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I have been playing for a long time but have only just started playing online, and I would say heads up is my speciality. I'm playing on AP at the moment and have been playing the $10 Heads up Sit-n-Goes (mostly Omaha) which I'm beating at about 9-5. I don't have a large bankroll by any means (started with 100 a couple days ago; am up to 200 now), and would just like to know what you guys suggest I have for a bankroll before moving up to 20, 40, 60 etc. I'm actually probably playing beyond my limit right now but the 5 dollar is just so... playchip-esque (but then again I'm sure a lot of you would say the same thing about 10 or 20 xD). So what percentage of my bankroll should I be getting in per buy-in if I'm a moderately winning player?

First of all HU is the thoughest and most complex sytle of poker. Your Bankrollmanagement is way too agressive, because thereis alot of luck involved in HU games more than in every other pokerstyle. and you alwayshave to remember that everybody gets in a downswing sometimes and when that happens and you loose 10 or more games in a row you will get broke pretty soon when you keep playing at such high levels.
you always have to keepin mind that you only have 20BI with your BR, thats way too less. i would recommend to play the 5$ SnGs, but even they are too much for your BR.

Idont know how good you are at poker but u should only play HU when you are absolut confident with your skills and know everything about the play preflop,postflop etc..

i disagree, i think that his bankroll is is good having 20 buy ins, i would aim for loser to 25 but hay your close enough, sure there is luck in heads up but if you are better than your opponents it is very easy to cash, if you had ten non cashes in a row in heads up i would advise you not to drop down limits but to stop playing all together.

so yeah i would think 25 would be a good number of buy ins, maybe drop down everytime you get under 15 buy ins, i would almost certainly play lower than you ut thats because i like the game more than the money, leaves me playing microlimits the majority of the time

Posted by Acekaiser:
i would recommend to play the 5$ SnGs, but even they are too much for your BR.

If hes winning at the $10 games than play them, once you drop to $100 than move down to $5. I find that if you are winning than continue doing what you're doing..but once you start losing than you have to drop down.

I agree with SCdosset 20~25 Buy in Sounds pretty good from a very practical analisys:

Bankroll for MTT play is larger than the SnG.... Why??? Becouse you have less chance to win....

HU = 2 Player = 50% chance of winning just playing with luck....

But the problem comes when you start to face people who are more skilled than you.... That at Sng nad MTT is not so bad.... but at a HU you are screwd

i uno i guess sit and goes wouldnt be to bad for you if your a moderately winning player mayb get up to the higher pay outs but me personally i like cash tables i think you can win alot more quicker... but it all depends on your style.. and what you like personally

i havent ever played heads up sit and goes, i have just played heads up ring games, is their a reason you play tournament instead of ring? I am currently really enjoying heads up play, i think my weakest moments are calling peoples all ins when im pretty sure im beat but still have a good hand, ie top two middle set or flush but the board has something better out there

I love 5 or 10 heads up sng's. They seem to be the easiest to win online for me, mostly b/c the players that play that level seem to be extremely predictable.. in most cases, therefore profitable for myself

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