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Special bankroll mob only freeroll on PKR  +5   
Hi guys!

OK - basically, I want to celebrate my terrific month of September on PKR (over $8K in profit) - read more here - - by hosting a small freeroll exclusively for BRM members, to give a little something back to the community I love !

Now- firstly, I'll need admins permission first - What I want to do Admin is this - take a list of BRM PKR usernames that I can then PM on PKR the password for a freeroll that I will setup. Is this OK ?

Assuming I get the go ahead by admin, this is how it will work:

*I will put up a prizepool between $100-$200 depending on a) How well I'm running / how I am feeling when i do it lol b) How much interest I get in this thread.
* In order to be able to play in it, you will need to post your PKR username in here, so I can PM you the password
* I will try and ensure I manage to set this up in such a way that the password is not shared on any other sites, because that would really upset me
* I will probably restrict this to posters with 50+ posts for two reasons: Firstly, just because this is a community thing and I'd like to see some reg's take a share and probably more importantly because I think if I do that, it's less likely (the password) to be given to somebody with the intentions of sharing it

So for now, let me know if you'll be interested in taking part (you will need a PKR account obviously and please do this via BRM!). I will be looking for a date towards the end of October, I'll try and find a date/time that suits most people and hopefully I'll be able to join as well Blink

I've spoken with PKR customer service and been assured I can do this, I just need to forward them the details with 7-10 days notice.

Hmm, maybe a problem :

After speaking with the customer service person and explaining what I wanted(they even asked about the value etc) they've emailed me a template that doesn't mention how I can add $$ into it and it also states "minimum buyin $10". So now I am not sure if they understood correct what I wanted. I will have to get back in touch with them, unfortunately I don't really have the time again today to do this. So for now I am not sure I can go ahead, I will need to clarify with PKR that A) I can add $$ and B) it can have no entry fee (ie; be an actual freeroll).

Will update here as soon as I can find out in the next couple days.

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WoW Jess thats really nice of you and really cool! Somehow I feel proud that I am regular member here....
I will participate for sure off course! Not because of money, but because off playing with other regulars.

If you forgot my PKR username is: Tortikolis

Yep, I got you already.

At this point I will need to still speak with PKR again, the template they sent me definitely doesn't allow for a freeroll, so I am not sure, I also kept my chat transcript though and I've read through that and I was quite clear as to what I wanted.. So, I'm not sure what I'll be able to do.. Kinda busy with homework at the moment and will probably speak with the customer service again over the next 48hrs and hopefully find out whether I can do this or not. Speaking with them I definitely had the impression it would be fine, but the email she's sent doesn't seem to go along. But I am hoping it is just a generic template and I'll be able to do what I want. But we'll see I suppose.

Checking over the format - It looks as though I can do 5000 starting stacks and 20min blinds, so i think that would be pretty good, give everyone a chance to play some "real poker".

cheers mate Agree

holy s**t jess way to go 8k profit fucking nice one man thats all i have to say Cool is this in a thread somewhere? really way to go man Thumbs Up

i would be up for the game more just to play with the members on there will have to find my user name but yea im up for it Thumbs Up very good of you too btw Thumbs Up

PS im not sure about it being a freeroll but im sure you can add money or im sure i entered a game that had money added on PKR but it was a long time ago and not sure if im getting mixed up with another site but maybe they have changed things or maybe its all in my head haha anyway would be best if you could play it to if it happens as i know i would like to get a game with you as im sure everyone else would as its you putting the cash up Thumbs Up

lol clicked the link Smile

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^ yeah, but if its only $$ added the minimum buyin for a private game is $10 Sad which may be too much and definitely defeats the purpose.. I've definitely seen private freerolls run though and the CS lady DID say I could do it. Just the template she's emailed me doesn't add up :/

Do it in Stars homegames, like I want to do Thumbs Up We can run a playmoney tournament and then you'll just send the money to the players that won Blink I'll open a thread about my freeroll which ofc won't be as good as your because I'm not running THAT good Big Smile

I don't see a problem with this (the way I understand how it will work).

And if someone hasn't signed up at PKR yet, they can get a free $11 no deposit bonus for PKR, right here:

that would be very cool Jess but why PKR?congrats on your profit for Sept..... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Posted by Administrator:
I don't see a problem with this (the way I understand how it will work).

There will be no affiliation outside of PKR and BRM - and it will be restricted to BRM users assuming I can get it going.

Posted by callie28:
but why PKR?

I'm a bit of a PKR pimp Blink

Mostly because I have the funds there already and I have a high VIP club level there, so support tend to do what I ask them, so it should be easy(er) to arrange there for me than somewhere else, also BRM has PKR bonuses so people should be able to get a PKR/BRM account happening in time.

I could do PS, but there's no bonus for PS at BRM and I also don't have any funds there, so I'd have to withdraw from PKR and then deposit on PS and I'd lose money in the process on exchange rate fees / etc.

Basically - PKR is the site I play and the site I tend to "promote" for others to play on, I'd like to see more people here playing on there, get some grudge matches going, etc.

i don't mind PKR but it eats up my old laptop and cuts out sometimes,and i don't like their beta version,but i still go on now and then for the members freerolls..... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile gl on the felts today mobsters.... Worship

8000 $ ?! Goddmanit man! I haven't made that kind of money in all my pokerplaying put together, and I have been playing for like 4 years!! (I'm up something around 6000 all in all, I would think. And thats' in four years....)

But about the freeroll: a very nice idea by you Jess! I belive I'd be interested in playing, if the date suits me. I'm having problems getting the time to play nowadays.

The prizepool can be playchips or whatever, I don't really care, but it would be fun to play with all the regs. Smile And PKR is a good place to do it, since it's kind of more personal. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Worship

Great idea. This is what a good forum is all about.

Thats a very nice amount. How good woould be if you could get this every month Smile
Very nice also setting up a freeroll for all PKR BRM members.
gl to you all in the tourney.

wow thats very nice Smile Im interested Smile

I used to like to play on this room a few years ago, when i had lots of free time to dedicate to online poker. Life changes and nowadays i concentrate my poker atention in the rooms where i have money (not that much, each time less) so i will not be present on this. Im sorry, because its always nice to play with mobsters, doing our group scene, but job dont let me as often as i would like! GL for all!

First of all congrats for your god-run on september Worship Worship Worship

I have a sleeping account on PKR and I will be happy/proud to join your tournament if it isn't too late to "wake up" my account there

nickname: graziemille

Thumbs Up for you jess

Another nice gesture from the JessTheBeyondHumanCashingBot... Big Smile

I´m in !
(and I hope you play as well, to make it really fun) Blink

Blowing people away with your winnings for September hey? Smile
It did me...

Enough is enough!
I´m getting off my lazy butt and learning some stuff now.
Signed up to a training site this weekend through a promotion, and should be getting my license today, I hope.
Going to spend October copying the pros, and learning ICM through and through.
Just always been tough not to just play instead of learning some new stuff.
So I play and tread water...

October is "discipline month", and I´ll be chasing that profit margin Big-Time after that.
Going to happen before the end of the year, if I have anything to say about it.
...and I do! Big Smile

Anyways, very nice offer, and I hope we get all the regulars in there this time. Thumbs Up

Holy sheeet-balls jess...sick heater! ( joke, vwp me old china plate Big Smile )

* glabo on pkr

I'm in aswell Pokernick is: FailOMatic

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