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Hi! I have received this e-mail from 770 Poker, I will publish like it is (in Spanish) and next I'll translate it to english (I'll try to do my best)
Hola [MY NAME] ,

Poker770 te da las gracias por tu interés en la promoción « $100 Stake ». Desafortunadamente, hemos llegado límite de 1000 jugadores elegibles para esta promoción. Por lo tanto lamentamos comunicarte que tu candidatura para este bono no puede ser aceptada.

iSin embargo, puedes igualmente desfrutar de nuestro bono del primer depósito de 2000 $ !

Te damos las gracias por haber elegido Poker770.

Buena suerte en nuestras mesas,

El equipo Poker770. Poker770


Hi [MY NAME] ,

Poker770 gives you thanks for your interest on « $100 Stake » promotion. Unfortunately, we have reach the limit of 1000 players eligibles. It's for that we are sorry to tell you that your candidacy to get this bonus cannot be accepted.

However, you still can enjoy our first deposit bonus of $2,000.- !

We thank you for chosen Poker770.

Good luck in our tables,

The Poker770 Team. Poker770
It didn't say anything about if the 1000 people are from BRM or all the No-deposit bonus codes. So I will ask everybody to tell if gets the free bankroll with the BRM code... So it's possible that no one get it from now since already reached 1,000 people... To prevent someone doing his/her account thru this code losing the possibility of use another code... In other hand (and this is what I'm afraid that it's happening) that if it's not true the thing of the quota and they don't want to give it to me cos I'm from a Latin American Country...
so I have one question did someone get it recently? or after 4 of July (That's the day that I asked for it) That could help us to get some answers... Thanks to all! Cya!

PS: This time I made the thread in the correct forum, I guess...

I can assure you that they decline all players at the moment. As an alternative they mostly give the 7,70$ no deposit bonus instead of the staking.

All affliates involved in this are working on a solution.

I believe the 1000 people were from all signups (not just BRM). Based on the page that Poker770 had on their site during the promotion, it stated that this was a Poker770 promotion and that the promotion “$100 Stake” is valid only for the 1,000 first eligible player.

i took the 7.70 stake myself, i think you get a 10$ casino no deposit with it if you email them the right promotion code, i ended up donking my money off in there casino after i was up around 200$ or so lmao

I got a lower "$50 stake" from 770 based on the SNG limits I was playing on FT.

What I actually got is 22 x $2.20 tourney tickets that can only be uses for $2.20 tourney (i.e. not for $1 SNG's or tourneys and the $2 SNG's are $2.40) and you can't rebuy or add-on with them.

Still, it's much better than a poke in the eye and I'm quite looking forward to the MTT practice.

I was one of those who accepted the no-deposit bonus so i can't talk in my case to your problem. But still i believe that the 100% bonus first deposit can be interesting, don't you think?

But I have entered the BRM code it's suppos to be $7.70 but I don't know why they say about $100 stake.
those are the instructions that I follow:
1. Download Poker770 software - CLICK HERE (recommended), or visit Poker770 website and download from there.

2. Create your account with the coupon code CODE

3. In order to pass your account in real mode, press "cashier" on the Poker770 software lobby and fill the form.

4. Send an e-mail to [email protected], mentioning the code "bankroll", to receive your $7.70 bonus in real tokens.

I didn't post the real [Code] for obvious reasons... But, I was asking for 7.70 not 100 and now I have nothing

they reached their limit (obviously for the $100 ndb)
their decision seem to be final, theres not much you can do except to contact their online support and explain them nicely that you applied for the $7.70 ndb.
he probably might give you that $7 immediatly if not then you´ve been unlucky this time.

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