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I am relativley new to Bankrollmob and poker too. I have been playing now for a few months and done a bit of reading regarding it. Just a few moments ago I finished 3rd in a points tournament. Anyway, what happened was that the 3 of us went all in and I finished 3rd.

Was this because i had the lowest amount of chips going all in or because i called on a draw and missed and both other guys hit a pair.

I would be grateful for your input.

Joe Thumbs Up

Hi keef and welcome to the mob Thumbs Up . I dont think you lost because you had the lowest amount of chips , you lost because you didnt have the best hand if you missed your draw and they hit. There are plenty of articles here and online about poker and strategy and how to play you just have to look around. Good luck at the tables and here at the Bankrollmob Smile

If in the situation you all had even stacks then you would have been kicked 2nd even, it didnt matter that you were beaten by both of them, it only matters that you were both beaten, however i assume you had the least chips, B had more than you and A had the most of all. if you were all in and A won the pot then you come third because you had less chips than b who was also beaten.

I hope that answers your question, but yes your chip size is important in a multiway pot when lots of people get kicked

Thanks for the info SCD. I shall remember that in future (If I ever get to final table again). I probably should have had the nous to have folded. I bet big on the flop with my open ended straight draw, the 2nd player raised it and then the 3rd player reraised. in hindsight I should have knew that they were going to end up all in and at least I would have finished 2nd, but we live and learn eh.

Thanks again. Cool

congrats o your placement in the tourney lets hope you can do the same in a big money game someday then we can all say we know him he started out at brm like us

hey man nice job on the tourny lol it was a coin flip but 3rd is still really good! hopefully next time you post its sayin you came in 1st in a money game lol!! and welcome to brm

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