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Viktor Blom won $364k last week

Another week of high stakes action is now in the books. Gus Hansen and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom ended up being the 2 biggest winners at Full Tilt and PokerStars nosebleed tables. It was well-needed win for the Team PokerStars Pro Viktor Blom who managed to reduce his loses this year to "only" $100,000. Gus Hansen, the Danish Full Tilt Pro, increased his lead on the yearly leaderboard. In total Gus[...]   Read more » Viktor Blom won $364k last week

Viktor Blom won $364k last week  0   
With such aggressive style of playing and when you play many heads up the variance is big as hell, so it's indeed only -100k, one session could change it and of course one session could make it -300 or -500k Smile I wish I could some day have a weekly income of 1% of their winnings Smile

As you say, it is only a single session og good poker play to get those money back.. But again.. Some bad runs could aswell make it worse yet again Smile And 3rd most profitable last week seems nice though Big Smile

But.. As a danish player I have to point out Gus Hansen ;D

He is a awesome poker player and he is now at the top of his poker career, so we will being a lot of him in big tournaments.

Not being a smartass but I honestly don't care what Isilidur wins no more then he cares what I win. What matters to me is what is in my BR. Tongue

isildur needed a win after those losing sessions and he has recovered a big part of his money he lost this year, though still 100k to go. lets see how long does his winning run continues

Today he played another session against gavin gavz101 cochrane on a 6 table pot limit omaha game. At the end of the session viktor booked a 91.000 dollars profit, and today overall he is 144.000 dollars up. Still as you all know Blom is known to have some great sessions and then lose it all in a day or so.
He said in a interview he now studies a lot more poker, lets hope one of those things were bankroll management.
On the other hand big congratulations to Gus Hansen , he is trully a great player nowadays. Too bad the United States high stakes regulars can't hit the nosebleed tables on Full tilit poker and pokerstars.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Viktor Blom won $364k last week

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