and knowledge, which bankrollmob has been extremely helpful.

Anyway $5.00 would be helpful and I would use it to play one sng and then use my winning to try and satelite to the mimtops events going on at mo.

I would happily return your stake and give you 10% of my winnings on the minitops event if I qualify.

GL to you all wherever you play.....................

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Edited by MarcWinz (13 May 2011 @ 12:35 GMT)

Aww crap! What a nice gesture of you m8. What a luck that i am actually awake right now and my FullTilt account is empty! Blink How is that for a reason?

See you in this forum i hope.

Kind regards, baffaert Big Smile (ft username : assisnasty)

you can give what ever you want on here ,
your money even your mob points but its all at your own risk,
i wish you and the persons you pick good luck Smile

nice offer from you budgie. I wish you and the two other players luck for this hope they can build a good bankroll with the 5$. And good luck for all the others and a great weekend.
Btw Maybe the players post when they make profit and when u get the money back

   0 back from shopping promised im gunna stake 2 ppl for $5-00...notalot i know ..but ya never know...only 2 have applied so the 2 are...spurs4everagain...and...assisnasty..i noticed you replied that you was gunna play 1 sit n go..( spurs4ever)....if i could ask the both of you to play 2 sngoes say for say $2-00 a peice or maybe some 36 man sngoes for $1-00 or $2-00...watever you decide could you post wat you decide and also post any to you both...and like i said i dont want any profit from it...if you do show a double up or more ...just send the stake back...and gl once again....time is now 15-25pm uk sending now

ok both sent gl

Hi budgie

Many thanks for th 5$

I am going to enter a 5% sng and win it and return it to and the 10% of my MiniFTOPS win.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

very nice offer from you budgie and dont worry its not against rules as long as you dont mention personal contact details.
hope you pick the right person and he/she makes good use of it. gl Smile

Hey Budgie,

This is really very kind of you. Iwill keep you posted on the results.

I'll try my best.

Kind regards, baffaert

hi budgie nice from you helping a little Thumbs Up so if there left any my ftp name is kutruk Smile so wish you luck on the tabels and hope we all will win one day a big big pot Tongue Heart

People are strange, nice but strange.

Big Smile Heart

Nice mate, that is really nice Blink I wont apply for stake since Im sure tere are players who need it more then me Cool But please choose someone from some poor country Blink

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