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I had this problem. I wanted to sit at a Rome 6 handed table but I got an error message (I can't remember the text because I clicked immediately away), the same one you get in Windows with a red cross in it. I didn't think much of it but when i looked later at my balance my hole bankroll was gone. It was not much around 2 dollars but it's weird. I contacted support but they still have to look in to it.

Anyone with the same experience???

I'd try to remove the complete program and redownload it. I tried the new version 2.0 and got rid of it. I was in the BRM $100 added and a freeroll and I cudn't see the action buttons and at times I cudn't see my holes cards or some on the flop were blacked out. Hard way to play. So this time, I dumped my chips and have gone back to the original format. I played some FL and all work well again.

It's clear that in this case you need to contact the come on support team and hope to get the situation fixed...

The number of threads and posts about ad experience on come on is growing by the day, so they sure have a really bad rep for now.

They better solve some of these problems if they want to keep their players...

I have and am awaiting for a reply to my ticket. It was hard not to spew cause I was tilted and pretty torqued at the time. Managed to win one of my hole cards was an A and the other card I cud not see. I cudn't raise either so I callled down cause the flop had 2A's. Too hard to play that way.

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its full tilt doing this, they always do it Big Smile

looks like they released the software without proper bug testing, hopefully you'll get your money back and they'll fix the problems. gl

Unless it is the same as Cake poker and they have War at version 2.0 and you play those games
there is no reason having the 2.0
The new version is laggy and crashes often.

I'm really curious how this story actually end, it seems there were software problems after the last software update they did..

Of course you should contact their support team but we need to see if they'll investigate your case.

From what i know a similar problem was never encountered on cake poker but it's true that i only have an account on cake.

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