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Who will win the CL

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Who will win the CL???  0   
I think it will be Barçalona. They playing football from an other planet and for me the big favorite to win it.

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Of course it will be MANCHESTER UNITED - I'll be surprised if we even see Barcelona getting attempts on goal in that match. Easy victory for Man Utd. No question about it.


Posted by Administrator:
Easy victory for Man Utd. No question about it.


i wonder if manchester ever gets in the near to touch the ball Tongue

i hope the one who plays offensive football wins - barcelona !

definalty barca

Barcelona will win. 3-0 or 2-0. Smile

I agree that Man. United have a better goalkeeper. Blink

Barca will do it.. i don't think ManU will have any chance to win this match

As a lifelong ManUtd supporter I'm rooting for a United win, Barca are favourites I can not deny that but I trust Sir Alex Ferguson, he has done the impossible before and he will do it again. Come on United!

I think the safe money is on Barcelona, but with MU form I guess they can do it, will be a very exciting game or a compleat bore.
Think I might put a £10 on the mancs to win tho..

its got to be barcelona for me,i reckon it will be pretty close but barca to shave it 2-1 Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Big Smile

Two years ago it was a quite onesided game. In the semis this year both teams were impressive. I guess a lot will depend on the ref and how he judges challenges and dives.

Barcellona is the stronger football team of all the time. Smile Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, wow simply fantastic. i think that Barca win 3-1. Blink

Posted by shokaku:
.. a lot will depend on the ref and how he judges challenges and dives.


I am a Real Madrid Fan, but honestly Barcelona will win this Champions League Final, they are very cohesive playing soccer team, they are the best of the best. Cool

This year it will be Barcelona, they are playing the best football i've seen any team
play for a long time. But i don't think it will be as easy as many seem to think, MU
has a very strong team(as usual), and it will be very close. I expect a great match
with the footballfans(i'm a huge football-fan) as the 'winner' Worship

my heart says manu to win
but my head and my hard earnt money say barçalona to win

I wouls say Barcelona but this is a really hard decision to take considering Manchester United also plays pretty good from what i know.
By the way here is a good analysis of this moment in which each team is:
"The 2011 Champions League Final between FC Barcelona and Manchester United on May, 28 is a dream come tue for most soccer fans around the world.

Manchester United, led by Wayne Rooney, has one of the most potent defenses in all of soccer, it's how they got into the Champions League final game. Its opponent, FC Barcelona, is led by Lionel Messi and a dazzling offense that has not had too much problem scoring goals when it counts has struggled of late but should be able to turn their offense back on high.

This year's Champions League final will be a close game, but I pick FC Barcelona to come out on top for five distinct reasons.

Lionel Messi: Being the world's best attacker is reason enough to swing the favor FC Barcelona's way, but the way Messi has been playing, scoring 52 goals in competition games this season, 11 goals alone scored in Champions League games, he has become unstoppable. Plus, I like the way Messi carries himself in interviews and talks about scoring important goals, which will surely be needed for FC Barcelona to get past Manchester United's taunt defense.

Passing: Great soccer comes from great passing, and nobody does it better than FC Barcelona, its passing game is legendary, even the most prolific scorer Messi has over 20 assists this year. Barcelona's midfielders, such as Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez, create dazzling passes that always find their target and leave opponents looking like amateurs. Nobody does passing better than Barcelona. If Manchester United comes out flat like it did in the 2009 Champions League final versus Barcelona and allow any openings to a streaking attacker, Barcelona's passing game will surely make Manchester United pay for it.

Wayne Rooney: While Manchester United gets a lot of credit for defense, FC Barcelona is not too shabby themselves, and if Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney is kept in check by his poor play of late or by the Barcelona's defenders, led by defensive veteran Carles Puyol, the game should swing in Barcelona's favor.

Cast of Many: Even though Lionel Messi outshines his teammates with his appetite for goals, goals could come from a number of places on this Barcelona team. Especially if Manchester United can't keep the fantastic passing by Barcelona in check, or if David Villa starts producing for Barcelona like he could.

Mental Demons: While Manchester United is a strong and proud team, losing to Barcelona in the 2009 Champions League final may creep back in the minds of the Manchester players, especially if they get behind early, which will make them quick work for this Barcelona team."

it`s just a replay of 2 years ago when Barca crushed Man U also in CL
also this Barca is world champ with spain, and the attack power of players like Iniesta and Messi is no where else! then there defender Puyol his skills are also unbelieveble. So on paper it looks like 2-0 3-0 maybe. BUT Man U ofc hase 1 person who can stop them VAN DER SAR ! if he hase his day and stop all what will come maybe Man U can make a goal in a counter

MU will win no doubt coz MU is no.1 !!! Heart Heart Heart

Barcelona will win, but ill still cheer for manchester Smile

Posted by B1gfoot:
, will be a very exciting game or a compleat bore.

lol you really put your head on the line with this statement B1gfoot Big Smile like your flipping a coin and saying its going to be heads or tales

i hope man u win but they prob wont but you never know hope its not as bad as the last one i lost some bucks on that Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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