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I know many people start playing online poker with a no deposit free bonus like the ones bankrollmob offer. Others deposit a small amount to try it out. In both cases, I believe people either try to climb little by little, which is recommended through an accurate bankroll management, or they risk it; all or nothing.

My questions is, how much would you be happy with? Ok, let me rephrase the question: How much would you need to have in your bankroll in order to play and NOT worry about going broke or losing many sessions?

I know anyone can say like, $50,000 - $1mil, but let´s be honest and go with a more practical number, ok?

I would say like $1500.

It's suitable for my limit.


I love to play .50/$1 nl and that would be the best br I can think of having and not worrying about a couple losing sessions

I play sit and gos so no cash game. If I had $100 or if I had 5k in my poker account, I'd probably play the same limits I do now. I play what I feel comfortable at and when I feel it is right to increase level than I do.

im not a greedy person so i would say about $200/$300 would be enough to sustain my poker play and enough tournements to maybe make enough to cashout. I dont bother cashing out until i have say $1k as im from the uk and thats like £500 so anything less wouldnt be worth it he he

I think that something about $500 to $700 would be enough for me to make enough money worth playing every month. lets say i double it up every month by playing it slow not some fancy all in hands, limit games. And as i watch my play it seems that if everything is average i must make some 1/3 of the time around $30 a day, so i can have comfort playing rest of the month 1/3 some 25% more than buyin, and 1/3 losing money. But as i said Tilting is my worst enemy, i get up bankroll as planned and then tilt... you know the story.

I think around 100K $ but perhaps we should be talking Euro since I can't edit the post tomorrow and the $ is only half value tomorrow Smile Hehe no it's a tuff question cause it depends on what level you wonna play. Right now my plan is to build a litle bit more untill I got 4K I think thats a steady roll for NL200 where im staying for a while. So when I reach 4K$ winnings will be pocket money Smile Untill then no money from poker to me. I normally go by the rule that you need 20 BI's at the level you play (5%) of total roll).

EDIT: My goal is to become a regular at 5-10 (NL1000) (20K bankroll needed) but I don't belong there....yet Smile so I think 100K would give me a litle extra so I had some "learning/adapting-money" Big Smile

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