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Ive lost faith in internet poker now,
if this can happen to a big site like fulll tilt what hope is there for the others,
all the trust has gone now for online poker for me,
its one big fook up, the usa players went through it now all the rest of the world are,
your money isnt safe simple as that online,
dont use your poker account as a bank,
dont think there be many pros playing high stake online,
just because its a high risk having that amount of money in your account,
cause something can go wrong, like whats happend @ full tilt,
many players have been screwed about
i think this is the end of online poker things will be never the same again,
they wont the same volume of players playing poker online again,
there is no trust.................

i think that il be playing more home games at least my money will be safe,

I doubt it will be the end for online poker, but it will surely take a hit. Players will be cautious to keep a lot of money on the sites they play.

As more people will think along these lines and withdraw regular the sites will be missing out, to make up for the lost $ they will start charging you to withdraw and possibly even on deposits..As long as poker sites can run and as long as there is money to be made then online gaming will live on.
Even though times are bad now good will come from it(for most) as regulations will tighten up and regulations will be put in place so no site can default etc etc, ensuring your money is safe, every could...

yes i agree they wont be keep alot of money now on any poker sites ,
you wont be able to build a roll up with confidence that your money is 100% safe,
and bankroll management will be go out the window no need for it,
cause the more money you win to move up stakes is more money at risk Sad

@b1gfoot you hit the nail on the head they will be thinking of charging for withdrawls,
if many player start doing this,

Well, I never managed to have a lot of money in any poker house Cool

It's true that i have tried FTP for 2 or 3 times and always lost my money. But I don't think Poker Online is getting to an end. The first poker house I played, was the biggest at that time, also closed and nothing happened

doubt it will be the end

I don't think it's th end for online poker but you can never know, one thing is clear though you always need to keep your money in bank or e-wallet and you only need to have a small account in the poker account Blink

Now the big discussion is if pokerstars will do the same shortly and there are many sources that say it's possible, not to lose their license but to stop withdrawals because fbi can stop all their payment methods since they are charged with money laundry. Thumbs Down

Still, so far they proved to be very sincerly with thier customers and also paid all the us players that had real money on their poker accounts, so this is a good sign but things can turn very fast unfortunately Sad

hi guys i think its all about the TAX, if the Pokersites say yes to the TAX no Probs but then we must pay more for.

the bookies got the tax slashed on the gg's then moved offshore,to avoid paying it,dont see why the poker sites cant do the same,in the end its the players that need protection against this kind of thing,it will be sorted soon enough..good luck wherever you play mobsters and keep the faith.... Blink Big Smile Worship

i think all the action is just heading to pokerstars now as things seem safe there. Lets be honest fulltilt has been looking shady as hell ever since black friday and why people still played there even after all the troubles with withdraws i dont know, the software is not that good lol

Its not the end of online poker, but hopefully is the end of "poker bank accounts" ( hopefully for your own good i mean.

yep i think you could be right there flippedchips about pokerstars, i do like the variation of games fulltilt offered + i think the rush poker was pretty cool, i just hope our country dosent follow up on what happened in the states ( black friday ), you know what our politicians are like over here, usa says jump they ask how high Big Smile

poker is going thru changes but anyone who didnt see FT was f'ing up big time maybe shouldnt play Big Smile
next thing though id like to see is someone do something about all these pokerstars rivers, its getting out of hand lol

I never "trusted" online poker, although i play it for a long time now... this can look ridiculous because i continue playing, but, as you already may have noticed, i dont make my life with online poker money, neither invest much on it. Its ok to spend $10 or $20 in a month, its like playing the lottery. If one wons enough to pay the investment, its ok, of course winning more is always better, but that is just part of the dream of becoming rich with some easy task. One will catch it, others will quit, and others will spend their life trying it. Go easy on it! If you take $200 credit per month from there, its more than great!

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