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This thread was created as a continuation of Mastergryne´s original thread, "The Elite of BankrollMob" which you can find by simply clicking here:

Basically, from that thread we have evolved to the point of Admin approving the idea but with some simple requirements:

Posted by Administrator:
We have actually been thinking of some kind of "VIP" status, but we just don't know the following yet:

* Conditions for becoming a VIP
* Privileges of being VIP

And without those 2, it's not worth much being VIP Smile

... but it's something for the future, most likely. We can't add it all at the same time Big Smile

So let´s start talking about it, we have to come up with answers for:

* Conditions for becoming a VIP
* Privileges of being VIP

What do you think and suggest? Please give us your feedback.

Edited by thefodz (15 March 2008 @ 01:29 GMT)

Well the obvious requirments speak for themselves i guess such as referall %, quality and volume of your post's and thread's and lets say mob points accumulated for instance. As for the advantage of being a VIP , maybe exclusive freeroll's and more shot's at the safe or something... just a few thought's . Smile

maybe vip could also have something to do with using deposit offers from BRM, as i understand it depositing through bankrollmob is the best way that you can give the guys who run it your support, so maybe it would be nice to reinforce it

Interesting subject.

Posted by thefodz:
* Conditions for becoming a VIP

-Maybe if you receive 5 bankrolls from Bankroll Mob or is that too easy or something similar

Posted by thefodz:* Privileges of being VIP

-Like was mentioned, a bankrollMob email ( But I wouldn't really want one)
-More Mob Points

Can't really think of anything else right now.

Well its kind of hard for some countrys to get approved for 5 bankrolls. The only US bankroll I see is UB and I am already a member there. Probably going with posts and referals would be good.

i think a certain amount of posts have to be achieved over a monthly period because people can only post/spam to get to that certian number so like i uno 100 a month after a min of 200 posts or something along those lines?

and referals i guess can also be apart of the requirements

I think that how much bankrolls youve got from BRM is not good idea, too much VIP`s.
How much referals. I first wrote no but when i think further i think they should get VIP status. If nothing else thats what BRM is about. Maybe special freeroll SnG for top 10 or 6 referals with guaranteed prize. Ofcourse record it and put it on the BRM for viewing.
I have looked at the posts, i dont post every thread, and it is not a good idea to base VIP status on number of posts.
Quality of the posts, im all for it but who will be the judge, i dont think that Admin has enough time to do that.
So only thing left here is REFERALS approved by photo ID. Only thing that will work and be fair considering everything. You can then put those VIP members to do that quality judgements with special value for good/bad post
Reward also special VIP freeroll is that is too much, then some extra point for top referals.

EDIT: special VIP post quality value range from 1 to 5, excellent... to unreadable.

I think its not clever to give those called "elitposters" any bonus.
BRM allready pays very very good for posting ( you can earn 160 Points every day for posting // 1,60$)
Sry, but i cant imagine that those elitposters are interested in holding up the life in this forum, like 1043 posts in 3 months Big Smile (sry italian, just saw u have really sick "Member since - posts - stats".
So the only way to get special bonous or status should go with the affiliates u get.
Like : 10 approved signups - 25 chances added to crack the safe
25 approved signups - Token to a FTP 7,500 guarantedd (oslt)
50 approved signups - special bankroll of 50$ to client of ure choice
100 approved signups- special bankroll of 100$(?) . . .

Dont know how far that is possible.

sry italian, just saw u have really sick "Member since - posts - stats
You think he has a sick "Members since-post-stats". Look again. Big Smile

I dont have single refferal but i think they should get all the credits. I would not want to see BRM freerolls removed on behalf of VIP members because it is the only tourney i played where you didnt have maniacs going allin from the start on crap cards.

Sry, but i really dont know what that has to do with a introduction of VIp status ..
What i wanted to say that any suspection of earning points with posts is ok if someone made 1645 posts in even not 3 months like fodz . . .
thats why i said i wouldnt prefer a VIPstatus based on posts

i tink to be a vip you should have had over a certain amount of affiliates say 20 and also so many USEFUL posts not just random posts what do you all think

thats what i mean . . .

I only have two referals, but I agree with having to have a certain amount of them to be VIP. Afterall they are the ones bringing in the money to the site. As far as having alot of posts in a short time, I dont see why you are hateing on them.

Many times, before we defend this or that argument, we must understand that when we are talking about possible future VIP members, we have to realize that there are 2 kinds of members in BankrollMob.

The first kind is the member who worries only about referrals and never comes to the forum. I believe Admin can second this information, there are many great members with an incredible amount of referrals, who never once posted a single thread.

The second kind of member is the one we constantly see active here in the forum. The interactive member, who is always posting and making the forum work on a daily basis. This member has referrals, of course, but his main focus is the forum.

Now, we must understand that both kinds of members are of great importance. No one kind is greater than the other, but indeed a continuation of one another.

So maybe we can start seeing that we might need 2 kinds of VIP members, each with different priviledges according to their main activities. Of course, those VIP priviledges can be the same at one or two aspects, but still need different directions.

Why not base the VIP memebership through mobpoints earned? those who are not active in the forums but active in the referral might have to earn higher points to become a VIP and a bit lower for those active in the forums to justify the effort of the forum posters. Thumbs Up

Could i ask the elitposters to include other ideas before posted, we allready know that there are different types of members here.
Im2good4u solved the VIPstatus easy Big Smile nice Thumbs Up
But there is still too much space for hunting vipstatus with posts.

i think one of the best ways to choose who gets vip is
1] if they have uploaded id and are level 1 or 2
2] if they have had xxx amount of affiliates [up to admin]
3] they spent time and effort posting also
i think if youve got these then you desrve a vip status how about all you

i personally think that referals should be a definite measure on VIP status because after all tahts what this site is all about not the posting, but im sure that there are poeple who refer people but dont post so they probably dont care for a VIP status, they are only here for freerolls which is fine!

so thats y i also think that there should be posting measure as well because after all those people (myself included) take time out to help and post and etc.. so they are participating as well

and dannyjon i uno about the upload the id because im sure there are people who dont have access to a scanner or cant upload their id for whatever reason so i uno its not really fair i guess

everyone has a moblie phone now days so why not take a pic from it and email it to your self then upload it thats what i used to have to do

that is true or digital camera, but if you really think about thats not really a true way to measure a VIP (i personally think anyways) but i uno i guess it can be up to debate really...

but whereas the
1) referals are what the site is about
2) and the posting it taking your time and contributing to the site

but the id doesnt really do to much?

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