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massive down swing n board of poker  0   
ive been playing poker now for well over 10 years and i carnt remember a down swing like what am going through now bad beats after bad beats, lost a few rolls on different sites
deposited and loss some more yes ive been using bannkroll management,
for the past 2 months my poker game and bankroll has gone down hill,
it all started when i joined pokerstars,
as you all know different site have different playing styles,
i noticed on pokerstars your c bet doesnt work as much as it does on ipoker network and full tilt
what i mean when you hit your top kicker bet out first they dont believe you and call you bet,
even thou they havnt hit owt on the flop and in the end they beat you on the river ,
varience your thinking but this happens alot lot there the amount of time ive hit the nuts on the flop and failed to win the hand there is unbelievable,
the amount of time the river kills your hand on pokerstars is a joke its the worst site to do this online
and ive played on nearly every site on line,
i even had to adjust my game cause of this and this was my down fall,
maybe its the program of pokerstars compare to full tilt and ipokernet work cause there programs doesnt do this to as much as stars ,

anyway i started playing the way i did at stars on the ipokernetwork and was getting my ass spanked and not maximising my win percentage too,
also lost faith in my play nothing was going right plenty of badbeats to go with my bad play
going through a bad patch and feeling low about poker,
can you play too much poker?? yes
am i board of the game?? yes
after 10 years of playing online im thinking whats the fooking point,
ive won afew big tourneys and lost afew big rolls, cashed out a few $1k rolls
but lately iv just lost the will to play now, have no target i even had a break for poker came back and it was just the same shhit am not botherd about winning or losing now ive got no target to aim for,
if i play a hand and hit the straight on the flop am expecting now to lose the hand,
you carnt play poker with that mindframe im always looking to the down side of poker and its not fun for me now, maybe im trying to say im finished with playing poker, i dont know??
dont get me wrong i love coming here and watching poker on tv but when i play ive seen it all,
getting trapped by aces when you have kings me trapping them plenty of badbeats,etc
its like watching a old movie over and over again,,,,,,,
blaaaaaaaaaaaaa i even had another of writing this post owt Big Smile
ok i think ive said enough just though il tell you how i feel and what happend to me
see you soon for more posts mobsters Smile

looks like you need another break, no point playing when you dont feel confident or dont wanna playing cos you just gonna end up losing.
downswings are part of poker but its important to realise whats the reason for it bad play or just variance??
maybe you can try getting some sort of coaching to help your game.
gl hope you feel better in few days


Sounds like its time to put the laptop in sleep mode and go out and enjoy the summer Cool

What are you playing?
Have you switched games?
Ahhhh no one ever just loses its always a bad beat!, to me this says bad play or very good play.
"different site have different playing styles," LOL, you know it was around here I gave up then it went in to a rigged sort of feeling, cheer up lad-o the world is not against you, its just yourself.
If you dont want to play dont, if you do want to play but feel your game is wrong drop stakes and experment a little. everyone c-bets nowdays dont get upset when they call, it commen.

Upswings/downswings.. it's all cyclical and part of the game..

you'll come out the other side eventually..

if you don't, you need to take a step back and analyze your game, review stats + hh's etc 'cos something's up...

Poker's constantly evolving and if we don't evolve with it we get left behind. Adapt or die etc..

ye its tough when things run badly .... i know as iv suffered massive beats day after day ... luckily i can usually put them aside and move on ... hardest part is staying focused. But i find being staked helps me as i focus more playing staked money ... so now i put in for a bap or a stake when i run like this and it helps ..... also i play a variety of games as this can kill the boredom factor .... eg now im playing a lot of limit stud h/l mixed stud games and some razz cash .... and have to say really enjoying it and not bad at it at all ... won another small limit stud mtt today cashed it yesterday and showing a profit on my cash play .....
mix it up try new things and start small ..... but in the long run just have to work on how u cope and handle the bad beats as they will always happen ........
anyway off to kick some more ass he he he


My advice would be to take a break from poker, since you are an experimented player it's not the style of your play the problem, but it's possible that a series of bad beats, especially the ones from pokerstars affected you much more than other downswing periods you had so far, so i really think it's a mix of combinations than just one problem.
You def need to take a break from poker and when you decide to join the game again start by reading the strategy and watch some poker videos, they really help you out most of the times. And one more tip from an amatuer like me(compared to your experience), if there is a fish you are playing with try alwayd the overbet the flop if you have top pair and top kicker, especially on pokerstars, it always seems to work, much better than the regular cbet. Blink

Hi Dozn. If I was you I would hang up my poker hands for a while. Why not take 3 months off? Watch a bit of cricket, take in the sun and have a few beers.

You could try to play your way through it but in my opinion that is the road to disaster.

Have some time off and listen/ read about other disasters. Its much more fun.

GL to you whatever you decide to do and GL to all you mobsters........................

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

yeah cheers for all the advise might take a couple of moths offs,
am getting married soon on the 6th of august so ive got that to foward too Smile

awwwwwwwww,, come here mummy give you a big hug,,,xx

Take a braek - as you say you will marry soon, so there is a lot work to do on this.
After few month I guess you refreshed and try to play again yor A-game.
Well and if you can´t win at pokerstars but on other sites, well quit with Stars and play where you win

Take all the money you have reserved for the wedding to the poker tables and double it up ! Thumbs Up

Posted by Davoodoo:
Take all the money you have reserved for the wedding to the poker tables and double it up ! Thumbs Up

Sounds like an idea to me, then when you get wed you will have what you started with.
BTW where are the invites....I best be sat at the top table!

Posted by Davoodoo:
Take all the money you have reserved for the wedding to the poker tables and double it up ! Thumbs Up


best idea in thread IMO

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