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Ok, I believe most of you know my opinion on rivers and bad beats, if you don´t, basically I believe that most of the times it´s just simply BAD PLAYING instead of BAD BEAT.

But let me tell you something, and it´s not because I´ve been losing, actually I put some money into Titan and already made withdraw request after clearing up the bonus just on the first day, but TITAN POKER has the WORSE RIVER in all sites. It is ridiculous!

It didn´t just happen to me, but everyone at least 5 times every 5 minutes. The best example of this is in their JACKPOT SIT N GOS.

Titan promises jackpots as high as $50,000 for whoever wins the sit n go 6 consecutive times and so on. Different buy-ins, different jackpots. Guess what, the river really puts a twist on things... chipleaders become nothing in matters of seconds. If you ever get the chance, see it for yourself.

Typical case for using that word "sick". But it seems more like "disgusting".

the worst site for bad beats on the river i have found is ladbrokes, the thing is ridiculous, 7 times out 10 the best hand loses on the river and people call all the way cause they know it will hit, as you said fodz its sick!!! Aww crap!

Once again in a Titan SNG, KK losing to 10 10 on river. KK losing to A4 to third 4 on river. AA losing to J10 2 pairs on river. The same guy beat everyone else. Sick, disgusting, terrible to see a player like that winning purely on coin toss dumb luck. Some say this is what makes the game of poker interesting, some say this is pathetic and players like these should lose their homes and wives for playing so bad!

I got 88 today and opponent got 33.... he got 4 spades sick!
I hate that network !!!

Have you checked Full Tilt recently, and Poker stars is not called River Stars for nothing, and yes Titan is ... Titan.

Titan (Ipokernetwork at all) is my lovelyst site, I think the biggest bad beat site is partypoker(they like to give out high cards, just like in this video: ), 2nd fulltilt and on third place pacific/888

I have tried a few rooms and i dont think the site have nothing to do with this, it has to be the player who call with nothing.there is so many bad players that dont even know theyre playing very bad,and i notice it happends motly on low stakes table so i think you guys wont never find a good a good room except small and unpopular ones and in higher stakes game.

Posted by piyere:
there is so many bad players that dont even know theyre playing very bad

They are great high stake players who lose to bad players because bad players call with nothing and hit miracle 2 outers on river, or runner runner miracles to take enourmous pots.

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