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So, after a couple of months of my first real poker adventure, i'm broke.

It all started with me depositing $150 to pokerstars, almost went broke but thanks to some good MTT resulst i managed to get a profit of $300, which i then almost completely blew away on PLO cash games.

I then started to only play MTTs with great resulst, back to $200 profit, and i decided to cash out my initial deposit of $150.

But after a long dead period and a lack of bankroll management i'm now broke.

With a bankroll of $100-$150 you just can't play rebuy tourneys, and I learned that the hard way.

I've had some really great MTT results, and i'm sure that if i only played $1-$2 MTTs I would profit very well, but meh.

Tonight i'll use my last dollar on a Denmark only tournament on pokerstars, with 1k added to the prizepool.

I'll also be playing the 30k gtd VIP tournament tonight aswell as the monthly 100k gtd later this month.

Wish me luck, and good luck at the tables.

Be calm, Netsmasher, everything is going tobe fine, next month you will be able to do a new deposit after receiving the salary from the normal 9to5 job and, perhaps, at that time, it will also be time to re-think your strategy. When you deposit $150, at what amount have you considered to withdraw some? You don't have to answer if you dont want to, i am just asking because its strategy: the times i deposited, i made it with $50, and defined the objectif of withdraw $50 when reaching the double ($100). This way, i would have recovered my investment and still had money to play and enjoy and try to have more profit from my game. I play low buy-in SnG, and things never went the way i expected, so i never was available to withdraw my investments. But this would be like having a good no deposit bonus, i think. If you deposit $150 and reach $300, i guess you should have withdraw your initial deposit so that now you wouldnt be this sad about that.
Better luck on your next deposits!

As i said above, i cashed out my $150 when i was at $350 or so, so i didn't really loose anything, except my hard earned profit Sad

sad to know you blew your bankroll Sad mtts and plo have a high variance and there are very high chances of going busto if you play out of your bankroll.
on the bright side u know u r pretty good at normal mtt and can build again, gl in the remaining games.

Can't understand what ur whining about. You didn't lost any money and you seem to have played a lot. As you say its your first real poker adventure. Stop crying and get up on the horse again.

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