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Update 18:27 - BREAKING NEWS - Fulltilt Poker License suspended

Earlier today the following statement was issued by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission: "Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) has today issued Hearing Notices under Regulation 46 of its Regulations to Vantage Ltd. Oxalic Ltd, Filco Ltd and Orinic Ltd, collectively trading as FULL TILT POKER. In addtion, AGCC has issued Suspension Notices under Regulation 47 to the above named compan[...]   Read more » Update 18:27 - BREAKING NEWS - Fulltilt Poker License suspended

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BREAKING NEWS - Fulltilt Poker License suspended  0   
For now we know nothing, so there's nothing to comment at all. But the license is - for now - "just" suspended so I think - and hope - that FTP will be back, because I've my whole bankroll there and I would've to start using FPP on P* to earn some money to play with Sad Or win mob draw/crack the safe xD

Posted by T3ddyKGB:
Posted by MIGO14:
Does this mean that Fulltilt don't have a license anymore to operate their site ?


Not exactly - currently they still have a license - but it is suspended. That is not the same as revoked (lost).

Mind you, I am simply going by the other BRM thread - I'm about to investigate further on bigger news sources. But if it that thread is correct, then there license isn't yet lost..

Still, not a great sign.. Personally - from what I have been following of all this - if I had a roll on FTP I would have taken it off long ago, shits been going from bad to worse for FTP ever since BF.


ofc its just supended and not lost (not yet anyways)
but I am not gonna deposit on FT. guess alot more will be scared after all what happened since black friday. those who havent cashed out yet at least will try to.
so i think its over (jsut my opinion)

fuckin stupid rigged mafia gay site ! Not only rigged,steal my money too... ! Hope all of this bunch of retard gay mafia gay die painfully !

i dont understand whats going on can somebody explain thanx chaddy64

Despite everything we can say about FTP, good or bad, this is very bad for Poker Online. Hope that everything can be explained soon, otherwise we will loose lots of players, and specially new players and fishes

HI all

I think this is the beginning of the end. Unfortunatley, like some of you, I have all my roll in there. I hope that they come back to and at least give us the opportunity of getting our money out.

Suggestion for ADMINISTRATOR. As we are now missing the BRM freerolls at the site, why don't you add the money to the safe or weekly draw. This will give us the chance of getting some of our rolls back from FTP and also to invest it somewhere else?

GL to you all anyway.....................

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Did a big mistake that i didnt cash out my money some time ago.
I was thinking to play the depositors freeroll first in a couple of days and then cash out.

If we lose the money in FT dont you think BRM will too?

Personally i think this is the end for FT and all our money will be gone (im still hoping no though Smile)
But if you consider the whole history if they ever come back online who wont request a cash out.
It will crash them even more.

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Hi Mober. I know how you feel. Crap at mo. I hope you get your money as I do all of you. While you are here - how bad is it in your country? I remember going to Greece many years ago and then someone saying that the Euro would be a bad idea for you. How right they were !! I have just watched the BBC news and seen the riots in your country? Is this all over or just isolated incidents? Good luck with it all anyway and I suggest you move country as well as poker site !!

GL and let us know.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

oh oh..., mandy1966 and magatt966, who were playing this morning when the site went down (like they said on the forum), must be now screaming "Houston, we have a problem!!!"

oh oh..., mandy1966 and magatt966, who were playing this morning when the site went down (like they said on the forum), must be now screaming "Houston, we have a problem!!!"

I lost my, quite impressive, bankroll of 15 $ there during the latest rush-week. It was money I had won with a rush-ticket I got for free after the rush-week before, so it was an even-steven thingie, but since I had made the points for a few days, I almost deposited some more.

There you go, good thing I didn't.

now this is some serious development, fulltilt look to be in deep trouble.
and they dont seem to be coming back soon as they will "announce" the date of hearing.
thank god i dont have money stuck there Big Smile
LOL @ scheduled maintenance, does ft think online players are that dumb. big fail imo

Honestly im very angry right now not with what happened but with my decision not to cash out the money all this time.

Is there anyone here with bankroll at FT that wont request a cash out if they ever come back online? Smile

Houston, we have a problem!!! Shock Shock

Sad Aww crap! so sick

well i guess...
i'll see you guys on the pokerstars tables tonight Smile

I think you're speculating too!

1 - the license was suspended and not revoked!

2 - Full Tilt may seek a new license in a jurisdiction different!

The real problem here is if ti takes away the investment of Jack Binion!

Full Tilt will reopen in a few hours and operate without the Alderney license, just came on pokerradio.

sounds funny

ipoker network (william hill rules) uk based site tax free winnings , no problems Tongue

** POST REMOVED BY ADMINISTRATOR: You're basically posting exactly the same thing as our news article says... **

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this sucks haha-------------------------

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