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OK - just a little update, because I had some great (Poker) news today:

OK - basically, since my hiatus, I started playing again at the beginning of January. I started with basically some poker points and some other tickets a few dollars.. Been playing mostly MTT and SNG since then.. (with some 'action' tables thrown in for good measure - these are 5bb [lol] buyin cash games).

I've built my roll to now around $600.00 - which is about $500 profit for January..

But that's not the great news - the great news is this - I finally got a decent Rake Back deal !

After originally taking a no deposit bonus at PKR I completely missed out on any rake back.. After many chats with PKR support, I eventually made a deal that if I could regularly rake at LEAST $500 a month, then they would give me a deal.

So, early last year, I got my RB deal - but it wasn't very good - my rake back deal has been this

if i rake less than $500 - I get nothing, if I rake less than $1000 I get 10%, for <$2000 I get 15% and for $2000+ (per month) I get 20%

Which is pretty pathetic and was really turning me off playing.

However - I've been a platinum club member at PKR for about a year or so now and about 50% to Diamond level (highest level) - I get birthday and Christmas presents etc. So - anyway, the last couple months (I think because I hardly played for two months Nov/Dec - after raking about $3000 a month the 2-3 months prior to that) I've been getting a few emails from the VIP team at PKR - giving me free tickets and cash and asking me if there's anything I need etc.. I told them that the reason I took a break is because I received a 40% RB deal at another site and I was finding it difficult to play at PKR without a proper deal.

So anyway - within 24hrs of writing the VIP team an email askign for a better deal, they applied a flat 30% rakeback deal to my account AND back-dated it for me as well - to start of Jan!

Sooo Happy!

January I raked around $700 and in February I've already raked around $400.00 - So this makes so a huge difference to me.

I've finally been given the incentive I need to focus a bit more - and try and make a comeback. This has been such a huge issue for me, since I started doing OK at poker - not having a proper rakeback deal has been horrible. Especially since I took so many no deposit bonuses - I've screwed up potential deals at basically ALL the major sites/networks.

So .. anyway, just wanted to share - I'm over the moon about this - and I will update this space as I continue my efforts to rebuild my roll.!

My short term goals are

A) Get a positive sharkscope SNG (the current one is terrible - my ROI isn't negative, but my 'profit' is. Basically - I tend to play $50/$100 HU sngs when Im tilted). So I really want to bring my SNG SS back to 0 (and then something +++
B) Get my MTT sharkscope to the four figure mark (it's currently hovering around $8000)

Anyway, watch this space.. I'll try and update here, not just my wins - but also anything interesting and DEFINITELY anything particularly degenerate Blink

Thumbs Up

nice update Thumbs Up congrats on ur RB deal, 30% is pretty good
and did i read right? 5 bb Shock its like superturbo shortstacked sng

Posted by SuperNoob:
and did i read right? 5 bb Shock its like superturbo shortstacked sng

No it's a ring table - the max and min buyin is 5bb.. So the $2/$4 table for example you buyin with $20.

It's pretty cool - because when you first buyin, it's obviously shove/fold only.. But the table dynamics rapidly change.. After a while you can easily build up to over 100bb - and there'll be others joining with just 5bb and everything in between.. It amazing how quick you can rocket from $20 to $400+

Obviously they're known as donk tables and the variance is incredible.. But the strategy is very similar to late-stage MTT / or turbo SNGs - so if you know your push/fold ranges well.. you can definitely take an edge..

And they're called "action" tables - because the action is crazy... allins nearly every hand..

Obviously because I'm such a degen/gambler - they suit me just fine Big Smile

edit: Sorry dude - just read you wrote "it's LIKE' - you are correct.. It is exactly like that.

Well.. Had a couple decent finished today.. Got my BR back up well over $1k

finished 5/212 in Prime Time ($18/rebuy - cost me nearly $100 in rebuy/addon) won $639.36
finished 4/205 in Vegas Nights ($20 BI) - $257.25

Now - the Prime Time I was spewing, first place was around $2,700 - and I was doing very well I'll show the hands that destroyed me:


Table #43237978 - Tournament #25070404 Table #11
Starting Hand #2001965145
Start time of hand: 09 Feb 2012 01:05:29
Last Hand #2001964798
Game Type: HOLD'EM
Limit Type: NO LIMIT
Blinds are now 8,000 / 16,000
Button is at seat 1
Seat 1: wuarblwarbl - 184,448
Seat 2: jessthehuman - 262,409
Seat 3: Rocken1900 - 118,670
Seat 5: Schuback - 504,509
Seat 6: henk101 - 204,416
Seat 8: AmokMal - 137,548
Shuffling Deck
Moving Button to seat 2
wuarblwarbl posts ante of 1,600
jessthehuman posts ante of 1,600
Rocken1900 posts ante of 1,600
Schuback posts ante of 1,600
henk101 posts ante of 1,600
AmokMal posts ante of 1,600
Pot sizes: 9,600
Rocken1900 posts small blind (8,000)
Schuback posts big blind (16,000)
Dealing Cards
Dealing [K c][K s] to jessthehuman
henk101 folds
AmokMal folds
wuarblwarbl raises to 182,848 (all-in)
jessthehuman raises to 260,809 (all-in)
TimToxic: good luck henk and wuarbl... wp so far
Rocken1900 folds
jessthehuman: gl
FOLDTHEM1: bit o braveness needed
klangkonsument: ohoho
Schuback: NH
klangkonsument: [grimace][grimace][grimace][grimace][grimace][grimace]
Schuback: A Q
Schuback has requested more time
FOLDTHEM1: u dnt have 2
Schuback is using the time bank
TimToxic: and gratz Rocken to Monte... Smile
Schuback has 14 seconds remaining in the time bank
Schuback folds
Returning 77,961 to jessthehuman uncalled
Pot sizes: 399,296
wuarblwarbl shows [T s][J s]
jessthehuman shows [K c][K s]
Dealing Flop [4 s][9 s][2 d]
Pot sizes: 399,296
Dealing Turn [9 h]
FOLDTHEM1: listen
Pot sizes: 399,296
Dealing River [5 s]
Pot sizes: 399,296
jessthehuman has Two Pairs: Kings, 9s
wuarblwarbl has Flush, Jack high
wuarblwarbl wins 399,296 with: Flush, Jack high
jessthehuman: sick
Seat 1: wuarblwarbl - 399,296
Seat 2: jessthehuman - 77,961
Seat 3: Rocken1900 - 109,070
Seat 5: Schuback - 486,909
Seat 6: henk101 - 202,816
Seat 8: AmokMal - 135,948
End of Hand #2001965145

Then about 3 hands later:

Starting Hand #2001968121
Start time of hand: 09 Feb 2012 01:10:18
Last Hand #2001967738
Game Type: HOLD'EM
Limit Type: NO LIMIT
Blinds are now 10,000 / 20,000
Button is at seat 2
Seat 1: wuarblwarbl - 365,296
Seat 2: jessthehuman - 67,961
Seat 3: Rocken1900 - 113,070
Seat 5: Schuback - 699,725
Seat 8: AmokMal - 165,948
Shuffling Deck
Moving Button to seat 3
wuarblwarbl posts ante of 2,000
jessthehuman posts ante of 2,000
Rocken1900 posts ante of 2,000
Schuback posts ante of 2,000
AmokMal posts ante of 2,000
Pot sizes: 10,000
Schuback posts small blind (10,000)
AmokMal posts big blind (20,000)
Dealing Cards
Dealing [A h][J d] to jessthehuman
wuarblwarbl raises to 50,000
jessthehuman: oh wells.. here goes.. GG everyone
jessthehuman raises to 65,961 (all-in)
Rocken1900 folds
Schuback folds
AmokMal folds
wuarblwarbl calls 65,961
Pot sizes: 171,922
wuarblwarbl shows [K d][T h]
jessthehuman shows [A h][J d]
Dealing Flop [A d][J s][9 s]
Pot sizes: 171,922
Dealing Turn [8 c]
Pot sizes: 171,922
Dealing River [7 d]
Pot sizes: 171,922
jessthehuman has Two Pairs: Aces, Jacks
wuarblwarbl has Straight, Jack high
wuarblwarbl wins 171,922 with: Straight, Jack high
jessthehuman: sick
jessthehuman: again
wuarblwarbl: omg
Seat 1: wuarblwarbl - 469,257
Seat 2: jessthehuman - 0
Seat 3: Rocken1900 - 111,070
Seat 5: Schuback - 687,725
Seat 8: AmokMal - 143,948
End of Hand #2001968121

Read through some of your blog and always enjoy reading all the regular Mobsters blogs. I've still got just a little over a year in the electronic poker world so play the SnG's. Can only dream of reaching the 1K BR.

Good Luck to you and all Mobsters!

Posted by Greenmohave:
Can only dream of reaching the 1K BR.

My BR was just shy of $10K start of October (and that was after about $4K-$5K worth of withdrawals in Sept.. So, while I am happy to be building back.. Im still a long way off where i was at

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