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My 1st Scheduled MTT Cash! X-D  +1   
After a few handfuls of unsuccessful attempts at (scheduled) MTT's (excluding the FPP freerolls on PolkaStarz, where I have cashed for pocket change, maybe $3 or $4 total over 15 cashes in like 60 attempts lol), I finally had a breakthrough yesterday and converted some of my PlayersOnly No-Deposit Bonus points into cold hard cash Dollar Dollar Dollar! Cool

It was a $3 + $.30 Rebuys/Add-On that I had a damn good feeling about (I just woke up and was feeling like I would play my A-Game . . . as I usually am when playing with NDB credits Big Smile). Feels great . . . Merge traffic has exploded since Black Friday, and, being a United States citizen, it's one of the few refuges I have to get my online poker fix. I am totally relapsing from not being able to play Rush on Fu11Ti1t, and Big Bet closing back at the end of January Sad, but, Merge seems soft as ever, or maybe even more. I haven't hit the cash game tables on Merge since BB closed, but I'm gonna give it a shot with the lil' bit of gwap I have now, then go back to MTT grinding so I can hopefully cash out before the fascism-inspired shutdown spreads to PlayersOnly! Shock

Big shout outz 2 BankrollMob! Blink

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Very nice, great job Smile

Grats to you, very well done. Keep it going like this and be careful with your Bankrollmanagement.
Its not a huge Bankroll so choose your limits at cashgame tables accordingly.
GL to you.

well done winning that much from your points bonus, mtts have a lot of variance so sometimes you have to wait to win those $$
hope you can win more from your points and have decent amount to start grinding Blink

You must have played very well to go so far in a rebuy, considering you can't rebuy with the PO points ! I take it you had 1BI only ??

Congrats man, gl with the Dollar Dollar Dollar

Big congratulations on your win! Since i discovered rush poker on full tilt poker i only play no limit holdem rush poker, you can win money fast and also you can play a huge volume of hands, and as you all know variance is killed by volume.
It must be really hard to come back to the regulars game being a rush poker player back on full tilt poker, and even harder to play tournaments or sit and go, where you need a lot of patience in order to win the poker dollars. Since rush was invented by full tilt poker i don't think you'll ever have the chance the enjoy the fast rush games again only if someday full tilt poker will allow poker players back to their tables.
On what limits you've played rush poker at full tilt poker?

Congratulations with your win, grinding is hard work but it pays on the long run. I liked to play rush poker, but I lost my entire bankroll playing rush poker.

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