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now i,m not 1 for complaining, but last night i was playing in a $5000 game, buyin £10+1, and wen the game started all ov a sudden a box popped up saying i was having internet connection problems. well all my other poker site were working fine, every time i got a good top pair bodog froze after i,d put a big bet in, making it immpossible to play, very fishy if u ask me but just wondering if anybody else had any problems with bodog? very fustrating wen u have a great hand and u,ve just put a massive bet in Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Bodog is Ipoker, isn't it?

I can't see any reason for them to do this on purpose, but it sure sounds frustrating. Ipoker sometimes freezes on my computer, yesterday William Hill worked a little slow, but it never actually froze.

Although, to show you are not alone:
Once, at PKR, I got pocket 7:ns and the software froze. Stood still for maybe 20 seconds, then I could see the flop 77X, and one of the players made a quite big bet... Sad Sad Sad Sad

The worst part was probably that the computer froze like that. I had to look for several minutes at the quads I didn't get. Sad

It still hurts from time to time...

yes it is Ipoker, very fustating wen u put a good bet in to reel them in, knowing full well you,ve got the best hand Aww crap! Aww crap! , but as u,ve been there u,ll know wat i mean. and yeah your right it does bloody hurt!!!! even more so wen it carries on through the full game Aww crap! Aww crap!

Playing over the internet has some problems, consider it like a bad beat and move on.

But yes, it's frustrating

i had a few problems with bodog froze a few times but wasnt too bad.
as thefarseer said consider it a bad beat dont let it annoy u if the problem continues try a differant poker site

yeah i seem 2 be over it now, lol i wont be playing on bodog nomore, cant see the point, might aswell throw my money out the front door Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

the reason poker sites and sometimes specific poker sites often suffer drop-outs even though your internet is still working fine generally comes down to your LAN (local area network; router etc) or your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Basically - different applications and types of internet traffic use various protocols (for example web browsing uses HTTP and HTTPs among others). They also use various ports (once again HTTP for example uses :80, default email ports are 25 and 110).

Now the problem occurs because either your LAN or your ISP prioritises certain ports, fails to forward certain ports, prioritises certain traffic/protocols etc

This results and dropped packets (bits of data being sent), dropped connections, timeouts, data-parity checks failing, etc.

The solution is to

A) Ensure your LAN (specifically router and firewall) are configured optimally for your poker software (check which ports it uses, set port forwarding and ensure traffic priority for the protocols used by the poker client).

B) Find an ISP that also matches these requirements; some are much better than others.

thanks bud, but it only seems to happen on a nite so your no doubt right, still very fustrating Big Smile

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