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had my best session in my (short) poker-career   0   
Yesterday was my best session in my poker career so far (started in Feb, this year with online poker).
I have an account at Party Poker and started there with free$50.
Started on the lowest limit cash game NL2 and playing freerolls.
Now I am up to NL 10 and my BR is around $250.
Yesterday evening a played 3 tables NL 10 and one NL25 (out of my limit for sure and did not well).
I played above 800 hands and managed to win around $ 40 in this session which is my biggest win for one session so far.
Really happy with this and my BR growing to $ 295.
Cheers and GL to you

wow congrats Worship Worship Worship
remember stick to the bankroll management m8 and you carnt go wrong,
keep up the good work, have you cleared the bonus too on party?

very good going MIGO14,dozn01 is right though,bankroll management is key...keep at it and GL on the felts... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

After I have cleared my free $ 50, I made a small first deposit of $ 60 and cashed this directly out again (because I would like to play totally without my own money Big Smile ).
I cleared it half, so made 30 Dollar of it.
ATM I have a second small bonus of $25 running (only 30 days) and try to clear most of it.
But its hard to get enough points at the micro limit, even at NL10

40 dollars is actually pretty good for NL10 even though you said you also played NL25 so i'm nt sure on what limit did you won this money Blink

From what i see the NL2 is very easy to beat on party poker but NL10 seems a bit tougher, but well i only played once at this limit on party poker so it's not a really documented opinion...

If you think you are running good at NL10 you should stick to it, sometimes it's better to start with a slightly higher limit than the usual 25 or 30 buy ins usual bankroll management limit Smile

hey, to be honest I lost $5 at the NL25 table Blink
So I made the profit at NL10, but for sure this is my highest proft so far.
My second best was around $15 I guess.
But yeah I am doing good at NL 10, table selection is important.

That's great. Congratulations MIGO14, sounds like your bank roll is increasing steadily. Gotta reiterate the importance of Bank Roll Management like the others. Read some of Dozn's latest threads if you have any doubts. Just to clarify, is that NL $0.10? Or NL $10? For NL $10 you should have at least $2000 in your bank roll, right? Hate to see you bust out on a downswing, sorry for imposing.

You are a very unique guy in this forum. No offence but many of the mobsters are more gamblers than grinders. Keep up the good work sir.

nice going m8. may my fellow mobsters always be winning the big pots Big Smile Thumbs Up

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