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You are the best anyway..

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This is not my kind off game?  +2   
Had just finishead off 3 double upp sit and goes 300$ and lose at all..
In the first i get 10 10 go all in one call whit A K..The flopp is J 5 8 A and Q Aww crap!
Second i get A 10 I cal 1 that raise .. The flopp is A 3 9 He go all in and i call,,, 4 and river 4.. He had 3 3 Aww crap!
At the last i get A A at last i think i go all in and hope some one whil call and 1 did,,, whit K J The fop comes J 9 K Aww crap! then turn 2 and last river 8 Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

This game sucks,,,, Angry Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

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pretty ropey play there tbh...especially in a double thru. They have very specific theories that apply which includes utilising ICM. Maybe drop stakes for a bit and get used to them. UL though.

we need more volume to see if this game is not for you,
let saya sample of 1000 DoNs , then we can make jugdement on your play,
me myself using bankroll management have gone on alosing run of DoNs of around 14 games,
but on a good run have won about 18 on the trot i did a thread on this a few years ago,
chin up m8 and dont play so high play to pocket with around 20x buyins for the level your playing at
i wish you good luck at the tables and dont give it up, you will turn it around Smile

fook ah get upset if I lose 3$ but am a tight bas, perhaps the radiation is getting to you are you aware of the dangers tha playing to much poker has, check my thread poker can give you brain cancer

Edited by ArcticBear (01 August 2011 @ 19:49 GMT)

This isent fun at all,, Had played at the casino (mega fortune) slot and lose around 600$ and think i will win it back whit poker and this happend... Aww crap!
I will not try this 1 more time thats fore sure,,,
Edit sorry for my bad english i am a little bit drunk now,, Big Smile
Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Hay fejset ....dunotra send's his best Thumbs Up .....folk seem to think I am him so may aswell ack like him Smile

Edited by holtland (01 August 2011 @ 20:13 GMT)

Nobody is insured from moving it is necessary to make a break or to play instead of cash game in MTT or dons

Edited by Safert (01 August 2011 @ 20:16 GMT)

Sorry to hear you hit a rough patch there Fejset. DoN's have a bit of a strategy to them so you should definitely lower your stakes and practice. I've had more than a few losing streaks of more than 10 games but lots of winning streaks to.

I hope your luck turns around.

A lot of misconceptions out there....

High stakes Don´s should be played even tighter than regular SnG´s.
1st game: 10-10 is NOT an all-in hand.
2nd game: A-10 is NOT an all-in hand. Will usually get beaten by AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, AQ, AJ, any pair, lol. When the A hits, most high-stakes players will be holding better than A-10 for sure if they go all-in.
3rd game: just fell on the wrong side of the 80%/20%. Bad luck.

Some advice:
Read something about high-stake DoNs. (from pros, because I´ve seen a lot of advice from low-stakes players saying in a DoN you need to play agressive early and build a stack, then just sit and wait). WRONG! Big Smile
Finally, gambling the slots is NOT like playing (gambling) Poker.
I´m serious about this, really.

PS: I gues you know what I voted on the poll. Blink

unlucky there on your losing streak but bad idea to go chasing your loses from the casino,you probably weren't in the right frame of mind to play poker especially after losing 600 in the casino,just take time out clear your head and come back stronger

p.s i would strongly take islands advice as he is right in what he's saying

Edited by starbay (02 August 2011 @ 12:59 GMT)

Posted by holtland:
Hay fejset ....dunotra send's his best Thumbs Up .....folk seem to think I am him so may aswell ack like

Worship Worship Worship Worship


@ fejset

Youe polls were my favourite and I'm happy you come back here from time to time to ask our opinions Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
anyway voted for: "I love your mother" Cool

Edited by magatt966 (02 August 2011 @ 15:30 GMT)

If there were not bad beats everybody would be winning at poker Smile No point posting bad beats really, happens to everybody

yep nice to see you again and yes i voted is it on TV, so what channel is this epic set of dons on Big Smile Big Smile

it wasnt your day... At first i couldnt believe what i was reading? Is it true that there are $300 SnG double ups??? My game list only goes from $0,10 to $2,40 Tongue Being poor sucks, but i can't complain, i have a PC with net and i have a fortune at a distance of some clicks, i only have to know how to get it Big Smile

The fact that you didn't won nothing on three sngs doesn't mean nothing conidering the huge variance this games have Blink

You need to have at least 100 buy ins for a tournament or sng if you want to play this type of games, but also consider the cash games, less variance Smile

I just ended a 2 hours session and i ended up losing two buy ins even though i was at plus 3 buy in at a moment Aww crap!

If you switch to live games you will do much better, a good tip is to take a loaded gun and wave it around like a crazy man shouting "I WON!, I WON" If people refuse to believe your 2 pair beats set then let off a round and ask again, sometimes people are unclear on the actual rules.
I voted, I'd love your mother to suck a BIG time gay on television whilst telling a joke and playing poker.

high stake dons are an awful thing,its bad enough with micro,in the end its so tight that its a lottery on the big blinds,hope your luck swings but i would stay away from the dons... Confused

Posted by B1gfoot:

sometimes people are unclear on the actual rules.

ahahahahah true Smile

have u tryed playng sobber? sometimes it helps Cool

bad luck man it happens to us all, may your draws be live in the future!

The man is so bad lucking that makes me sad. He has no mind.
The thing is so odd that is need to be shrink to understand.
Well, I thing the future is so cloudy to me as him. Maybe not... Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Better u remove your Allin-Button from your keyboard. Big Smile
Maybe the luck come back to you. Blink

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