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I have not affiliated for bankrollmob in a fair while now, it hardly seams worth while dumping links etc to get $1 max $5, but is bankrollmob going to be doing some sort of affiliation drive?

Black Friday must have caused loss of $, for all affiliates, however some of the outher sites I affiliate are making some very nice intensives, so will bankrollmob keep things the same or are there plans in the pipe line, I believe they need to if they want to remain the leading no-deposit affiliate.
So, a suggestion and a question.

totally spot on Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
anyway i dont know many people whom i could refer but i did get 3-4 to join the site through my links, but reward is not worth the extra effort. referring people from some countries like mine wont even earn anything.
hope they change the system in future

Whatever improves our bankroll Big Smile

Another suggestion: Add more games, I'm tired of trying to open the safe .... it never opens (for me of course)

I think there is no worried for us, because the aff here is still the best all over the internet, we dont need to be alarmed, what we really need is to catch the idiots who steal the freerolls password to put them in other forums.

We should give more ideas for them to improove the site too, so its up to us to make this site a better and with better bonus.

Greetings the Far Seer, and Welcome to Bank Roll Mob. Just for the record, I've never been successful with the safe either. She is a vile temptress that one.

Bigfoot, I totally agree I sent one, he thought about clicked in and then didn't bother.
Reckon unless I spam the internet, I'm better off playing poker.

Just my two cents.

the safe has kept all my points safe in here so far....

You have to keep in mind that you are not only getting $5 max.
You get paid whenever your affiliates request a bonus. Refer
someone and if he rrequests 10 boni over the time then You get
So it could really add even if You make just a little on sign up at first.

When brm introduces a new bonus and your refs sign up for that one
you will see nice peaks in your balance when everyone you have referred before
requests the new bankroll.

But I wouldnt mind if we got more money for referring anyway..... Smile

Is there a proper place to deposit ideas for BRM ? The forum might not be the best way to do it, only to discuss it.

Unfortunately i don't play amy bankrollmob games, i don't really have luck on those type of luck games, so instead, i prefer to play more poker. Smile Big Smile
In my opinion banrollmob is the biggest wordlwide poker affiliate, i mean you can find so many offers on th majority of poker sites, including the biggest ones out there. I know that there are some other poker affiliates out there that reward more if you reffer members to them but their refferal program is way to strict in order to reffer mass people via links for example.
The reason is that the rules are way too strict, for example if someome uses your link to join and refuse to send ID for his verification you are banned from reffering any more people, which is weird since you don't even know who that person is.....
So, fo me, BankRollMob keep up the great work!! Blink Big Smile Big Smile

Posted by B1gfoot:
I have not affiliated for bankrollmob in a fair while now, it hardly seams worth while dumping links etc to get $1 max $5, but is bankrollmob going to be doing some sort of affiliation drive?

same here, i gave up on that right after its been halved.
a year ago there was a announcement if i remember that a new affiliate system is coming or that they working on it yet nothing Sad

I dont kow what to say... if they have not change aything till now i doubt that they will make it now.
I hope that the system will be improve Big Smile

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