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I had to format the hard drive and do a clean install of windows on my computer.
The result of course is that everything works fine ( at least for now) Smile ,
but ive lost all the notes on players i had .
Is there a way to copy such notes and then paste them to the new installation?

Do you mean the notes were on the previous format on the same HDD ? It can be very difficult.. If you done a "quick" format you can recover lost volumes if you download recovery software.. Once you done that you would need to find where the player notes were installed - and just copy them across.

Of course, the more data that goes back on your HDD - the more chance you have of over-writing the data you're looking for.

Were you just keeping notes independently on your own using a text file or excel like spreadsheet? Or were you using the poker software/ some sort of tracker to keep track? If it was a file that you can grab than I recommend trying Recuva, it's free and works extremely well, it's a windows program though I think.

Good luck.

pretty hard to get them back now, only way is like jess said thru a recovery software but high chances they been overwritten by new installation.
i had lots of hard disk crashes and recovered most of the data using 'recovermyfiles' software, its not free though
in future save a backup of note files on email account/another disc to avoid same problem

1.Do NOT install any program or something like that!
2.You need GetdataBack for Ntfs...Registered /Full/(It is not free),but.....
3.You have to run the software from another HD
4.You should search for "xml" document containing your FT ID account(don't know how to upload screenshot Confused ) and replace

Apoligies if this post is forum rules violation!

Sorry to hear but the problem can be pretty serious, i mean you could lost all the user notes for good. Still there are some ways you could recover the lost data, in your case the lost user player notes you had saved on your hard disk.
The answer is of course a data recovery progrm which usually isn't free but i'm sure you can find on the internet too to download, or you could go to a specialised person which can certainly do this for you. However you need to take in consideration that not always you can recover the lost data, most of the times it was succesuful though.
And yes, you need another pc or laptop to do this data recovery. I always asked a programer friend to this this when something similar happend to me. Good luck! Smile

well that is bad news, I have a lot of player notes on PS, so if I would lose that information I would be very disappointed and mad at myself.

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