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"The dispute centers around FTP’s apparent selective processing of withdrawals to the e-wallet.

Since Black Friday, Full Tilt has been disabling Moneybookers withdrawals for players from various countries in a seemingly arbitrary pattern. This has been a significant financial burden for the payment processor.1 Sources close to the situation have told that Moneybookers has been in regular communication with Full Tilt Poker over this topic since April 15th, but the two companies have reportedly been unable to reach a compromise. Moneybookers has reportedly threatened to stop doing business with the poker site if the problem is not resolved quickly.

Full Tilt has the ability to turn off Moneybookers withdrawals for each individual country at will. Numerous threads across Poker Forums confirm that some countries have indeed been sporadically unable to withdraw to Moneybookers. E-wallet withdrawals were quite fast before Black Friday, but since the April 15th indictments, some non-US players have been reporting delays up to several weeks.

Moneybookers, based in London, is one of the largest e-wallets in the world servicing more than 18 million customers. It is reportedly FTP’s largest payment processor for non-US customers."

so looks like full tilt are giving the uk moneybookers a bad name,
shame on them, Sleepy

If the above is true .....Then it will be a big mistack for fulltilt...

So what happend on Black Friday and what hapend Question Sorry only just got back into online poker in the last week or two.

So the last Black Friday I know was in the late 90s Confused and it was not online poker.

Posted by holtland:
If the above is true .....Then it will be a big mistack for fulltilt...

So what happend on Black Friday and what hapend Question Sorry only just got back into online poker in the last week or two.

So the last Black Friday I know was in the late 90s Confused and it was not online poker.

here is the black friday poker i copyed and pasted it from another site Big Smile

On Friday, the owners of the biggest online poker sites, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker, were arrested and the sites were shutdown in the United States after the FBI alleged that the sites laundered money and defrauded banks to get around gambling laws.

We sat down with poker agent Brian Balsbaugh of Poker Royalty, the most knowledgeable poker authority we know to break down the ramifications.

Darren: When things went down on Friday, what was it like?

Balsbaugh: It was a complete shock, In fact within the poker community we’re calling it Black Friday. Certainly those of us who were in the know were aware that the Southern District of New York was investigating payment processors in relation to their relationship with poker sites, but they absolutely kept it under wraps. It happened, it happened fast and it completely annihilated what was a flourishing industry in the United States.

Darren: How bad was the hit?

Balsbaugh: When Pokerstars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker left the US market, 95 percent of the market share for US poker players absolutely disappeared and with that so did $200 million worth of marketing money and advertising money that these companies spent in order to acquire new customers. What that means is basically poker television shows like “The Big Game” on Fox and “Poker After Dark” on NBC are completely gone. So the poker landscape has changed dramatically in a very short period of time.

Darren: How will this affect the World Series of Poker?

Balsbaugh: I think that the World Series of Poker main event the attendance numbers will go down from approximately 8,000 to right around 2,500. Sixty percent of the field has historically been put in through these online poker sites, which are no longer operating in the United States, so clearly right off the top we’ll have a big deduction there. And the poker economy is very dependent on money transferring hands and as this money has left the US market so are a lot of these opportunities. So I think the field is going to decrease dramatically.

Darren: What's the future of online poker in the United States?

Balsbaugh: Online poker in the United States at this time is completely wiped out. There are few small operators in the black market who are still operating, but these were very big and very reputable major international companies -– billion dollar corporations which are regulated in the UK, in France, in Italy, they can no longer operating here. There will be, for a short period of time, another black market. There will be online poker in the United States. There is a huge demand for it and hopefully Congress will legalize and regulate online poker in the United States. So I see it as one step back for potentially two steps forward in a more burgeoning online market.

Darren: If these three companies were public, what kind of loss did they take over the past couple of days?

Balsbaugh: In 2006, Party Poker was publicly traded company in London servicing US clients. They traded at $8.5 billion at the time. When they left the market in 2006, these new companies took over that market share and they’ve grown much bigger than party gaming ever was in the United States. So I think it’s fair to say that these companies had an valuation of $20 billion to $30 billion potentially and it might be half of that right now.

Darren: Who are the beneficiaries of the shutdown?

Balsbaugh: The high level players likely will move out of the United States and into a place where they can play online poker and continue to make money. The mid level players, more recreational players, will play more live poker in casinos and in card rooms.

Darren: Other losers we didn't talk about?

Balsbaugh: In addition to the poker television shows going away, there are a number of other sponsorship opportunities which have disappeared as well. There are 100 online poker players with sponsorships which likely will disappear. In addition to that there’s an entire industry of covering poker tournaments in the media in conjunction with that. ESPN had a $22 million deal with Pokerstars, which has to be over now and then the live events like the World Poker Tour, like the North American Poker Tour. I certainly anticipate that their numbers will decrease as well because a significant portion of their fields, like the World Series of Poker, were driven through qualifiers on online poker sites.

the ban in the US got put into action and the FBI went after fulltilt, pokerstars and UB/absolute poker. UB/abolsute are close to going down the drain and people having withdraw problems and people from the US getting nothing. fulltilt american players have not got there mone from the site back and the so called great site is looking a little shady. Pokerstars are the only ones to have payed american players there money back, there is more to it but thats pretty much it and but poker at these 4 sites is a no no for america Thumbs Up

damn i didnt have to write anything lol typical soon as i post someone jumps in before me Big Smile Big Smile


PokerStars is a licensed and registered legal business located on the Isle of Man in the British Isles,

So mutch for TAX Evil

Isle of Man holds many things holtland, even Neteller Blink

But back to the topic, is this something between FT and MB or is simply FP with finantial problems, holding withdrawals randomly ?

So they still havent cleared the withdrawals with moneybookers in all countries?
I thought it would be over by now.
Anyone knows or is it mentioned anywhere which countries are able o cash out through MB?

I really hope they will solve their dispute, because I like the paymentservice from moneybookers very much.
With PartyPoker Iam tranferring funds within minutes (cash in as well as cashout).

seems they have not so many problems and now they want much more some peoples who deposite with MB now cant cash out and they must deposite there again using some diferent kind off depositing Sad
lol FT just tray to keep players but they loose them very fast and i think Ps will stay but FT with they dumb minds will be soon closen becouse peoples dont want play there and try leave them

As a customer of Moneybookers, I've just received from them an e-mail message (oficial notice) that due to... "extraordinary circumstances" Moneybookers will not any more accept any payments from FTP and MB as a means of payment is yet not available for FTP.
Besides, Moneybookers apply for removal MB logo from FTP. Amen.

YES i agree fulltilt is trying to give moneybooker a bad name because they fulltilt is going down and they are trying to take as many investers as they can,also takeing everybodys money with them,so get your money out of fulltilt A,S,A,P

So moneybookers no longer works with full tilt poker, it's official!
"Dear X,

As a Moneybookers customer, you already know you are the most important part of our business. We always make sure you receive the safest service.

For this reason we have stopped accepting deposits made to Full Tilt Poker.

There are extraordinary circumstances behind this situation which are beyond our control. We will not comment on these, just take appropriate action that protects our customers.

We have requested that the Moneybookers logo be removed from Full Tilt Poker, but cannot do any more to make sure it is not displayed. Moneybookers is no longer available from Full Tilt Poker, and you will receive an error message if you attempt to use our service there.

We want you to continue to enjoy your gaming with Moneybookers, and recommend you have a look at our gaming promotion page.

As we have stated, this is an extraordinary situation, and we will try to have all connected issues resolved as soon as possible.

Should you have any questions, please contact our customer support.

Best wishes,

Your Moneybookers Team "

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