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My Gutshot Grind Thread  +2   
Should have done this earlier, but I will start posting my thoughts about the grind and my strategies, maybe some big hands from the day as well. My bankroll management rules are...

Can only play 1/2 cent and 2/4 cent cash tables to start.
Only move up with 30 hbi's (half buyin ins)
Go back down at 25 hbi's
Tournament/SNG's...can only play in buyins 2% or less of roll (1.34 or less)
play as many vpp freerolls as I want


Starting Bankroll: 5.00
Starting Date: Aug 3.
Points to Get: 5800
Roll so far: 67.12
Points so far: 436.2
Bonus released: 15 dollars

Welcome to the grind people, good luck to us all.

nice, 62$ in not even 2 weeks, keep it up man!

Yes I agree at those stakes 62 dollars is great and if you have the patients to keep it that way you should do quite well. Don't do what I have done in the past and push the level up to early or get a few loses then press in up a level or 2.

I have made this error more than once now but good luck to you


I think this is the best result anyone has posted yet for Gutshot... Did you put your results in Jovicas gutshot competition thread ??

Anyway, look forward to more posts, hope you keep it up man Thumbs Up

Aug 14 update:

Did well today, played in 2 freerolls and a 10 center. Won a ticket into the 1 dollar tomorrow through the 10 center (huge overlay, 30 seats guaranteed with 71 entrants). Came 5th in the 100 fpp freeroll of 12 runners. Got it all in QQ vs KJ on a J52 board, river was jack. Could have won 35 in that but I ran bad (woulda had over half the chips in play). Came 14th in the VIP1 Gutshot Freeroll for 2 bucks. Made some good plays until my internet collapsed and I sat out the rest of the way Sad . Missed the Bankroll Mob freeroll like a fool, but I had to go out and the structure was slow for 22 runners. Cash tables were nice today, played one hand weird.

Got A Spade A Club 8 Club 7 Diamond utg so I potted to 14 cents (2/4) guy on the button repots and all else fold. I think a 4-bet here is so obvious that its AA, but I play trickier heads up, if it was multiway id definitely jam to iso. Anyways, flop was A Heart J Diamond 4 Club so I check. He snap pots and I shoved, he called with KK104 and somehow whiffed a queen. That got me a full buy in which was nice. Other than that, mostly a short grind today but here are the stats.

Starting Bankroll: 67.12
Finishing Bankroll: 79.04
Net Gain Loss: + 11.92
Points Earned: 21.00
Total Points Earned: 457.20

Note: it says 257.20 because I spent 200 points on freerolls

Let the grind continue.

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well done warfart ,thats some job to get to79.04 from $5 Thumbs Up

Great job, keep it up!

Best I've done out of a so small bonus was on Crazy Poker like 3-4 years ago they used to give a no deposit bonus of 10$. I got up to 220, then lost a bit and withdrawed when I had 190, hoping to rebuild my bankroll with the original 10$ (that I could not withdraw), but I didn't Aww crap!

5$ is a really small roll to start with tough, so you must be playing very well! Good luck Worship

Aug 15:

Apparently I cannot unregister for tournaments when I win a satellite. If I knew that, I woulda never played it. So I lost that 1.00 satellite cause I was at work...what a joke. Found out I have a 198% ROI on gutshot though, so its not all bad, grinding those 24 cent 6 max sngs. Anyways, more of the same today, threw in some H/L PLO 2/4 cent as well today. Got my kka2 all in on a k36 board against a259. Whiffed a four and a low card to scoop a 6 buck pot, that was the meat today. A positive session is always a good session in my book. Most of the rest were small gains but I only played about 200 hands in a hour 3 tabling, so nothing too major. Here are my updated stats.


Starting Bankroll: 79.04
Finishing Bankroll: 87.66
Net Gain/Loss: + 8.62
Points Earned: 50.00
Total Points: 507.20

Good luck to you all, let the grind continue.
Big Smile

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Aug 16: First Milestone...breaking the 100 dollar barrier

All I can say is wow, pretty good from 5 bucks to over a hundred. Huge grind session today. 2 full hours of 4 tabling 1/2 and 2/4 cent. 2 each of PLO and PLO H/L, full ring and 6 max. I find that people like calling down a lot if like 7 people limp and 1 guy pots and gets 4 callers, they'll bet any board texture at this level which is crazy. I mean if I had AAKK double suited and the flop comes 567 none of my suit, how can I cbet that...maybe I am too nitty. Although slowplaying sometimes works like today for instance.

Hand of the Day:

KK98 CO I limp, SB pots, BB calls, I call.

Flop is K87 3 suits

SB bets half pot, BB calls, I call

Turn is 5

SB Checks, BB Checks, I Check

River is 5

SB bets half pot, BB folds, I raise, he shoves, I snap

He has 7753

Pot Size: 12.60

Analysis: I have pretty weak Kings, only one suit and the 98 is not helping much, so I usually limp here willing to call a raise. Flop thinking was this, SB has been potting a lot by this point and likes rundown hands, BB is wild card here, I don't know his thinking. I feel his flat is not a sign of a made hand or maybe 2 pair. SB could have a wrap. I have a backdoor non nut flush draw and backdoor, but I have no immediate blockers with naked top set. I am more willing to call here rather than raise unless I know SB has set, which I can't tell. It may be cautious but its how I play. For example, Im only a 57% favourite to win against a wrap draw here, so I don't wanna jam here. Turn is the 5, hits the wrap. SBs check means he doesn't have the straight, BB could easily slowplay here and check so I check behind. River is another 5 giving me top full. SB now bets out, his range is now very narrow, either a fh or quads, he may bet just a 5 here but that would be weak. BB fold mean i guess he had higher straight draw or a 2 pair. Easy raise here, nice that he shoves, have to pay off quads but he did not have it. I could have raised the flop obviously but I choose pot control so that I can pay less if straight card hits turn to draw at my fh. Good pot though.

Overall, another good session, huge pots out there meant lots of points and another 5 dollars from my bonus in my roll. Lets look at the stats....


Starting Bankroll: 87.66
Finishing Bankroll: 104.33
Total Gain/Loss: + 16.67
Points Earned: 141.60
Total Points: 648.80
Bonus Released so far: 20
Bonus Left: 130

IN GRIND WE TRUST!!! Dollar Big Smile Dollar Good luck to you all!

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Wow, seems like you are doing very very well in grinding on gutshot.
I find it very impressing how you do with just $5 starting bankroll.
Grats to you.
Maybe I should also give it a try...

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